According to a new report from Japanese blog Macotakara, the next-generation iPhone may see some radical design changes. Citing ‘reliable sources,’ the publication said that the handset will feature rounded edges, a curved glass display, and an all-aluminum rear shell. 

More specifically, the report says that the iPhone 6’s display will be slightly curved in order to accommodate the new rounded edges. It even goes so far as to liken the device’s profile to the Japan-made Squair Curvaceous Bumper [above], an aluminum bumper for iPhone… 

It’s worth noting that Macotakara has a fairly solid track record in Apple intel, and many of the details it’s reporting match up with previous chatter—in November, Bloomberg reported that the company was working on two new iPhones with large curved screens for 2014.

iphone_6_hajek3_5iPhone 6 concept by Martin Hajek

The rounded-edge design is also something we’ve heard before, as is the all-aluminum backing. The latter, if true, would be a particularly impressive feat, as Apple would have to rebuild its entire antenna system in order to get rid of the current glass ‘antenna’ windows.

Anyway, unless everything we’ve seen thus far has been hokum (quite possible), we’re starting to get an idea of what to expect visually from the iPhone 6: a larger display, thinner profile and more rounded edges. The device is expected to launch as early as September.

Earlier today, a video surfaced comparing an alleged iPhone 6 case to a Nexus 5, iPhone 5s and Samsung’s gigantic Note 3.

  • Litchy

    I’ll admit… starting to get excited 😀

    • John Tremendol

      You look like pewdiepie

      • August Ebbesen


  • Infinite Production

    No more plastic top and bottom, have been waiting for that to change.

    • Litchy

      it’s glass but yeah… would love to see a full aluminum back too^^

      • Infinite Production

        Glass? You sure about that. Feels like plastic to me. Apple cracked the secret to production of glass to the touch of plastic.

      • Snailpo

        Yeah I had one of mine Crack and it was glass

      • Infinite Production

        Ok, Sorry about that. Thanks.
        Learn something new everyday 😉
        Now I feel a lot better about my iPhone.

      • rockdude094

        Actually the aluminium coating is easily scratched. It would be awesome if they had cast iron back.

      • Litchy

        My iPhone doesn’t have a single scratch in its aluminum back and neither does my full aluminum MacBook… Sure it can happen but anodized aluminum is quite resistant

      • rockdude094

        My 5s has a some scratches despite it being in a cover. But my Mac is fine as well.

  • Varun Sahdev

    The only thing i hate is that now the power button is at the right side.

    • Jeffrey

      me too! and that the camera will maybe stick out of the phone…

    • Anthony Nguyen

      I think it’s a good thing. If you had ever used a large phone, that is bigger than 4″, it’s more comfortable having the sleep button on the side. So you could still use it with one hand, than having the sleep button on top because your hand have to reach up to it.

  • Curved display? I don’t know. That seems gimmicky I don’t think that Apple would do that.

    • @dongiuj

      Why? Because apple has never used “gimmick” to market its products before?….

      • Jeffrey

        yes, that’s why

  • Matt

    Aluminum shell – well that One’s kind of obvious, curved screen – doubt it

  • Jason Baroni

    I think Apple won’t do something like this for now. Apple took years to increase the screen size of the iPhone and make a reduced iPad… curved screens are too new in the market for Apple implement it and come up with a new curved iPhone.

    • Girish

      that was steve job b4,,,
      nw its tim cook era 😉
      everything possible nw

      • Jason Baroni

        Tim Cook didn’t rush to launch wearables, huh? Even though you have free iWork and iLife apps for new devices, they continue paid for old ones. Tim knows what he is doing too. A more opened Apple is not a completely opened Apple.

  • sriram varadarajulu

    looks NEXUSish…

  • Rounak

    feels like History Repeating in a bigger size n thinner too
    seems design of iPhone 2G which was so good in hand
    Really luking forward to iPhone 6

  • Matthew Cooper

    Id love a throwback to the iphone 1st gen. Im digging it

    • Jason Baroni

      I have always thought that they could keep refreshing the same 1st iPhone, like the iPod classic. Today it would be that phone, but more powerful with a lightning connector and retina display, but with the same housing and screen size… it could be nice!

  • White Michael Jackson

    Where is the toothbrush feature?

  • n0ahcruz3

    Obviously speaking its a New iPhone not an S version so redesign is expected.

  • Hussain Alsanona

    The most important thing to me is, edge to edge design and 4.7″ and the rest Apple will perfectly handle.

    • h4nd0fg0d


  • h4nd0fg0d

    Fck yeah!!!!!

  • blastingbigairs

    Not down with the curved display, reminds me if gimmicky Android phones.

  • jocastro

    don’t think it will happen, that’s practically new, and obviously that something apple wont do probably till next year.