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According to a new report by MediaBistro, Jony Ive will be presented with this year’s Bay Area Treasure Award on October 30. The award is granted annually by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in recognition of artists and creative leaders who have redefined visual art.

Ive will be the 15th recipient of the award, joining the likes of Star Wars filmmaker George Lucas and famed landscape architect Lawrence Halprin. And he’s being honored for his long history of designing innovative products for Apple, which include the iMac, iPhone and iPad…

From the SFMOMA press release, via MediaBistro:

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) has named Apple Senior Vice President of Design Jonathan Ive the recipient of its 2014 Bay Area Treasure Award. The annual lifetime achievement award, organized by the Modern Art Council (MAC), SFMOMA’s premier fund-raising auxiliary, recognizes artists and creative leaders in the region whose contributions have redefined contemporary visual culture.

“Ive is our generation’s most innovative and influential figure in the field of industrial design—no other design mind has done more to transform the way we visualize and share information,” said SFMOMA Director Neal Benezra. “SFMOMA was the first museum on the West Coast to establish a department of architecture and design, and we’re thrilled to celebrate Ive’s revolutionary achievements.”

Ive has commented on the announcement, saying “I’ve always enjoyed visiting SFMOMA, and I think it represents exceptional contemporary art and design.” He also expressed he’s “very grateful to the museum and proud to be recognized among such an amazing list of past recipients.”

SFMOMA’s Department of Architecture and Design has a significant collection of 20th- and 21st-century consumer electronics, and is currently investigating how to best collect maintain, and interpret these things. The project involves several leading Bay Area designers, including Ive.

The London-born designer has been the recipient of many awards over the years, including Design Museum London’s 2003 Designer of the Year and The Royal Society of Arts’ Royal Designer for Industry. He was also knighted by the Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace in May 2012.

  • Matt

    He deserves it, that’s for sure.

  • Mr Mop


  • vivalaivsca

    The best of the best

  • Wolfer

    Now the people that talk s…. about him will have to close their mouths and put their tongues into their … LOL At the begining of iOS7 and many other things that Ive worked for Apple, many said that in those designs were no inovation and that they were ugly. I always though the contrary, why? Because this is CONTEMPORARY… Many modern and contemporary designs are now very inovative because the simplicity and flatness!!! This is great for him and he deserve this recognition!!! We are in the 2014 not in the 1980’s or 90’s!!!! This is time for new art, contemporary and modern art!!! Where are the ones that said that Ive was a bad designer? That he has no inovation in his designs?

    • I’m one of those who said his iOS 7 design is lazy, ugly and stolen (http://bit ly/1eMb9OC). Johny has done many other design changes on the hardware front, which I can accept as changes for the better, and I can see why he deserves the award for those.

      However, just ’cause he got awarded for the new changes (i.e. innovations) doesn’t mean all the changes he made were new, nor were they always for the better; iOS 7 design (http://bit ly/1i0vgFb) was one of those exceptions.

      • Wolfer

        It is a good reply, and I accept it. That is why I study Physics in the university, to accept the differents opinions about one thing. Remember something, every 0’s and 1’s in a software means something. Every code inside a software send an electron to a hardware or viceversa. Just because something looks alike, does not mean is the same or stolen. Lazy I dont think so because u can do more today with iOS than what u can did years ago; many minds puts its effort to make it work in some new areas for Apple(not the world). Ugly, just depends how u look at it, for me I dont like some icons(yes) but I like really in general the new iOS. I like Dodge RAM’s, Sport Cars, and motorcycles; but my brother dont. He likes a regular Lexus or even a Nissan Altima or Kia. So that is why every person is different, because evry one of us has differents likes of things. Stolen? Maybe from the Jailbreak community, but come on Ford do a Taurus, Mercury did the Sable. They are the same ideas, but not stolen!!! Apple doesnt go to Google buildings and stole from theyr servers Android!!!! Or yes? Stole means that, for put it this way, I go to ur house turn on your computer and copy all your pics and music and private info to my computer and then use all that info to make me pass as ur identity, etc. That doesnt enter the servers and stole, but YES I can say some NEW things in iOS 7, were already integrated by Android(Android is not Samsung) but Ive and his people make changes to those ideas and make them new with new codes sending differents microfarads and electrons and volts to a new hardware and old hardware. So that means they innovate that idea and “maybe” make it better for many people, or not for others. BUT THEY DO NOT STOLE. Google is not the one fighting in court Apple, it is Samsung. And the fight is not about “stolen” software, it is about “stolen” patents for hardwares!!! God bless u man and ur family…I think I loveiPhones, but yes you love Android!!! I will ask u, how about if u put Android System Eccosistem into an iPhone? Or viceversa, iOS into a Samsung Galaxy or Note? Comeon every one has its Pros and Cons.