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An exciting new jailbreak tweak is on the horizon, and it looks extremely promising for those of you who have multiple accounts for service based apps like Instagram. Slices is an upcoming tweak that will allows you to create multiple settings and user bundles for applications, effectively allowing you to have multiple user profiles for any app on a single device.

Developer Steve Hetelekides has previewed his upcoming tweak on YouTube, and we have the full video inside for you to check out. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

I have to say that after watching that video, I’m uber-excited about Slices. It looks like one of the most promising, innovative, and truly useful jailbreak tweaks we’ve seen in quite some time.

Slices 01

If you watched the video, you can see that Slices won’t just allow you to have multiple Instagram profiles on the same device, but you can also play games with multiple settings and user bundles. Slices looks to be extremely useful for virtually any application, especially if you could derive some benefit from, what is essentially, running multiple instances of the same app.

Users will be able to create slices, name their slices, and switch between multiple slices for the same app. Each slice can be managed within the tweak’s preferences. If an app features notifications, notifications will only occur for the current slice you have enabled for any specific application.

We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes and ears out for more information regarding slices. We’ve reached out to Steve, so hopefully we’ll be able to get a hands-on preview of the tweak and put it through its paces. In the meantime, you can check out Steve’s post on r/jailbreak for more information.

  • This is a game changer.

    • nonchalont


    • RarestName

      Slice* changer.

  • Framboogle

    I hope Apple “steals” this idea and integrates it into future iOS versions, looks amazing!

    • Eni

      becose he hase done a great and hard work for that 🙂

  • Ralph Castro

    This is so cool!!!

  • weztimonial

    i need this

  • Ziich

    this is pretty cool. i kinds wish i had multiple accounts

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Will this tweak let me login/use multiple Dropbox accounts on one device???

    • Probably. Can’t 100% confirm until I can try it for myself.

      • Lakh Jhajj

        Hopefully ! Keepin my fingers crossed. Can you please do a detailed video on this tweak once it’s available in Cydia?

      • Sound_Mind24

        If you have multiple accounts on the app, is that not the same?

      • Cesar D

        what? of course not… different data, no need to login you can use facebook with multiple accounts without actually signing out from one

      • Sound_Mind24

        Understood, i don’t like or use facebook.

      • Cesar D

        I didnt ask for your personal opinion.

      • Sound_Mind24

        Stop been so F***king stupid. Than don’t reply to people if you don’t want their opinions.

  • Oh man, that’s awesome.

  • Sachmach29

    This looks absolutely fantastic.

  • McBobson

    this is a tweak that solves the problem of our generation.

  • Vighnesh Manick

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Beck Hoefling

    Omg I have been waiting for this exact tweak

  • Mohsin

    waoooo its great news.. waiting for this for a long time.. hope it will work with facebook app to use multiple accounts.

  • Arto Mihalache

    Will this work with previous progress on a game, for example clash of clans?

  • Pato_
  • cool when play game with 2 acc 😀

  • Avery Massenburg

    Awesome tweak! Useful in some cases for iPhone. But perfect for iPad!

    Sidenote: I really hope the developer changes his Instagram account passwords after this video. xD They may be dummy accounts, but still wouldn’t want them riddled with spam posts and taken over.

  • pea

    Potential for Whatsapp?

    • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

      whatsapp uses your mobile number as a registration so unless you have 2 sims in your phone i doubt it will work

      • tstsr6

        I’m sure under iPhone you can register a number for a sim that’s not in your phone? I think they just text a code you register with

  • mahe

    Would be interessting if you can have running two instances of the same app at the same time with this tweak. So you could simply switch between 2 accounts via task switcher.
    And also, what about push notifications? Will I receive notifications for both accounts or only for the last used?

    • Eni

      for only that in use, at least is that what the article says

      • mahe

        Didn’t sound like that to me and it’s not shown in the video.


      • Eni

        read it again 🙂
        ”If an app features notifications, notifications will only occur for the current slice you have enabled for any specific application.”

      • mahe

        oh, I somehow skipped that paragraph …

        thanks 🙂

  • James Gunaca


  • Fun boy

    And he’s only got an iphone 4s or lower smh. We should buy him a 5S for this.

  • Hash

    I wonder if this can open multiple instances of app store so you can login with a US account with one slice and a UK account with the other.

    Additionally it will be interesting to see if slice works on game center too.

  • Vikrant Pogula

    Awesome Idea. Just one question though. What about push notifications ? How do they work with 2 accounts logged in to the app?

    • Eni

      notifications works only for the account currently in use, at least that says the article 🙂

      • Robes

        Yeah that seems understandable for now. Maybe when this fully releases Slice will be able to detect all accounts and send all notifications to NC OR option settings will give us these choices! That would be dope.

      • Eni

        that seems kinda imposible but who knows 🙂

      • Eni

        that seems kinda imposible but who knows 😉

  • Khalid Tahhan

    The catch here will be notifications. I think you will only get notifications from the last account you logged in with.

  • Romey Florence

    I think a Passcode or password interface might complement this wonderfully. It could be at the lockscreen: enter password “1111” to login to profiles A, “2222” for B, rather than per app. Or even if per app, pass codes to login rather than selection each time. I see if people chose the same Passcode it would get wonky but I think it would be seamless otherwise. I’ve been hoping a tweak like that would come out. And only specified icons will have the profile icon to make it quickest. These are just ideas I’ve had.

  • Dan

    this would be pretty useful since me and the wife share the iPad at home.

  • Diego

    wow, amazing

  • Robes

    YES CANT WAIT FOR THIS. This will solve my issue with INSTAGRAM only allowing one logged in account at a time! THANK YOU. When can we expect this to drop in Cydia?

  • 1033

    Hopefully this is also on iOS6, but I doubt it. It would be AWESOME! Especially if this means I could misuse this on an app that requires payment for unlimited uses of a function, I’d make a new slice each time and use that function without spending a penny!

  • sriram s

    It is not working with Facebook app. Facebook asks for Password everytime i login.

    • Louie

      Same here, Facebook always prompting for username and password… wondering if it has anything to do with being logged in to Facebook under settings app? Hoping I’m doing something wrong or if it’s not yet implemented feature it becomes one soon… it’s the only reason I bought the app. The app is a great concept!

      • sriram s

        I even tried logging out Facebook from settings. Still it is not working.

      • omakad

        Were you able to ever get it working with Facebook? Has it been updated for it?

  • Anthony

    Will this be compatibility with ios 7.1.2 in the near future please? I jailbreak my fone purely for this app however its not compatible :'(
    Looks amazing though

  • Angelique

    I tried to find the app, but looks like this isn’t just a regular app. Can someone lead me in the right direction on how to get this on my iPhone? I just googled how to use multiple instagram accounts and found this article. Need help though, clueless how to actually get this on my phone. Thanks.