DockWare Safari

DockWare is a brand new jailbreak tweak that brings an interesting idea to the table: it lets you access your iOS dock from anywhere, even while within apps. DockWare uses Activator gestures to accomplish this feat, allowing you to both display and hide the iOS dock while on the Home screen or while within apps.

We’ve taken DockWare for a spin on video in order to show you how it works in action. It’s an interesting tweak, but at $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, it probably won’t be for everyone. Have a look at our video walkthrough inside to see what we mean.

Once you install DockWare, you’ll need to venture over to the Settings apps and find the tweak’s preference panel. From there, you can configure the tweak, including its Activator invocation gesture, to your liking.

DockWare Settings

DockWare includes three main preference sections—Global, Home Screen, and Advanced. The Global section allows you to enable the tweak in apps, set the Activator gesture, and establish Autohide settings for the dock. You can choose to disable Autohide altogether by sliding the slider all the way to the left.

The Home Screen section of the preferences allow you to enable or disable DockWare on the Home screen and select from three different animations for displaying the dock on screen. These animations are there because DockWare allows the remaining icons on the Home screen to take up all of the space, including the space that was normally reserved for the dock.

DockWare Settings 2

The last section, Advanced, lets users establish blacklists on an app-by-app basis. If there is an app that you absolutely know you’d never want to see the dock appear in, you can disable DockWare completely for that app.

Overall, DockWare does a fairly good job of allowing dock access in any app. The visual aspect and animations could probably stand to be improved, and the look of the dock does clash with many of the apps running on iOS. DockWare is functional, but it looks a little weird when using it—it definitely doesn’t look like it could be a stock part of iOS like some tweaks do.

Watch the video above, and that should help you determine whether or not DockWare is worth shelling out $1.99 for. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Rock Lee

    Or just press the home button to go to the homescreen where you can acces the dock as well…. Al the App Launchers en Dock launchers etc are completely useless on iOS since you have a homescreen as the App Launcher. Press home and you can launch any app. There is no benefit in speed or simplicity to double tapp your status bar (or other gesture) to access your dock. A gesture to access spotlight within apps on the other hand can be beneficial, since you’re eliminating a step. You can directly access the spotlight without needing to go to the homescreen first. But an App Launcher tweak in iOS is just not practical.

    Just press the home button and you are ready to go!

  • Dan

    Pretty useless imo.
    I’m avoiding buying jailbreak tweaks for now since I look forward to updating to iOS 8.

    • Marcus

      I haven’t bought a jailbreak tweak for like 4 months because all of the one’s I’m interested in came out a while ago. Just waiting for iOS 8 now!

      • Vitor

        true, and now they are all expensive as well

      • Marcus

        Yeah I agree. There are a number of tweaks that I regret buying. I even hesitate to buy $0.99 apps from the App Store.

  • Zeus

    Bring back Theme Thursday IDB.

  • Nicely done, but if Apple had chosen to hide the dock; there’d be a jailbreak to keep your dock visible all the time ; lol

  • Jonathan

    This would go well with Infinidock.
    But, I’m already on iOS 8. 😀

  • Hey Guys! Thank’s for the tweak, it seems good.
    i just wanna notice you that there is a mistake in the first pic. it’s for new drawing app for iPad (-: