evasi0n7 1-0-8

At some point during the past week or so, the evad3rs released an update for evasi0n7, bringing the jailbreak tool to version 1.0.8. According to the change log, the software now supports build 11A466 of iOS 7.

Apparently 11A466 is a factory build—not available for download—of the iOS 7 firmware that shipped on some of iPhone 5s and 5c units. And up until now, folks with these devices were having issues jailbreaking

Here’s an applicable post from JailbreakQA:

“I got my jailbroken iPhone 5s exchanged due to water damage and when I got my new iPhone 5s it came with the IOS 7.0 build (11A66) so I tried to jailbreak it and Evasion “this ios version is not supported” I tried with with vers 1.0.7 and 1.0.0. Whats going on? Was that build never supported? I can’t update because of the new IOS 7.1.”

It looks like some folks were having success jailbreaking via a workaround that involved hex-editing evasi0n7’s executable file, but obviously this update removes the need for all that work. Now you can just click a button.

So if you happen to come across an iPhone with iOS 7.0 11A466 on it, make sure to use evasi0n7 1.0.8 to jailbreak it. As always, you can find it on our Downloads Page, and of course we have tutorials for those needing help.

As for iOS 7.1, there is no public jailbreak available, and there’s no word on when/if that will happen.

  • Kris Elers

    So no 7.1 support yet?

    • Jeremy

      Obviously not. Read the whole thing.

      • Antzboogie

        Agreed but no need to be a jerk.

    • Damian

      Probably never or after the ios 8

    • illK†Δ

      Probably not for months…maybe never. iOS 8 is supposed to come out in only 6 months maybe. There’s no need to waste an exploit on 7.1 anyways. Just don’t update your phone

    • Alan

      I start to get cautious about any tweak I install now, can’t lose this :/

      • Shingo

        what is your zeppelin theme name? cute…….

      • Alan

        You’ve never listened to Kanye? It’s his bear, it’s called Kanye west for zeppelin

      • omrishtam

        17,125 mails

      • wonderboydave

        as long as u can power on your device and it’s able to boot properly, iLex Rat is supported for iOS7.

      • Bill Do

        That looks horrible IMO…

      • andy

        Nice winterboard theme and nice layout 🙂

      • you could do a semi restore

      • Mark

        Start up by reading your email one at a time. LOL 😀

  • Research Rants

    I ran into this! Replaced my 12-year-old’s hand-me-down 4 with a new 5C because Verizon is giving them away, and then couldn’t jailbreak it. We were both pretty WTF about it. Found the hexedit trick on Reddit, but this obviously is easier.

    • Mut

      You should have spent the C-note on getting the 5s instead

  • Anas Hasan

    Just used it to JB my ipad mini retina and got it into a boot loop
    Pretty pissed right now cuz i lost it to 7.1 now.

    • Antzboogie

      You couldve still used ssh to semi restore or boot it in safe mode and used iLexrat.

  • Alan

    My 5S shipped with 7.0 , I found it weird because no site has this ipsw

  • Gekaa

    When evasion for ios 7.1 will be release?
    Anybody know? Why my iphone 4s status bar when i open the camera app the status bar is still visible, with the black color, i compare with the non jailbreak iphone 4s there is no status bar when i open the camera app in non jailbreak device. It supposed to invisible, rite?

    • Naman Jain

      Add (repo).pnre.co.vu as a new source in Cydia
      Search for StatusBarFix2 and install it

  • andy

    I really want to downgrade back to ios 6 : i used to jailbreak but now i quit jailbreaking.

    • David Gitman

      Is your phone iPhone 4? If so check my channel iDoctorApple
      Showing how to downgrade

      • andy

        Nah i have an ipod touch 5 : but thanks man 🙂 appreciate your help

      • David Gitman

        bummer man ,what ios are you ? there is simple tweaks to make 100% ios 6 in the ipod

      • andy

        Im on ios 7.1 apple forced me to update but i don’t mind anyways but yeah i know right its a bummer haha :

      • andy

        and still ios 7.1 isn’t that fast on my ipod, i just notice around 65% speed enhancement, a few glitches and bugs, crashes are perfect havent had at least one so far haha and still a bit of lags.

      • andy

        Also tried restoring a few times didn’t solve the problem so i dont know whats next that i can do and also battery is hungry as!!!! haha

      • David Gitman

        yeah, disable background app refresh and push notifactions it will reduce battery usage..

      • andy

        Is background app refresh useful?
        like i most often use facebook and youtube but i dont see how it refreshes my content, instead it screws up and i have to quit the app and re load it arg haha
        which push notifications? the ones i dont rarely need to be pushed to get notified ?

      • David Gitman

        its only useful for weather app XD
        oh and make mail notifaction to fetch and not push

      • Guest

        my none jailbroken ios 7.1 iphone 5s

      • Guest

        My none jailbroken iphone 5s 7.1

      • Marcus Gomita

        I saw your video, thanks

      • David Gitman

        I am glad it helped you man!

  • Girish

    when i saw new version of evasi0n,,i thought 7.1 jb is out 🙁

    • Rowan09

      Me too.

    • Aleksandar Kojić

      me too

  • Templar

    7.1 is never going to happen whoever updated just give up till ios 8

  • firerock

    Jailbreaker like us will miss ios in the car for upcoming 6 months. *sigh

  • iltas

    i need 7.1 on my ip5 jeff

  • denor

    Jailbreak iphone 5s

  • LEX

    I’m running 7.0.4 but I’m thinking to restore it, can i back to 7.0.4 or 7.0.6?