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StatusbarWeather7 is a jailbreak tweak that places current weather information in the status bar at the top of the iOS interface. StatusbarWeather7 plays nice with iOS 7.1.x devices, which were just recently jailbroken courtesy of the Pangu jailbreak.

If you’re in need of a tweak that places current weather info right at your fingertips, then you’d be hard pressed to find a tweak that’s more convenient. Step inside to see StatusbarWeather7 in action via our hands-on video walkthrough.

One of the nice things about StatusbarWeather7 is that it’s smart enough to auto-fetch your current weather location based off of the city configured in the stock Weather app. If you want the auto fetch to occur, then the stock weather app must have at least once city populated. Otherwise, you can choose to roll with the custom weather ID option, which allows you to manually configure your location.


Other options that you’ll find inside of StatusbarWeather7’s preferences are the weather update interval slider, and a temperature unit selection. If you happen to be an iPhone user, you can choose to replace the status bar carrier logo with the weather information. By default, weather info is conjoined with the status bar time in the middle of the status bar.

With each update made by the developer, StatusbarWeather7 seems to become more stable and more feature-filled. This is a solid tweak to try if you desire weather info at a glance. Best of all, it’s free to download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Share your thoughts on StatusbarWeather7 in the comments down below.

  • mwpitt52

    Nice tweak! Minimal weather information which looks nice on status bar.

    • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

      what would be the affect on battery life? would it hurt it much?

      • mordechai eliyahu

        it killed my battery life. so i did that it will update once every hour not every 5 min

  • Richard Grounds

    Nice! I will have to try this after I upgrade to 7.12 and Pangu tonight. I still wish Weather Icon would get updated for iOS7. I really miss it. Nothing else out there even comes close.

    • Chris

      I wouldn’t bother upgrading to 7.1.2, simply grab the AttachmentEncryptor tweak from Ryan Petrichs repo and your set, it’s too much hassle upgrading anyway for such a tiny update to iOS.

      • Kyle

        Really? I just clicked update on the iPhone and iPad page in iTunes, then Pangu for Mac and voila all of my repos (ok just a few, but still a time saver) where still in Cydia. Then just about 15 mins of reinstalling my tweaks and thats ist. It’s always a good feeling to have the most recent iOS and a jailbreak! Thus, I don’t need AE by Rpetrich and a lot of 7.1-UI-feeling-Tweaks any more 🙂

      • Chris

        I’m going to assume you live in a country where you have faster internet speeds as on average it takes me 30-45 minutes to download the iOS install file not to mention restoring from iCloud.

        Also it’s not good to update and jailbreak again as you’re jailbreaking over an existing jailbreak, it’s much safe to restore your device, restore your data from iCloud/iTunes then jailbreak.

      • Kyle

        Yeah there you have a good point. Internet is not everywhere fast.
        But when I update thru iTunes, iOS is completely reinstalled. Usually, I do it your way via iTunes backup restore, but not this time and it worked too.

      • Niclas

        I’d say It’s rather critical knowing all lockscreen bypass tricks, memory crashes+inefficiency and security related (~50 CVE’s) fixes etc.

        7.1.x is stable as where 7.0.x was very unstable in low memory situations. Especially on 5S.

        In the case of upgrading (in iTunes) 7.0.x (JB or non JB) to 7.1.x and then JB is perfectly safe. Create an icloud backup before for good measure.

      • Kitten Meow

        Id actually recommend itunes backup. It’s safer and your computer doesn’t limit you to how much space your paying for (the free icloud comes with 5GB, which is no where NEAR enough nowadays :P)

      • Niclas

        Icloud backup is actually safer.
        No settings, no login, no posibility to clash with other users, no risk of misconfiguring.
        A huge number of users have lost something during itunes sync/backup.

        Protip, how to make your backups fit 5gb easily!
        1. Transfer your pics to your pc.
        2. Disable pictures in icloud backup.

        But to really get a clean ios restore with old info transfered you can’t put back neither icloud nor itunes backups. In this case you can ssh in to your device and get only the stuff needed (contacts, sms, app data etc.) or use the excellent pkgbackup from cydia.

      • Kitten Meow

        True. That’s why I use onedrive to backup my photos, so they upload there (7GB + 3GB if you enable camera backups in the app) and the rest goes to icloud. But what about people with no internet? (Stupid question lol so don’t answer)

      • Kitten Meow

        And may I ask, what’s your source for the “number of people have lost stuff during itunes backup”?

      • Niclas

        It’s pretty well known, google a bit and you shall find sources.

      • Kitten Meow

        Oh, ok :3

  • highNiggaPie

    It’s the little things……this app is fuckin amazing

  • Kilroy672

    Somehow I can’t get this to work. All that shows up on the status bar is…? N/A Everything is enabled that needs be. Did I do something wrong? I’ll give it overnight and see if something happens. If not what do I do next?

    • J™

      enable and respring?

      • Kilroy672

        I did a reinstall and rebooted and works fine. Thanks

      • Kitten Meow

        Was gonna say, you might need to have updated “libstatusbar”

  • Chris

    The icon needs to be fixed for retina screens but it works great.

    • Ankit H Jain

      Love your theme. What’s it called?

      • f1ght3r


      • Ankit H Jain

        Thanks! Just bought it! Looks amazing! 😀

    • Chetan

      You can change weather icon set to whatever you like by putting
      them in /Library/Application Support/StatusWeather/WeatherIcon/

      If you come up with some cool icons, share them with us on iDB as well.

      • Kitten Meow

        Is it safe to delte them?

      • Chetan

        Yes it is, as each app/tweak stores its assets at different places so it wont bug any other app. Though u can copy them somewhere if u are worried. Or else just delete this tweak if anything goes wrong and reinstall. BTW do whatever u want nothing will go wrong in icon files.

      • Kitten Meow

        So if I were to delete them would the icons go away from the status bar, ie it’d be text ONLY?

  • J™

    Been waiting for this for a long time….
    would be nice if u can choose to place the weather on the right side of the status bar before the battery and have the option to hide/show on the LS

  • FasiYoo

    Would really like to have this tweak, but once installed and resprung from settings I get “? N/A” on the status bar. Is this compatible with ‘StatusModifier’ tweak?

    • J™

      i got that too when first install but after a while the weather appears… maybe u can try to respring or reboot or see if u have location service set for your weather app

      • FasiYoo

        Cheers thx, a couple of resprings & reboot finally got it going. Looks good. Wonder if can shift it over towards the battery

  • Blip dude

    Failed to work for me.

  • Biscuit

    Would love if you could disable it on the lockscreen. I use forecast for lockscreen!

  • miphone

    After reinstalling, additional resprings and dancing around the table I got the tweak to work on my iPhone and iPad Mini Retina. On my iPad 2 it keeps displaying 70F, no matter what. Needs more testing before releasing.

    • Jonnathan R

      Did you really dance for this to work lol?

      • miphone

        Next time I shoot some photos ;P

  • Shingo

    hope next update will have more options for weather refresh time up to 12hours….to save battery life…

  • QP

    i mean, stop looking at your screen and just take a look outside the window is too hard? we really need to watch our phone to know if NOW is raining or not?

    • blu

      Some people work inside with no access to windows. Plus I can’t tell the temperature by looking outside even if I had a window.

  • Dan

    nice tweak, and it’s free which is always appreciated

  • Gameboy213

    I like the tweak but I have noticed that I get different temps based on what app I am in. Go figure. One will say 70 but the home screen will say 72 and then another app will say 71. Makes no sense.

    • Chris

      It would appear it gets it’s data from a different source than the built in weather app as I can look up my WOEID and see a 2-4 degree difference than what the tweak shows.

      • Gameboy213

        I mean I get different temps in the tweak itself on the status bar. They change to different temps depending on the app that I am currently in. The status bar temp changes what number it is showing.

      • Mine shows a 20 degree difference from the weather app..but also shows the same (20+ wrong) when I hard input the WOEID as well – can’t figure it out.. (Although, rather happy it’s not REALLY 94 degrees outside…)

  • Dmaez

    Downloaded it and love it simple easy works well!

  • Brian Hymes

    Two wants. Be able to remove the F or the C and be able to move the temp to either the batt or the cell side of the status bar. Personally, having it in the middle makes little sense.

  • snkid

    i dont know if its only with me but with this tweak cant go to ios weather app …

  • Kitten Meow

    Dude that’s in the Today view.

  • Paul

    does this tweaks working on ipad mini?

  • Nesly Lacroix

    The title implied that it does not work in iOS 7.0 when it actually does. It should be “… in iOS 7.0+”.

  • D.K..

    It doesn’t work at both of my iPhone 4 iOS7.11 & iPad mini 2 iOS7.11 jailbroken.
    I added and reboot today .
    I found Statusbarweather7 in setting.
    However, when I click it in setting, comes out home screen.

    Help me, please

  • Kh


    This option “you can choose to replace the status bar carrier logo with the weather information” dose not work with iPad.. Is it possible to run It on the right side of the status bar before the battery, to avoid the conflict with StatusModifier..?

  • Niclas


  • Noman Ahmed Siddiqui

    but sign of sun doesn’t change

  • Joey Soloo

    Won’t download for me some odd reason