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After some folks on iOS 6 and older versions of OS X started complaining about being unable to make or receive FaceTime calls on their devices, Apple has responded by releasing an emergency fix for the FaceTime app on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Getting to the root of the problem, the company on Thursday published a support document that casts more light on the issue.

People have apparently been experiencing FaceTime connection problems due to a bug resulting from a device certificate that expired on April 16, 2014. Luckily, there’s a simple resolution for the problem, one which you may not necessarily like. Hit the jump for the full reveal…

Apple writes:

If you started to have issues making or receiving FaceTime calls after April 16, 2014, your device or your friend’s device may have encountered a bug resulting from a device certificate that expired on that date. Updating both devices to the latest software will resolve this issue.

Yes, upgrade to iOS 7!

“If you’re using an iOS 7 compatible device and you’re still on an earlier version of iOS, you should update to iOS 7.1 or later,” reads the document.

Folks who are jailbroken have plenty of reasons to avoid upgrading to iOS 7.1 unless they want to break their jailbreak.

And what about those who don’t own an iOS 7-compatible device?

Update to the latest iOS 6.1.6, according to Apple.

The firm says folks on iOS 7.0.4 or later or iOS 6.1.6 are not affected by this issue, as are not those using the following versions of OS X or FaceTime for Mac:

  • OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 or later
  • OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 with the latest security updates
  • OS X Lion 10.7 with the latest security updates
  • FaceTime for Mac version 1.0.5 or later for Mac OS X 10.6

Note that even if you update your devices, FaceTime calls will still fail if the iOS device or Mac that you’re trying to connect to isn’t up to date, cautions Apple.

As for Mavericks Macs, Apple advises installing OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 or later.

People on OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 or OS X Lion 10.7 should install the latest security updates or update to OS X Mavericks 10.9.

People on OS X 10.6 should “get the latest version of FaceTime for Mac in the Mac App Store,” Apple writes.

Apple also offers a guide to troubleshooting FaceTime.

  • Andy

    It’s a good thing all my family are on 7.0.4 and 7.0.6.

    • McBobson


    • Palmer Paul

      7.0.6 doesn’t have the FaceTime issue either: “The firm says folks on iOS 7.0.4 or later… are not affected by this issue.”

    • workin

      If you can semi-restore, that should fix some have reported.

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    meh. iOS 6 still does better battery than iOS 7

    • leart

      Definitely, my 4s now last 80-85% of the battery life it had on 6.0.1..
      Probably it’s the white interface that use more battery

      • Sean Clark

        LCD screens don’t work that way.

      • leart

        Hehe so what’s the point of reducing the brightness to save battery?? Yes I works that way, more bright the screen have to push more battery will use.

      • John Sklikas

        He’s right, an LCD screen always uses light, even for black. So no change between, white or any other colour. Brightness affects because you’re affecting the initial amount of light hitting the screen. As you have surely noticed, changing brightness changes the brightness in the entire screen, not only in the darker spots. This is the proof that the same amount of light is everywhere on the LCD screen. So the colour doesn’t matter. And please, I’m studying Liquid Crystal Displays in Chemistry, so please don’t doubt this, I know what I’m talking about.

      • leart

        Ok, since you know a lot, have a question out of this topic 🙂 how you explain this?
        I searched over Internet without any result ..

      • John Sklikas

        Because Facebook caches stuff to make the app faster. If it takes too much space, delete it and reinstall it

      • leart

        that its not the cache, its the facebook app by itself only just after installed, strange thing, both devices are on ios 6 – 6.1.2/6.1.3 mah very strange, every app take more space on ipod

      • Jeffrey

        can’t be the app itself, it must be the cache, ‘documents & data’, bit weird that the part where the amount of documents and data show is cut out right? a lot of my apps had a lot of documents and data too so i reïnstalled a bunch of them and deleted over 2,5 gigs of unneeded documents and data…

      • leart

        the screenshots are from my devices, man I know how to downgrade a iphone (4) my knowledge it’s far more than knowing how much extra space a app is taking (other file on itune)

      • Jeffrey

        i know that’s what you’re talking about, i don’t know, it must be a bug… my facbook app also says 107 MB. maybe you downloaded something within the facebook app?

      • leart

        It has nothing to do with facebook, all the apps are taking more space installed on iPod 4g
        I guess this is not common knowledge :))

      • Jeffrey

        weird, think it’s a bug then… maybe it has something to do with ios 7 optimized apps on ios 6

      • Jeffrey

        if you have a jailbroken ipod, try downloading and using icleaner pro. its free and it just cleaned 700 mb of storage for me, including app cache files. maybe it’ll help you shrink your app sizes

      • leart

        Thats not the point, its strange that apps are taking more space on a single device and not in others.
        I dont need icleaner, i created a custom firmware for my limera1n devices (ipod4g/iphone4) and once on a while i can restore in jailbreakable firmware 🙂

      • Jeffrey

        alright but like i said earlier, i think it’s a bug. it is strange though

      • leart

        Accepted 😉

      • leart

        You can understand now I think

      • pegger1

        Brightness is different than colour.

      • cardenaso10

        Sir, I would advise you to go back to Facebook, where the majority of people talk about things they have absolutely zero idea on.

      • Jeffrey

        LOL the interface?? wow

      • leart


      • Jeffrey

        no but that is common knowledge-_-

      • leart

        Yeah it’s common

  • crAppleKilla

    I’d rather go WITHOUT FaceTime than DOWNGRADE to that HIDEOUS iOS 7!

    • XboxOne


      • Kev

        No he just has good taste. iOS7 is visual trash

      • Jeffrey

        lol no. just no

      • Blip dude

        LOL yes, just yes

      • Jonathan

        No. Just, ugh. NO.

      • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

        Ios 7 looks better than ios6. Let ios 7 interface been first then ios6 interface came later . You wouldn’t be saying that

      • Kev

        Here’s the thing. On iOS 6 you can jailbreak and switch everything up. You can’t do that on iOS 7.

      • Jeffrey

        lol yes you can? there’s a jailbreak for ios 7 and most cydia tweaks are working on ios 7

      • I wouldn’t be saying that, ’cause I would NEVER have used an iPhone then, the same reason I never touched a Windows Phone; it’s fugly…beauty of iOS (b4 7) and jailbreak were the major attractions for me to consider the iPhone. Without either of the above, I’ll readily to move to Android…

      • leart

        Good for you, so this is a goodbye? Very good

      • Yep, it’ll be goodbye to iOS when my freed iPhone 4S dies on me (or I lose my jailbreak), not Apple news…

      • Blip dude

        Care to explain how someone who disapproves the look of a UI make them a Fandroid?

      • XboxOne

        His username.

      • Truth

        He is an iTárd that can’t comprehend someone not liking any aspect of Apple or iOS so whenever he sees such he tries to sooth his brain and heart by dismissing it as the opinion of a fandroid even when there is no mention of android within article or discussion.

      • Jeffrey

        it was only a question…

    • CS

      Cool. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jonathan

      Downgrade? I believe you mean upgrade.

  • XboxOne

    Now they have no choice but to upgrade!

    • There’s always a choice, myne is to ditch facetime and go with Skype…

  • CS

    Psh I’m still on iOS 5.0 on my old iPhone. No FaceTime issues

  • Eli aka Mr. Haha

    so those of us jailbroken on iOS 7 experiencing this issue do what exactly? lol

    • Straw hat

      Update lol and lose your jailbreak

      • Eli aka Mr. Haha

        No!!!!!! Lol man that sucks :/

  • Meh, my freed 4S on iOS 6.1.2 is worth 1000x more than a bastardized locked-down version of Skype…

  • n0ahcruz3

    Apple : “It just works!”

  • Dontwannaknow

    I don’t want to upgrade my 4s to ios 7. U should have other solution, Apple. Or I won’t use FaceTime anymore. Voice calling via Facebook and Video call will be skype or other options. So long FaceClock.

  • bradmacpro

    I had to move my FaceTime 1.0.2 to the Trash before the App Store would download the version 1.0.5 for 99 cents (USD) Software Update didn’t find anything that needed updating on my Mac OS X 10.6.8 system, despite this article’s assertion.

  • iamse7en

    Jailbreak devs/community: Please release a tweak in Cydia that fixes Facetime and throws this Eff You from Apple right back in their faces. So annoying. Jailbreak > Facetime. Up yours Apple.

  • mav3rick

    Typical pome: you are not using it right, we are owning the device you paid for, remove / block features on it AFTER you bought it, tell you what to install to keep it running, and force you sheep user on whatever we want because only we know what and how you want to use YOUR device.

  • Stokies993

    If you don’t want to get with the times and update then don’t complain when you’re services are no longer supported…

  • John Sklikas

    Smartass, notice the OLED word. The iPhone has LCD not OLED, you smartass. Wanna see my 1500 page textbook? FFS, some people never learn…

    • leart

      Hehe you don’t look that smart anyway smartass

      • John Sklikas

        I never said I’m smart mate. But there’s no opinion in Science, there are only facts. Sammy phones have AMOLED and can thus consume different energy under different colours. LCDs on the other hand use the same light in the entire screen, colour doesn’t change anything. When you don’t know something, it’s a wise man’s decision to accept the FACTS not the OPINION of someone who does. As if the internet isn’t bloated with enough BS. And look, I’m sorry, probably over reacted on you, but I had quite a bad day today… Sorry…

      • leart


    • leart

      If you don’t like my opinion, ok learn something I don’t invited you to teach me so, your word “smartass” you can put it where you deserve on your ass

  • PS

    I have iPhone 4s with ios 6 and iPad with ios 5. my facetime don’t work 🙁
    I don’t want to upgrade my iDevices to ios 7 (battery problems [iphone] and slower actions, the ugly appearance…)
    Apple MUST restore the opportunity to talk through FaceTime on older software!

    I’ll be pissed if they do not!
    These are the last things that I bought with them.

  • cardenaso10

    Can the idiots in the comments trying to debate whether iOS 7 looks better, worse, or equal to iOS 6 just PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS, shut the hell up and realize that people have these magical things called “opinions and preferances”?

  • junaid

    no facetime in ios 7.1.2 why ?