Motorola Moto 360 (Cafe 001)

Among the flurry of announcements yesterday, Android Wear files as the most exciting and talked-about aspect of the Google I/O 2014 keynote.

To help jumpstart Google’s platform for wearables, both LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s new Gear Live started selling through Google’s Play store yesterday.

Google also said that Motorola’s Moto 360, announced back in March, will launch later this summer with Android Wear. Motorola has now posted a nice video for those who couldn’t attend Google’s two-day conference for developers.

It gives a sneak peek at some of the cool features of Android Wear running on premium hardware so give it a quick watch (pun intended) and share your impressions with fellow readers down in the comments…

The video takes us through some marquee Android Wear features on the Moto 360, such as touching and holding the screen (or a dedicated hardware button) to turn the smartwatch on, swipeable notification cards, voice input and more.

I like that you can scroll through the notifications by swiping up. You can similarly swipe from left to right to dismiss a notification or swipe in the other direction for options.

Here it is.

Sadly, the video doesn’t show one of the coolest features of Android Wear – user authentication. In combination with Android L devices, your Android Wear gadgets can automatically disable the Lock screen code on your smartphone or log you into your Chromebook automatically.

The opposite is true as well: an Android Wear device can instantly lock all your other devices when you take the watch off.

And here’s the Moto 360 video tour from March.

It’s safe to assume that both the Motorola smartwatch and Android Wear have been in development long before Google back in January sold off Motorola’s mobile business to Lenovo for $2.9 billion, which helps explain tight interplay between hardware and software.

Motorola Moto 360 (Metal 001)

Designed as a classic timepiece, the Moto 360 features OK Google functionality, Google Now alerts and notifications, custom watch designs specifically created for its round face and much more.

The device uses premium materials to make it feel comfortable and familiar on your wrist. Due for global launch later this summer, the Moto 360 will come in a variety of styles, including the classic leather look and the premium metal finish.

Android Wear launch partners include hardware vendors Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung, chip makers Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, Mediatek and Qualcomm, fashion labels like the Fossil Group and more.

If anything, this video gives us a pretty good indication of what we can expect from a rumored iWatch.

  • sNick

    this actually looks pretty amazing. We can only hope apple got something big for us in the same direction. 😀

  • The more I see it, the more I want that gorgeous wrist-watch, but unfortunately, it still contains that spyware called Google…

    • 空白

      The more I see it the less I want it contrarily. I’m just not sure it would really provide me with anything groundbreaking. Of course I personally would only be interested in the iWatch so I’ll determine further when it’s unveiled. It’s definitely pretty good looking… But in the span of actual watches it’s pretty eh. I’ve never been a huge watch guy though. I have my Casio with a ten year battery that I wear at work just to keep myself on time and productive. I’ve had it for about a year and I already have a nice number of scratches and chips. Durability is def. a big question for me.

    • Sokrates

      Interesting is, that there hasn’t been a single indication that we actually need this new product category. Everybody just talked about it, Samsung brought it first to the market, followed by miserable sales figures. It seems that everyone just heard that this must be some kind of “next big thing” that Apple is working on and tried to leapfrog Apple – but as Steve would say: “they don’t get it”. It seems too forced to me, nothing novel. Too obvious. “Smartwatch? let’s take a normal watch and put a screen in it, whatever you will need it for”. How can you do anything useful on such a tiny screen? If you really have time to read your mails or send text messages: then take out your smartphone. If you don’t: then don’t. We don’t need another device that permanently distracts us from things we actually need to do. That’s my opinion. Let’s wait for Apple.

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        If it distracts you so much and you don’t want a ‘smartwatch’ then why are you waiting for apple to release one. You are contradicting yourself.

      • Sokrates

        Because it’s interesting how Apple is gonna approach the problems I described above.

  • Oscar Alaniz

    It’s impressive how Apple does not need to actually introduce a product to create a new category. Just with the rumors.

    • sNick

      I know what you mean. On the other side this category was first filled with products by android.
      ..but let’s wait for apples turn. 🙂

      • Oscar Alaniz

        Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression all Android products (smart watches), were created because of the rumor of Apple creating something.

      • sNick

        yeah I guess you’re right.

  • Jon20

    I know it’s personal preference but I don’t want the iWatch looking like some Casio watch that the next man is wearing. If it’s supposed to demonstrate innovation and advanced specs, I want it to look futuristic and show that it’s an iWatch. Especially with the price tag that it may come with. Maybe something like this but with an iOS Ul…

  • jack

    people don’t need watches

  • Jae. Just J.

    I’d like to see something made like what the original Predator wore in the movie with Arnold. Everything built into a wrap around wrist piece. I don’t want to have to carry a phone just to wear a watch and vise versa.

  • Anthony Nguyen

    This is the most gorgeous looking smart watch I have ever seen, compared to Samsung’s “smart” watch and the Pebble. I really hope Apple got something good up in the sleeve.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I really do wish I could run this with my iPhone and at least let it work with some of the Google apps on the app store. I don’t see why it couldn’t if it would connect via bluetooth. I would really love one.

  • Tommy

    Man, this defines beauty in tech watches.