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If it is Sunday, then it is time for Wallpapers of the Week. Last week’s post of still life photographs garnered quite a bit of conversation in the comments section. We appreciate the input, advice, and images shared in the post bottom. Conversations like that are what keeps the iDB community engaged with other readers and the editors.

This week, in a turn from photography, I stumbled across a set of abstract wallpapers. The images, which are an eclectic range from stary night skies to geometric colored shapes, make for some excellent wallpapers…


I stumbled across the images while surfing through my Twitter timeline, which, not surprisingly, has several digital artists. The images are hosted on Apple|Ozix, a French blog dedicated to Apple news, pop culture information, and assorted hardware. To keep up with the blog, follow them on Twitter @AppleOzix.

Ozix abstract geometry preview

Download: iPhone 5/s/c

Ozix black gray tiles preview

Download: iPhone 5/s/c

Ozix blue radial fade preview

Download: iPhone 5/s/c

Ozix blur rainbow preview

Download: iPhone 5/s/c

Ozix clouded stars preview

Download: iPhone 5/s/c

Ozix red stars preview

Download: iPhone 5/s/c

Ozix shine preview

Download: iPhone 5/s/c


To download each image, simply click the link below. Once the full resolution wallpaper is loaded, tap hold and save to the Camera Roll. To set as a wallpaper, navigate to the or and set the image. From a desktop, right click and save the image to the iTunes sync folder.


Of course, the wallpaper section is also populated with images submitted by readers. The best way to make sure your images are considered is to catch up with me @jim_gresham or via email The influx of wallpapers ebbs and flows, but make sure to send them over if you hope to get featured on the section.

  • Christian Mejía

    The two in the preview are the best.

  • Jeffrey

    ooh i love the space ones

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    I like em all

  • David Gitman

    All of them are amazing

  • Rot Kelfer

    Samsung much?

    • They’re only awesome when they have no reference to Samsung…

  • Straw hat

    Some other nice walls ive found

  • The Deep

    • Jean Victor


      • Brian Brown

        nice man

  • Alan

    All by the one and only ar7

  • jack

    No iPadMini2 love?

  • Here’s what I use on my lockscreen

    • Jonathan

      Go to bed. 😛

    • Brian Brown

      awesome photo

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    “The images are hosted on Apple|Ozix, a French blog dedicated to Apple news, pop culture information, and assorted hardware”

    The last three wallpapers are from AR7, you guys could at least mention him

  • Muhammad Kanj

    I like the fifth and the last one

  • Tyler Cooper

    Help me! I must be doing something wrong when I am trying to save these. I click on the picture to get it full screen, but when I click on the picture (for any amount of time) I only get the magnifying glass, and no option to save it.

    • Tap the share button and then tap the option Open on Safari and try to save again.

      • Tyler Cooper

        Thanks for the help! That worked

  • AppleOzix

    Oh ! Thank !!!

  • Zeus

    All of these (excluding the rainbow s5 one) were originally made by another guy and can be found on his app AR7. This guy deserves no credit, he did not create any of these.

  • Sam Khan

    They are all very nice, but anyone know any tweak that would allow wallpapers to change automatically after certain time?

  • Matt

    Isn’t the first one a Galaxy s5 wallpaper?

  • onebyone_


  • Shingo

    i would love the ipad version

  • Brian Brown

    a couple of them are from the fusion theme in cydia

    • Brian Brown

      which they go great with 😉

  • Who still uses the water droplets wallpaper?

  • Mark@Disqus

    Those are great, thanks!

  • Jaco

    Great i like the samsung one.
    But what happend to my flashlight ?^^

    • Guest

      The Picture:^^

  • Jaco

    This one i´ve shot and edit on my iPhone 5. it´s my favorite wallpaper

  • Marcus Gomita

    Thay are all great.

  • Luuc

    Here’s some wallpapers that you may like…

  • fredmurdoc

    thanks for this collection really love them!