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Ten One Design is mostly known for the Pogo Stylus, which comes in multiple designs. Bumping into the team at CES, I was able to get a glance at the Magnus Mini, their new iPad mini stand. It is one of the most simplistically designed iPad stands I have ever used. With just a small base and a minimal lip, iPad is held at a perfect angle to remain standing with as little effort as possible.

In comparison to other much more complicated docks or stands, the Magnus Mini is a welcomed change to the otherwise overly dramatic iPad dock arena…

Design and function

The secret behind the Magnus Mini’s minimal design is magnets. The age old secret of many devices that require a little extra grip. Inside the small lip on which the iPad rests, is a row of 10 magnets to keep things taut. Although the iPad is quite readily affixed to the stand, a very smooth rubberized surface provides a scratch resistant connection. Magnets keep the iPad affixed, even when moving around the house, but it can be disconnected very simply without much pressure.

Magnus mini profile

From the front, the iPad keeps a clean profile, due to the thin stand design. When facing iPad directly, there is only 1 or 2mm between the surface and the device, making the Magnus Mini stand almost completely invisible.

At 19 grams, the Magnus Mini will add no noticeable weight to your device and is a perfect travel companion. My last trip to California included the lightweight Magnus Mini and I did not notice its addition among many other iOS accessories. It is great for using on an airplane tray table or your everyday office desk.

Magnus mini


At $26, there is a little hesitation. I really enjoy the Magnus Mini stand, especially its lightweight and simplistic design. You can even flip iPad over and use the stand for an elevated typing angle. However, I would be a little more comfortable at $19.99.

The product is high quality, especially with the scratch resistant coating. It easily holds your device with minimal interference and at a reasonable angle. But with the inability to adjust the viewing angle, pick multiple colors, use it with an iPad Air, or adhere it to a surface, there are reasonable expectations that are not met at a $30 suggested retail price.

Overall, I still say give it a go, but make sure you are truly invested in the purchase.

  • Merman123

    Not a very minimalist price.

  • Framboogle

    $26 for a piece of plastic with a couple magnets? Hell no.

    • Guest

      It’s not plastic but aluminium…

  • Umut Bilgiç

    Lol I could craft the same thing for a couple o dollars. $26?!? Hell no

    • SteveZ

      Upload your work before your comment though .

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Man just take a plastic sheet and bend it lol

  • jack

    looks like it’d fall easily

  • CS

    I would buy it right now if it was $15 less

    • Framboogle

      $25 less

  • Manuel Molina

    Must be a slow day.

  • Dan

    Even if the iPad is overpriced, doesn’t mean that the stand has to be.
    26$ for this? Nope.

    • SteveZ

      Then you mean every other tablet is overpriced?

      • Dan

        Apple products are overpriced, doesn’t mean I don’t buy them, but I’m not so blinded by Apple that I can’t recognize it.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Meet the minimalist iPad stand at a maximalistic price. Why does less always mean more (in terms of price)?

    • Christian Mejía


  • luis garay

    For 26 no way

  • Tiggara

    I’m not about to take my ipad out of its case no matter how wonderful this or any other stand is.

  • Kurt

    I can’t consider a stand that only has one angle. I use it multiple places so the angle needs to change. Looks nice and all, but price and just one angle is just not a good product for me.

  • DukeOfDecency

    “At $26, there is a little hesitation.”

    I’m sure most of us have little hesitation to not pay $26 for a piece of ABS plastic.