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Flipflop is a jailbreak tweak that brings Alt+Tab-esque functionality to iOS by means of a handy Activator action. The tweak can be assigned to any available Activator gesture, but the developer hints that the Home button is best suited as the means of which to activate the tweak.

If you’re looking to be able to quickly switch back and forth between two apps, then Flipflop is a jailbreak release that will give you such functionality. Take a gander at our video walkthrough past the jump.

After installing Flipflop, you’ll need to venture to the stock Settings app and configure the Activator gesture, regardless of what the Cydia description might tell you. The description indicates that the tweak is already pre-configure, but I didn’t find that to be the case.

flipflop Activator

Inside of Activator’s preferences, you’ll find a “flipflop” action that you can assign to a gesture of choice. It is hinted that the Home button should be used as the gesture, and I’m assuming that a single-press of the Home button would be desired.

Flipflop, once invoked by Activator, will allow you to quickly switch between apps, just like you do on the desktop when using the Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut command. Obviously, if you use the single-press of the Home button gesture, you will have to come up with some sort of scheme for closing out of apps and returning to the Home screen. You can always choose to just double-press the Home button to open the App Switcher, and use that to get back to the Home screen.

While I like the idea of being able to quickly switch between apps, I don’t believe that interfering with the Home button is the way to do it. If anything, you should probably come up with another gesture—double-tap on the status bar, perhaps—to invoke Flipflop.

If you’d like to take Flipflop for a test drive, then open Cydia and find it on the BigBoss repo. It can be downloaded free of charge. Once you do, share your thoughts and opinions down below in the comment section.

  • Sean Clark

    Sounds exactly like LastApp.

  • Varun Soi

    Tap and drag right on status bar in activator is the nice way to use this tweak!

  • Shisno

    You can always use auxo to go home which I love and always use instead the home button now.

  • yoshif8tures

    Docomo? What are you doing in Japan Jeff?

    • Fake Carrier will give you all the chioce

      • yoshif8tures

        But Jeff said he’s in Kyoto…

      • OK, i didn’t know

  • David Gitman

    How do you mirror the iphone like that? I got AV digital adapter

  • Rowan09

    I’m not sure which tweak added this functionality. I have an app draw I can pull down from the top left with all the apps running and can easily switch between them. When I hit the home button it brings me back to the original app I was using instead of the home screen. Does anyone know what tweak this is?

  • James

    Lets not simplify something at the expense of complicating something else please.

  • Dave Newcomb

    Yeah, LastApp has done this for a long time. I use a triple press of the home key to invoke it.

  • Kenrick Fernandes

    your right 🙂 he did go to japan for a trip but i don’t know if he’s still there.

  • Malik

    or…you can use zephyr and swipe from the edges of the screen

  • Baber Hanif

    Transprarentvolume not work on iphone 5s iOS 7.0.4