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One of Tim Cook’s latest tricks meant to improve shopping experience and boost sales at Apple’s online store is decreased refund turnaround times for product returns, according to a Reuters report Monday. Previously, it took about ten working days to get a refund, according to estimates by retail-intelligence firm StellaService. These refund times have now been cut in half so customers can get a refund in a less than a week…

Faster refund turnaround times are the result of Apple using a new expedited shipping service called FedEx 2Day which lets folks ship returned items with prepaid labels to its warehouse in three days. Previously, Newgistics provided shipping services to Apple.

Reuters reports:

The move is a big upfront expense on Apple’s part, but could pay off in the long run if the company can lure online customers away from retailers such as Amazon.com Inc and Best Buy Inc, industry experts say.

Fortunately, the new service won’t incur additional cost for shoppers.

Have you ever asked Apple for a refund and what was your experience like? Was it all that you’ve come to expect from the company?

  • abazigal

    My experience with getting a refund from Apple has been nothing short of seamless. I bought a smart cover with my iPad from the online Apple store, decided I didn’t like it, and requested for a refund. A few days later, a guy came to pick it up, and the money refunded back into my account shortly after (a few days?), No questions asked.

    That’s what I like about Apple – they don’t miss the forest for the trees. Sure, it costs them some for refunds, but in exchange for improved customer loyalty? It all works out in the end. 🙂

    • Jason Baroni

      I have been through this. I got refunded for some apps that really wouldn’t run on my iPhone 5 even though my model fits the apps’ specs. Apple ALWAYS refund me.

      Their customer care is one of the only who works 100% out there!

  • John Tremendol


  • I was thinking this meant you now have 7 or 15 days instead of 14 or 30 to return something; this news is much better.

  • Yujin

    That is one of the reasons I prefer to buy apple products. An amazing warranty and return policy. Nothing out there really compares.

  • “Apple cuts refund times for returns in half”

    That header wording makes it sound like they lost faith in their product; I at first interpreted it as:

    “Apple cuts the number of days to return a product after purchase in half”

    Whereas the body says the opposite.