NewTabKeyboard 3

NewTabKeyboard is a brand new jailbreak tweak that’s available on Cydia’s Big Boss repo for free. It allows you to launch a new tab and display the keyboard immediately for text input.

After you install NewTabKeyboard, it starts working immediately, and there are no options to configure. Check out our video walkthrough of the tweak in action after the break.

There is one downside to using NewTabKeyboard in the version that’s currently available on Cydia. The keyboard won’t automatically display unless you open a new tab from an actual web page. If you try to open a new tab from a blank page, or the favorites menu, the new tab will open without invoking the keyboard.

NewTabKeyboard 1

Outside of that misstep, NewTabKeyboard works pretty much as described. Hopefully the developer can correct the tweak to work perfectly in a future update.

What do you think? NewTabKeyboard can be downloaded now free of charge from Cydia. Sound off in the comments below.

  • abdullah575

    what did you benefited?

    • Chris

      By default new tabs simply open, this tweaks brings up the keyboard straight away so you can type in an URL instantly without the extra tap involved.

      Essentially its the same functionality Chrome has.

  • MK Design

    Simple & very useful 🙂
    Glad I saw this post!

  • boecherer

    Is there any way to title articles that involve a jailbreak as such?

    e.g. “JAILBREAK: How to automatically display the keyboard when creating a new Safari tab”

    Some of us don’t want to jailbreak and we spend a lot of time starting to read an article only to find it’s not for a non-jailbroken phone.

    • Chris

      The thumbnails after the title are generally a dead giveaway as to what the article is about

      • boecherer

        I don’t see thumbnails after the title – only a Tweet button. Which thumbnails are you referring to? At the top, I see that there is a menu point to Jailbreak so I’ll have to look for that.

        The problem is that I get to these articles from the Mac OS notification center usually and if they look interesting I click them, but then have to scan to see if they are for jailbreak or not.

      • Chris

        I understand it makes sense in terms of notifications but generally browsing its pretty easy to determine if the article is about a jailbreak tweak etc.

      • boecherer

        I’m not seeing thumbnails after the title. I’m looking at your example image. I see a Tweet and an FB Like icon/thumbnail, but nothing that signifies that it’s a jailbreak. Sometimes I miss the obvious so if you can point it out I’d appreciate it.