Afrokat Wallpaper Splash

Another Sunday, another set of wallpapers. As the World Cup continues to rage, you may want to go back in time. Last week, we featured World Cup wallpapers to help everyone get excited about the continuing world wide fútbol battle. For additional Wold Cup coverage, check out our latest Let’s Talk iOS podcast, which has armchair commentary from your favorite iDownloadBlog podcasters, @SébastienPage, @JeffBenjam, and @Melvco.

Moving away from theme-related wallpapers this week, I am featuring a wallpaper set submitted by avid iDB reader, Afrokat. A frequenter among the involved readers, I have received items from him, time-to-time. Today, his simple geometric designs grace the Wallpapers of the Week section…


Sometimes, going back to simplicity is the best. With many complex wallpapers and themes around the iOS fan base, I wanted to post some simple items for the minimalists among us. With normal colors,  simple shapes, and no blurring, Afrokat takes it back to basics. Make sure to give him a shout on Twitter @A_RTX.

Afrokat Blue Splash

Download: Left; Center; Right

Afrokat Colored Splash

Download: Left; Center; Right


To keep the wallpaper section up and running, we rely both on our own exploration, as well as the creativity of our readership. As you can see, today’s feature was submitted from a reader… just like you! To keep engaged with the wallpaper posts, follow me @jim_gresham or send an email to A word of caution: your submissions must be formatted for an iOS device, not simply a photograph you snapped on your last beach vacation.

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  • Anmol Malhotra

    Best wallpaper of the week ever seen 😀

    • triggerfiend

      youve been missing out if you think these are the best

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Completely agree. I’m all for plain, simple, minimalistic design but when it comes to wallpapers the best wallpapers are the photographic ones…

  • Joe Rossignol


  • Alex Miamorsch
  • Straw hat

    Look beautiful! Here some other great ones

    • TeddyBearStand

      Nicer than any of the “wallpapers of the week”

    • Dan

      we have the same taste in wallpaper, your post was my ‘wallpapers of the week’. +1

  • Muhammad !


    • Muhammad !

  • svartkuken

    My contribution

    • Ryan Roberts

      This one… I like.

  • CS

    I like the pictures Jim!
    Here’s one I took over the weekend. All taken and edited with my 5s and… I have a couple more and will be uploading the rest on flickr. Go check em out if you want, flickr dotcom /iamcullen 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Yosemite theme for the iPhone 🙂

  • Ken

    I’m real picky with my wallpapers I love the minimalism so the icon can truly show it’s colors and diversity but I also love a little geometry lines very well done. I need to find more of these

    • Benchmark Apps

      You sir, think the same thing as me. 🙂
      Minimalist wallpapers fit great with the icons and the lock screen tweak Convergance.
      Sometimes simple is the best. I also love photographs as backgrounds as well. 🙂

    • Straw hat

      Like these? The first one would look good with colorful icons and the second one looks pretty nice on the lockscreen.

      • Ken

        I dig the first one. I believe that the home screen wallpaper should be colorful but not strong with geometry style or minimal design 🙂

  • sriram varadarajulu

    please post some transformers or watchDogs wallpapers!!

  • siddique

    why no wallpaper for mac osx ?

  • Tong Chin

    Where can i find this type of wallpaper for ipad retina?

  • justme

    I find this only for 4S (sadly)
    but looks fine. enjoy

  • Waleed

    These are some of the most awesome wallpapers for me ! Some from reddit, some from a user on instagram, looks awesome on my iPhone

  • makumeko

    2 of my wallpapers

  • HR

    No iPad versions again. Meh.