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A new report was released yesterday by brand consulting agency Brand Finance, naming the top “billion dollar brands” in the United States. The list was compiled estimating the royalty rate that would be charged to use a company’s brand and combing that with expected future revenue.

Unsurprisingly, Apple was ranked number one by a long shot, with a value of $104.7 billion. The iPad-maker is the most valuable company in the world in terms of market cap, and has taken the top spot several times in other brand value lists. Google came in second place at $68.6 billion…

Here’s the breakdown of the top 10 most valuable companies via Brand Finance:


Behind Google is Microsoft in third place, Verizon in second and General Electric in third, valued at $62.8 billion, $53.5 billion and $52.5 billion respectively. Interestingly enough, tech companies accounted for 5 of the top 10 spots and the heavyweight Coca-Cola brand came in 10th place.

I didn’t think there were many surprises in the top 10, but I was taken aback by the placement of some other companies in Brand Finance’s full top 500 list (you can view the full list here). For example, Dell and Yahoo! didn’t make it into the top 50, and Facebook barely made the cut.

Obviously you can’t put too much stock in a single report like this, but the fact that Apple has also been named #1 in other reports must mean it’s doing something right.

What do you think, is Apple the most valuable brand in the US right now?

  • Pato_

    Samsung is worth more than apple!!!!


      not really, apple is still the first which made the new way of touchscreen and so on, then few companies follow. yea ikr samsung isn’t limited for phones but apple has a some sort of magic? idk lol but you can’t compare samsung to a great company like apple by somehow (i meant by ‘great’ not WOW AMAZING)

      Thanks to Steve Jobs ofc

      • “apple is still the first which made the new way of touchscreen and so on, then few companies follow”

        If they were the actual inventors of multi-touch (which they aren’t, they just absorbed the inventors, Fingerworks), so what? That’s 1 of many other factors that make a SmartPhone. They didn’t invent the cellular antenna, WiFi antenna, rectangular phone with rectangular icons, etc, they followed other tech giants for those parts…

        “but you can’t compare samsung to a great company like apple”

        Why’s that? ‘Cause one is a fruit?

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Fanboy much? Sorry to be blunt but your post is incredibly stupid, lacking any sort of real support from factual evidence.

        Great job making yourself look like a fool.


        hmm not an idiot or fanboy, honestly i own both iphone and note 10.1 2014 edition the both are awesome but we can’t ignore the fact apple made a real revolution from touchscreen and macintosh, which encourage the others to mimic it or develop their own technology. guys.. read history, i didn’t hate samsung and by ‘great’ i mean apple’s story is kinda epic and such but that didn’t mean samsung is bit*h. peace folks lol

  • Omar Hameed

    Whats is the point ha ?? They should release larger models and better things insted of the iphone 5s …. Too much money and very slow deplovement.. Iam an iphone 5 user and i waited the iphone 5s to become something new but insted they release the same thing . Look at what Htc for example doing .. Stereo duel speakers in the front and 1080 display .. While the iphone 5s still has mono sound recording …. Apple should do somthing with thier next iphone ..

    • eXoguti093

      They will, though you seem like the kind of person who won’t ever be satisfied by apple, just go get your spoiled over-speced android phones, I mean I know more is better, but for that more isn’t necessarily needed.

      • Omar Hameed

        Iam satisfied by Apple . But we have to admit that they need to go ahead ..

      • eXoguti093

        On some things they do, but on others they already are, thinking ahead doesn’t mean throwing the biggest number of pixels and cpu cores, it’s how it’ll work and how well it’ll work, sure people like having the more and latest and that’s why they don’t see that sometimes a smaller number of something is just as good or even better, for example if they go ahead with a 1600×900 display for the next iPhone, thats at 390ppi, to be honest unless you’re looking closely at your phone actually trying to look for pixels, you won’t see them and it’ll look almost if not just as clear, and it benefits in power and battery efficiency… And it’s apple, they’ve have many cool patents lately, even if they might not integrate them in devices at the moment, it means they’re thinking ahead and planning other nice stuff for sometime in the future, making new discoveries and seeing how they can be applied to devices, I don’t think that’d be considered falling behind

    • Rowan09

      Almost everyone else is still using mono speakers because people usually use a headset when listening to music or watching videos. It would be nice to see if Apple adds another speaker, but the best solution would be the HTC One model. HTC released the One, One X and others that looks almost the same. It’s hard for any company to do a total redesign and Samsung is finding out this issue as well.

      • Omar Hameed

        But HTC did great improvment one both the design and the Features …from one x to HTC one they did great job on speakers and bulid quality .. even battery life is great …. camera was great on low light too

      • Rowan09

        Features meaning software? The 5s is a great improvement over the 5 as well with camera quality, especially in low light conditions. You’re just more critical of Apple because they are advancing like everyone else. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the 6 though.

      • iphone 5 wasn’t but iphone 5s was a nice upgrade, hopefully iphone 6 will be too.

    • felixtaf

      The irony, android smartphones with 1080p display with less optimized apps and Apple with less than HD display with better support and optimization from devs. Apple should take advantage of the devs.
      Apple’s FHD phones will be supported quicker by devs (jus like ipad 3 support). They should release another model with big screen and better display.
      Stereo recording would be nice too and stereo speakers (iPad has it, y not in iPhone).

      • Next iPad should do as the old Galaxy tab and have the stereo speakers on the front of the device. That would be a welcome change. If and when Apple makes a larger iPhone, I agree, devs will support the larger size very quickly. I wonder what will happen to all the apps not being updated anymore. I guess black bars at top and bottom and maybe sides?

      • Jordi Miró Miró

        I don’t think they’re gonna do that. Haven’t you seen all of the iPads’/iPhones’ front displays? They’re all super minimalist or super “clear” I REALLY doubt they’ll get two speakers on the front display.

      • I know they won’t. But it’s something I want and believe they should as front facing speakers are so much superior sounding.

  • duck hairs

    Are they implying there and are trillion dollar brands that are bigger?

  • cybersat

    thanks for your contribution to make it happened.

  • Abdl

    I can see illuminati sign! So Apple is a member huhn?!

  • Ketan

    Apple is the creator where rest are copycats.