Nick Statt, reporting for CNET:

Nike is gearing up to shutter its wearable-hardware efforts, and the sportswear company this week fired the majority of the team responsible for the development of its FuelBand fitness tracker, a person familiar with the matter told CNET.

As early as this fall, Nike planned on releasing another iteration of the FuelBand — an even slimmer version — but cancelled the project, and it appears to have shelved all future physical product projects under the Digital Sport helm, the person familiar with the matter added.

One might argue it never really made sense for a shoe maker to build hardware. Still, it’s an interesting move, at an interesting time, especially when you know Tim Cook is on Nike’s board.

  • Captain Canada

    This is pretty crazy news, I swear Tim Cook rocks one of these. I don’t know what this means or whats in store, my expectations are tempered but my body is ready.

    • What about your wallet, is it ready?

      • Captain Canada

        It really depends, I’m quite content with my smartphone acting as a pocket watch and haven’t really worn a watch since my first cellphone anyways. I see zero appeal in products like the Gear and Pebble not only because I see them as half baked but that I don’t think i’d want them even at their very best iteration. I’m sure that by the end of the year we’ll find out if wearables are the real deal or just an industry fishing for the next big thing (Samsung plug unintended).

      • nonchalont

        You nailed it. My thoughts exact, however this can be useful for some. Of course everybody does not think like us in that area.

      • dpacemaker

        I totally agree, while I still wear a watch I don’t feel the need to have my notifications sent to my wrist. I feel if there is a siri always listening function I may be swayed. If there a siri functionality like that I can achieve through a bluetooth earbud then I will go that route instead.

      • bluebatrix

        Completely agree. Smart watches will never be appealing to me in their current state. I use a real watch everyday for fashion and convenience (for time), but I don’t need one for anything other than that. The gear, pebble (and others), is a good start to what could potentially become a great product, but right now it has practically no application to anyone not involved in fitness.

        Unfortunately, I feel like the “iWatch” will blend in the same pit: a relatively small consumer base interested in fitness tracking. Sure, notifications and turn-by-turn on a watch would be nice, but think about this:

        You buy a $600 phone to hide it in your pocket and hardly take it out?


        Seems like a big waste of money…

        Especially to buy a $2-300 wearable device on top of that.

      • ExRoot


    • Jerry

      I just LOLED reading the end of this comment but I’m with you on this. Because MY BODY IS READY TOO AND SO IS MY WALLET!

  • anasiatka

    Acquisition maybe?

  • anasiatka

    Or acquhire. πŸ˜€

  • Virus

    Maybe Apple putting Nike+ built into the iWatch

    • Anthony Snyder

      They do have a partnership and have a Nike app presinstalled (albeit hidden) on iPhones.

  • jack

    why isn’t iDB making an article about that Jailbreak virus??????????????

    • felixtaf

      Its already posted hours ago! Btw its a malware that targets jailbroken devices!

      • jack

        can you link it? I don’t think iDB posted about it yet…. are you talking about the Unflod? check iClarified

      • Nevertrending

        Literally 2 posts below this one on front page

      • jacob wolin

        they posted it and then moved it up on the posting so people could see it. its there

    • Christopher

      I checked my device an I don’t have it. You gotta add pirate repos it seems to get it so I’m good an so are people that don’t pirate crap

  • Christopher

    Be cool to have Nikes support on Apples watch or band or both, maybe they’ll do what Samsung did but better lol

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