iOS 8 Battery Usage (Evan Coleman 001)

iOS 8, when it releases for public consumption this Fall, will make it real easy to identify apps that are battery hogs.

That’s because among a flurry of new iOS 8 features introduced during the WWDC keynote yesterday was a brand new per-app battery usage indicator in the Settings app.

It allows you to identify apps that suck your battery dry so you could stop using them and improve your device’s battery performance…

As the screenshot shared by Evan Coleman on Twitter attests (via MacRumors), General > Usage > Battery Usage in iOS 8 Settings includes a new section titled Battery Usage where you can see battery consumption on a per-app basis.

Apple says it shows “proportion of battery used by each app” as a percentage, when your device is not charging. There are two buttons here allowing you to see your apps’  battery usage in the Last 24 Hours or Last 7 Days.

Of course, those who’ve just installed iOS 8 beta on their device(s) will have to wait a couple days before the Last 7 Days option yields tangible results.

iOS 8 (Settings, General, Usage, Battery Usage 001)iOS 8 (Settings, General, Usage, Battery Usage 002)
Screenshot via WonderHowTo.

Notably absent is a switch to determine apps’ battery usage since last charge or during the lifetime of the device for that matter.

Still, it’s a useful addition that will come in handy in iOS 8 a lot and here’s why.

As Apple confirmed during the keynote, iOS 8 allows for new situations in which apps could monopolize system resources. See, by making iOS 8 more open to developers, Apple has opened the door to stuff like third-party keyboards, Notification Center widgets, Camera plugins for photo and video effects and various other app extensions.

Without the new battery feature, it would be impossible for users to identify which of the recently installed apps/extension are destroying your battery.

How do you like this feature?

  • iPhone5&sgs2

    IDB you guys are just great! Im downloading the iOS 8 beta now and I really liked to read any of you recent post! Thx 🙂

    • Erny Carrillo

      I use “Battery” app for that. Same thing. Just now it will be included as factory.

  • nonchalont

    Apple is on the right track. Ios8 sounds really exciting. Wonder when they’re going to discuss the new Apple TV.

    • Andrea Anderson

      exactly what i was thinking! they are def headed in the right direction! for the first time in a while im excited. Continuity is gonna be soooooo useful for so many ppl and the small updates to ios 8 are so huge! i have the beta and i love it! even with all the bugs! its just really needed! its all the things ppl begged for over the years and had to jailbreak to get! finally apple is listening and letting ppl out of apple jail! YAH

  • Dan

    I’ve always found this useful when I had an android phone, looking forward to this.

  • Jonathan

    Just a few days ago, I wished I had better battery stats after I saw all of them on a Nexus 7 (my brother has one). And, to my surprise, Apple added them to iOS 8. 😀

    • Carlos Gomes

      Hey! You changed your avatar image!

      • Jonathan

        Why is everyone commenting about that. xD
        And yes, I did. 🙂

  • 1HARVEN1 .

    i dont get why people update to the last beta… they will loose their jailbreaks !!

    • Agru

      Honestly I would too, if they only added CC settings. I’d miss virtualhome probably but I wouldn’t die after all.. Ios 8 has many of the features we want from JB tweaks

    • JayDee917

      The only jb tweak I’m really missing is springtomize for the ability to speed up animations. These slow animations kill me! Also miss the 5 icon dock, and eclipse. I was hoping Apple would have included a dark mode for iOS 8.

  • David Gitman

    I was the first one to know about it 🙁 why didn’t you use my photo :<

  • omrishtam

    46% on phone?????

    • Brian 

      Making a phone call actually takes up quite a bit of battery! Quickest way to see your battery drain is by talking on the phone for a while (1 hour will yield a noticeable difference!)

  • Philip

    Facebook got to improve to avoid being accused :p

  • Sokrates

    best feature ever.

  • Sandeep

    Then wats new for Touch ID I think Touch ID should support app lock

  • Yunsar

    Does this battery feature work on the iPod touch? I have iOS 8 installed and it shows the ‘proportion of battery used by each app when iPod touch is not charging’ Even when it is charging