1password for mac

If you’ve been holding out on purchasing Agile Bits’ popular 1Password app due to price tag, you may want to pay attention. In wake of the nasty Heartbleed bug that has compromised millions and millions of usernames and passwords this week, the developers have decided to discount both Mac and iOS versions of the app by 50%…

1Password for Mac

1password 4 mac

– Create strong, unique passwords for every site
– Secure your data behind a single Master Password
– Protect yourself with tamper-proof Authenticated 256-bit AES Encryption
– Auto-Lock keeps your data protected even if your Mac is lost or stolen
– Use Security Audit to make your passwords stronger
– Automatically log into websites using your favorite browsers
– Fill credit cards and signup forms with a single click
– Open websites and automatically submit login information using Go & Fill bookmarks
– iCloud support means secure syncing with Apple simplicity
– Dropbox support provides cross-platform syncing and sharing
– Use custom folder sync to sync computers within the security of your own network 

You can find 1Password for Mac in the Mac App Store for $24.99 (normally $50).

1Password for iOS

1password4 ss

 – Create, edit and use many item types including: Credit Cards, Secure Notes, Passports, Bank Accounts, and much more
– Mark your most used items as Favorites 
– Organize your data into Folders
– Attachment viewer 
– Powerful search 
– Built-in browser: surf the web, login to websites and shop online with full access to your vault data, all without leaving 1Password. 
– Use Go & Fill to easily launch and sign in to websites with a single tap
– Fill credit cards while shopping online
– Fill address information during signup
– Secure with military grade 256-bit AES encryption
– Cryptographic operations use standard iOS libraries to ensure no security gaps or backdoors 
– Auto-Lock keeps your data protected even if your device is lost or stolen 

You can find 1Password for iOS in the App Store for $8.99 (normally $18).

These two apps have received numerous awards over the years, and are very highly regarded in the Mac/iOS community. There’s no telling how long the sale will last, but we imagine it’ll at least go through the weekend. Even if you don’t pickup the apps, though, we still recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Heartbleed bug.

  • Vckmkr

    Too much of a pos, shud be free, escially now they closed the door after the horse bolted, use LastPass in browser & lastpass wallet free on ios, they had new ssl certs and zero data compromised.

    • At

      Why should it be free?

      • Vckmkr

        Ok i will elaborate, it should be free because the company are exploiting peoples fear of the unknown, they are using your insecurity to sell you something you dont need, half price too, because of a bug, Economics!

      • mark

        That is none sense! Sure, they’re maybe using this opportunity to convince more customers (you) to buy their products, but at the end of the day it’s for your own good, take it or leave it, up to you! Fear of the unknown? Excuse me sir, have you been living under a rock? It’s everywhere on the internet, television, portals, podcasts, news papers etc.. and you’ve got no idea what it is or what it does? You don’t need to have a PhD in order to understand the basic concept behind the bug, it’s been explained billion times by the media and other security experts all over the world how can you miss it? It’s called Research my friend!

      • Vckmkr

        The most tech savvy ppl in the world have known for less than a week, likely the masses who own comps will just have heard something about the internet being broken for 2 years and it was just discovered. So i guess you are talking non-sense.

      • rattyuk

        Apple offers it’s own free version for OSX and iOS. But if you were an Apple user you would know that.

        This app is accepted as the best solution for cross platform single sign in with sensible suitable passwords.

        Not entirely sure why you are commenting unless you are misunderstanding what this product is and what it does.

        BTW offering your product at 1/2 price doesn’t FORCE anyone to buy it. It just gives those that do the chance to.

      • Vckmkr

        Big assumer i see, i am & i dont regards being an apple user. My point was that the company are using the negatives of a security flaw, that has not seen 1 byte of stolen data released or sold or owned anywhere, to promote a product ,that if you needed it, you would know ( going on your assumption that the masses pick up on these issues within the week) – there is nothing i do not understand about the product, its just overpriced, i want it free, i have it free, so should everyone, 😉

      • mark

        Said the guy who couldn’t even stand a point. So what if it had been uncovered a week ago? In that one week, many articles have been published about the issue (enough information for average people to understand what it is all about – I’d be happy to repeat this over and over again till you get it) Sure there are security risks, that’s why sec utils – 1Password took chance on ‘wise’ dudes who came to a realization that they need to tighten up their online security while a tug was unwilling to spend few dollars that he argued that the app should be given up for ‘free’ as if he contributed something to the project and later tried to “elaborate” his pessimism and how unnecessary and useless it is to have the app.

      • Vckmkr

        Theres always one……..

    • johnnytalks

      I do believe it’s on the expensive side when at full price, but truly feel this half price deal is absolutely worth it.

    • trumpet444

      So let’s take whatever you do for a living (if you have a job) , and if someone wants the fruits of your labor bad enough, it should be free? That is literally slavery…… and you are insanely ignorant for suggesting such crap, including the asses that up voted you

    • JenRellias

      Well duh, EVERYTHING should be free! In fact, I’m going to the BMW dealer right now and pick out a new M5 and demand that it be given to me free. Transportation is a genuine need of mine, so I have a right to a free M5.

  • Tom

    what is heartbleed bug? :/

    • At

      A massive flaw in a huge number of all of the internets servers (66%). People were able to collect any secure information from the infected servers for the past 2 years, make sure to read up on it.

      • Tom

        That is scary!

      • At

        It is, one of the worst security problems ever found. Make sure to change passwords, but make sure that website had been patched otherwise it’s pointless.

      • CS

        There is no actual proof of people using this error to steal personal data though. It was originally a “white hat” group that found the bug in the first place

      • At

        True, there is no way to know for sure because they would have done so undetected. I’d be willing to bet there was though.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        When you say undetected wouldn’t there be connection logs? With there being a memory limit the bug would have to be exploited multiple times to capture a significant amount of data. Or am I wrong and logs are a thing of the past?

      • Danny Park

        thats the scary thing about heartbleed it “leaves no traces of anything abnormal happening to the logs.”

  • Daniel Beecham

    is the iphone version compatible with iOS7?

    • trumpet444

      You could’ve simply opened the App Store to find out but yes, it is.

  • Anyone have thoughts on LastPass?

    • C Mac

      LastPass is great, initial set up and changing all your passwords is terrible (it is no matter what software you use). After that, it is great. Best part is you can use it on both Mac and PC. you can create a USB web browser to use it securely anywhere. You can also set it up with Google Authenticator, which I highly suggest.

      Best part is it is free, or $12 a month for premium which includes the ios app.

      • $12 a year!

        USB web browser? Wow that sure sounds interesting. I’ll have to try to find some info on that. Thanks for the reply!

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Just an FYI but LastPass was affected by the Heartbleed bug whereas 1Password was not…

      • Was it? Hope it was fixed. I just started using it. I don’t have a Mac so No 1Password for me. 1Password looks good though.

      • Yeah it affected part of it, however, since LastPass utilizes multi-level security, there’s no need to change your PWord…

      • Thanks…I just started using it the day this post was made on IDB. So far, I really like the service. I like having very long and complicated passwords on each site. 8 character passwords with brute force attack can be figured out in just 2 hours. 10 characters takes a few months. 12 takes 100 years. My passwords are much longer than even that. Why not, I don’t have to memorize it 🙂

      • “initial set up and changing all your passwords is terrible”

        Mind elaborating on that? I use lastpass and changing my password is as simple as changing it on the corresponding website…could it get better than that?

      • C Mac

        just the task of changing all your passwords is terrible not matter what. Just a time consuming process. I am not saying that the process in LastPass is bad.

    • disqusted

      I’ve used and enjoyed LP on my main machine for many years but it seems the interface is getting more and more cumbersome to use as it goes on. It does not use the standard API’s for its display elements (it draws its own menus etc and they’re fkn ugly and awkward and now buried like 2 levels deep to select the password you need it’s just ridiculous. The mobile app is trash and is only available if you pay— which is not a bit deal. Provided said app actually worked. Look at the reviews for the LastPass mobile app. You’ll see what people think of it. Useless. I’ve stayed loyal to LP for so long through good and bad, it’s a great system from a backend perspective, but their UI and implementation IMO has always sucked. Had a conversation with a friend tonight and I’m really taking a look into alternatives tomorrow since I’m gonna be redoing my passwords anyways. Might as well transition while I’m already having to do PITA work. Gonna look into KeePass and if I used Mac I would definitely look into this. But I think the mobile only is quite useless prob without the companion desktop app. And they are so damn expensive. I agree with a previous comment; if this were the price all the time much many more people would consider it, I feel. Full price is just a little too steep to me when there are other free or much less expensive alternatives that do the same thing. If they had a monopoly on the market then gouge away but they don’t. But either way I think this is a good promo. They win by riding on the coat tails of a major security breach and also the consumer wins by getting it half price. Both parties will benefit. They will make up the discount by a spike in sales. You either sell at full price and sell 100 units a month or discount half off and sell 250 units in a week. Sometimes lowering price can result in making more money. Economics!

      • Thanks for sharing! I’ll take a look at Keepass. LastPass seems to be a good solution for me. It is ugly though! If I was on OSX I’d go for 1Password. I’m surprised they charge 50 bucks. I can’t believe people pay that when there are other programs out there for free.

  • Litchy

    Waited for another discount like this one. Finally bought 1Password for Mac and iOS 🙂

    • At

      I will be getting it for windows, already have it on Mac/iPad/iPhone (with the last sale).

      • disqusted

        There’s a win ver? Wtf

      • rattyuk

        And Android, which is why knee-jerk posts from the first poster are very short sighted.

  • 5ingularity

    Ewww, bought their app(previous version of 1password) before, they pulled it, and put out the exact same one just for the changes in the dropbox api. never buying from them again.

    • disqusted

      And your license didn’t work after the update? How long did it work for? I’ve gotta look into that. Is it a contract license (time based), version license, and does the old version/license continue to work indefinitely even after they upgrade the software? All questions I’ll have to read and find out. But all that complicates things. Is it really *that* much better than say LP or KP?

  • disqusted

    My only concern on this is 1- the mobile app hasn’t been updated in over 6 months, and the website hints at a new version on the way. Anyone know if you have to re pay for each major version on iOS? They say “just pay once for the app” but doesn’t specify if the upgrade path will stop at the next major version and you’ll have to pay again. In other words, it says “pay once” but does not mention if that’s per major version or forever.

    2- Also, the Windows version their site already shows version 4 very far into development. It’s in beta now. I’d hate to buy v3 and then v4 come out in like 2 weeks. Also the win version has no sync to iCloud support like Mac and iOS versions. If iOS one truly is 1 time pay then I might get that then wait for the a Windows version and see where it goes. Is the iOS version pretty useless without the desktop companion?

  • Brian

    If you order from 1Password website instead of the Mac Store that version is more current and updates come out faster, plus you can get an additional 20% off with the Coupon Code: MacPowerUsers . I got it for $19.99. Just sayin.

  • mark

    This looks flawless, smooth and easy to use on all Apple products, but Windows man it needs some serious facelift, font/typography, buttons, animations, windows etc. the whole interface looks tedious to be honest.