The next iPhone, if swirling rumors are anything to go by – will come in two flavors. A smaller model with a 4.7-inch screen optimized for one-handed use and a larger-screened device incorporating a phablet-class display measuring 5.5 inches diagonally.

Corroborating earlier reports that the 5.5-inch model could be pushed back to 2015, a Taiwanese outlet is now claiming that the device is indeed facing a delay over production issues pertained to its supposedly very thin battery components…

According to the latest scuttlebutt from Taiwanese news site The Commercial Times [Google translate, via GforGames], Apple’s engineers in their pursue of “a very thin device” have faced roadblocks as its battery cell suppliers are finding it difficult to meet Cupertino’s demands.

Specifically, Apple has apparently commissioned its battery suppliers – which include LG Chemical and Samsung – to produce components measuring 2mm or less.

Technical requirements are said to have posed challenges as standard smartphone batteries have a thickness of roughly 2.8 – 2.9 millimeters.

The 4.7-inch model is on track to launch in September, according to the outlet.

As such, reports claim that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6′s release date will be delayed to 2015, or, in other words: until Apple’s suppliers will be able to meet these technical requirements and output a decent yield.

The story mentions that the device is internally referred to as the iPhone Air.

We’d find such a name to be highly improbable were it not for the iPad Air, which debuted last Fall with the new moniker, much to the surprise of watchers and fans.

iPhone 6 concept (NowhereElse and Martin Hajek 001)

Both Apple and its suppliers internally refer to the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 as the iPhone Air. The report goes on to caution that the moniker “is not set in stone,” leaving open the possibility that the device might go on sale under a different name.

Here’s a not-so-probable iPhone 6 Pro concept.

I guess the authors of this thingy haven’t heard a Steve Jobs quote which goes something like “if you see a stylus, they blew it.”

Would you immediately pick up a 4.7-inch iPhone as soon as it became available or wait out until an iPhablet came along?

  • iViperzLTD

    Just my opinion… If apple decides to ditch the current screen, then oh god no. I’m perfectly happy with the current screen size of my 5 and don’t want a bigger screen. I have my iPad Mini for that…

    • felixtaf

      I hate to see this arguement that I have an iPad or iPad mini for that. But, u must realize that not everyone owns an iphone and ipad. Also, at 4″ size u cant play a decent game or watch a movie or do something productive without issues ( you can do it, but smaller screen takes away the advantages of many apps in iOS).
      Before anyone shout at me, Am a Big fan of iPhone 5 design and size. I do have two connections with iPhone as my business phone and a note 3 for my fun and entertainment.

      • iViperzLTD

        I can see why you’d hate it, and your point is true. But I find that the main point of an iPhone is for a function of a phone (a smartphone at that!). I honestly am not a fan of holding a phone that’s near if not on par with my own head length to my ear, it feels weird. Obviously people have their opinions and for entertainment, an iPad should very well be for that (or a note in your case). I do play games on my phone and I find the screen size just fine.

      • hkgsulphate

        i think its called a phone for a reason

      • felixtaf

        Well that means only Apple is selling phones. Everyone else out there are selling tablets with phone capability? No.
        A cellphone is more than a phone these days!

      • ic0dex

        It’s called a smart phone. If you want a phone get yourself a flip Nokia.

      • Jason B

        I totally agree. I have a 4S, and the 3.5″ screen thankfully is gone from the lineup. I do think that people still want the 4″ iPhone, which Apple will probably keep in the lineup, even with the 4.7″, and possibly the 5.5″. But, while the 4″ is a nice gain over the 3.5″, it doesn’t solve my main gripe with the size, the width. It frustrates me to type on my 4S, and it would be no different on the 5 or 5S/C.

        Thankfully, from what I’ve read, they will keep the aspect ratio the same between the 5S and 6, so the 6 (4.7″) should still be smaller width-wise than other 4.7-4.8″ phones, such as the Galaxy S4 (5″). The nice thing is that this still makes the phone small, but gives us a bigger screen, including width, which is what I want.

        I think the 5.5″ version will be popular with those people that don’t want an iPad Mini, but would like a tablet. Not everyone can afford a separate iDevice to basically do similar tasks you could do on a phone. I’d rather take that money and spend it on a new PC build. I initially wanted a Mini when it first came out, but the more I think about it’s cost, and associated impact on my cellular data rate, it makes me want it less and less. While my Nexus 7 (2012) leaves a LOT to be desired, it gets the job done for the most part, and was only $200 when I bought it.

        So with that all said, I think each of the 3 phones has a place among users. A 4″ phone for those that just want an ultra portable phone (possibly cheaper), and also have a tablet. A 4.7″ phone for those that just want a bigger screen, but still have portability as an important factor, and the 5.5″ for those that want a tablet and phone combo without having to buy two devices.

        Unfortunately, I see that Apple could be keeping the old 4″ model as the cheaper price point, and charging a premium for the larger display devices. I could see Apple pricing the 5S (2014) model at $200, 6 (4.7″) at $300, and the 6 Air at $400, all on contract pricing. The 5C will still be the cheapest at $100.

        Just my 2 cents.

    • blastingbigairs

      That sure was an original comment. Blah, blah, blah…..Just don’t buy one then????

    • Antzboogie

      To be honest I was just l Iike you, but I now that I have seen how amazing the Samsung Galaxy’s s5 screen is ,iPhone users like myself, need a bigger screen and until then I have to wait until iPhone 6 and stay with the s5. Disappointed I have to wait until Sept 🙁

    • SighMan

      Ugh there always has to be someone that doesn’t want change …. -_-
      Jeez, if you’re happy with the iPhone 5’s screen just stick with that one.

  • coLin

    Is today April fools’ Day or what?

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      meaning what?

      • coLin

        Meaning that we won’t get more that a 4 inch iPhone this year!

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Yeah we will. The 4.7 one will still be released according to the article.

      • coLin

        you are right but I’m still skeptical about a bigger screen iPhone. This article reminds me of what Tim Cook said once:
        “What we’ve said is that until the technology is ready, we don’t want to cross that line. That doesn’t say we’ll never do it. We want to give our customers what’s right in all respects – not just the size but in the resolution, in the clarity, in the contrast, in the reliability. There are many different parameters to measure a display and we care about all those, because we know that’s the window to the software.”

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Well they also said they’d never make a smaller iPad and there have been NO rumors saying it’s gonna stay the same size. And the stuff that has leaked out from the trial says that there isn’t enough smartphone growth and that a bigger screen is wanted. It’s about 99.9 % chance it’s a larger screen. But the 5s will still available for anyone who doesn’t want a bigger screen

  • abdullah575

    this will be in 2022

  • Straw hat

    Lol that is one disgusting iPhone shape and that stylus

    • hkgsulphate

      that guy sure didn’t watch steve’s iPhone introduction lol

      • MarvinKleinpass

        that guy sure didn’t now something about Apple 😀

  • Eni

    No ofense for the designers but that concept looks ugly

  • Mr.Ocean

    That iPhone 6 Pro Rendering is ugly and so far from reality its ridiculous! iStick?! Are you kidding me? 😀

    • felixtaf

      That may be the rendering of a Pre-Alpha Prototype! 😉

      • Jonathan

        OF a prototype. 😛

      • felixtaf

        Lol I meant its a prototype before alpha stage!

      • Jonathan

        No no, I meat Pre-Alpha Prototype OF a Prototype. =P Making it even more early staged. xD

  • James Gunaca

    4.7inch yes – 5.5inch no thank you. I held a Galaxy Note yesterday and hated it. Glad I won’t feel compelled to wait for the 5.5inch if it’s delayed per these reports.

  • Darryl Barnes

    Cool concept but don’t see Apple releasing a stylus. And I also think a 4.7″ would be a perfect screen size.

  • felixtaf

    Why it shud be thin? It will make it uncomfortable to hold with a low power battery inside. Apple will boast, 6mm thin yet 10 hrs battery life. I love Apple, but hate their thickness logic!

  • hkgsulphate

    Just don’t ditch a 4′ version

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      The 5S should be the 99 dollar version or the free version so they wont.


    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Like times a thousand!

  • Jeffrey

    This is so ugly, I want to cut myself…. you know what? I’m gonna do it.

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    People saying it’s ugly but if Apple did this it would be the other way around.

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    There isn’t even a lightning port. No charging necessary! The video design looks awful anyways.

  • ic0dex

    If for sure apple will release a 5.5″ iPhone then yes I will wait. I also do own an iPad mini but when I’m out I rater have the 5.5″ iPhone and not have to carry an iPad mini with me just to enjoy a larger screen.

    • Spoken like a person with common sense. These idiots here don’t understand carrying one device is better than carrying two

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  • Adam Bowman

    I might just wait for the larger version. I’ve only owned iPhones and at this point I’m actually getting a little envious of all the larger screens out there.

  • @sexyhamthing

    why does it need to be so thin, i had to have a case on my 5th gen ipod (glad to be rid of… horrible piece of hardware) for it to feel… less fragile, a phone needs weight