Springtomize 3

Filippo Bigarella has pushed the latest update for Springtomize 3 to Cydia, and it’s a doozy. The update brings loads of bug fixes, but it also adds new features like lock animations, new app switcher features to handle the look of inactive apps, new Barrel-like scroll animations, and more.

Springtomize 3 is one of the best tweaks for iOS 7, and with this latest 1.1 update, it only gets better. Have a look at our new video, which showcases some of Springtomize 3’s new features—including all two-dozen plus scroll animations—after the jump.

You can access the new scroll animations and lock animations from the Animations section in the Springtomize 3 preferences.

Animations Springtomize 3

New scroll and lock animation preferences

The biggest feature to be included with this latest version of Springtomize 3 are the scroll animations. These Barrel-inspired scroll animations are top-notch, and there’s a ton of them included right from the jump. Some of the animations include:

  • Rotate
  • Stairway
  • Light Fade
  • Fade In Place
  • Time Machine
  • Long Leap
  • Stretch
  • Compress
  • Shrink
  • Vertical Scroll
  • Roll Page
  • Clash
  • Spread
  • Cube
  • Bubble
  • Alternate Roll
  • Interlace
  • Tear Apart
  • Shuffle
  • Come In and Go Up/Down

In total, there are over two-dozen scroll animations for your application icons, and four different lock animations. The lock animations include Blur, Old TV, Zoom Out, and Slide Away. I demonstrate how all of the lock animations look in our video walkthrough above.

Here is the full change log for Springtomize 3 1.1:

Fixes and improvements

  • Badges appearing all with the same number if a custom text color was applied.
  • Custom badge colors not being saved correctly.
  • Hide page dots and disable spotlight not displayed correctly in settings.
  • Hiding AirDrop section in Control Center not hiding the AirDrop button.
  • Fixed folder animation lagging if icons were resized.
  • Springtomize icon showing multiple times in hidden icons section.

New stuff

  • Lock Animations: choose between different animations to lock your device (Old TV included!) (iPhone Only)
  • Inactive Apps handling in the App Switcher: choose whether to blur, darken or completely hide inactive apps from the multitasking switcher.
  • Scroll Animations: animate your icons while scrolling between pages (more than 20 effects!).
  • Icon Labels Customization: Change the font or the size of icon labels!

Be sure to check out or full review and video walkthrough of Springtomize 3’s initial release, which goes in-depth on the mechanics of the app. Let me know what you think about this latest Springtimize 3 update down below in the comments section.

  • Shane Cook

    Is there a tweak that disables inactive apps from being closed?
    (Specifically, the pebble app and the cydia pebble app)

    • mobilemann

      never heard of one, but it’s a fsck’ing great idea man.

  • Jonathan

    Can someone help me? I bought Springtomize 3 the day it came out, and have been using it ever since. But… my iPod ran into issues that even a restore wouldn’t fix. So I set my iPod up as new. I manually put everything back on and rejailbroke. I installed all my tweaks and everything was great. I went to go install Springtomize 3 and I assumed it would say install because I already bought it. It did, but it didn’t say “package officially purchased”. I went to tap install, but then an error popped up saying this package is either a paid package…. It was long.

    I emailed the dev asking what to do a week ago, and no response. I have the pirated version installed because I bought it, so I feel it’s okay. What can I do though to install the actual one?

    • Shane Cook

      Which iPod and what firmware?

      Also, checked to see if you’re signed into your account in Cydia.
      Manage Account (on homepage of cydia), then sign in if you’re not.

      • Jonathan

        I got it, thank you though =)

    • Ansar Arif

      Did you log in on Cydia?

      • Jonathan

        Thank you!! That was it! 😀

  • Chris Tangler

    i really wish Springtomize3 didnt hog my battery life!! I love the tweak though.

    • Jonathan

      I don’t notice any interest in battery life.

    • Tony

      Exactly! I uninstalled it the other day and the memory bug isn’t fixed. It’s clearly in there because I can install it and get awful battery life or use similar stuff without this one and have good battery life.

    • Noaaahh

      Must be something you have applied in Springtomize 3! I’ve seen people complain about battery life due to Springtomize, but I think that it’s something else…

      A real good way to test your battery life is to uninstall every tweak you have, besides Springtomize 3, and see if your battery life is any different.

  • leart

    Kinda boring, nothing really new and attractive

  • Justice and Malice

    After the update, tue circular battery tweak stopped working (won’t show anymore) in alkaline and the time and date are hidden from my lock screen no matter what settings I change them to in springtomize. Anyone else see issues like that?

    • Mike Dukarm

      Yep I have the same issue also no time and date on locksxreen annoying !!!

  • I’m loving the mix with barrel and the new springtomize animations

  • Damn you Fillipo I bought shrink because of the icon resizing bug …still must say its one of the best JB tweaks out there

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Is the lock animation supposed to replace the UnlockFX tweak or will Fillipobiga be updating it?

  • Mario Magdy

    Best one is Interlace, Try it

  • David S.

    the animations arent working correctly. i have the official springtomize 3 with the update, and my rotate animation rotates the entire screen not the individual apps. many others arent working either…

  • Shingo

    this and cylinder which one better?

    • Kevin Meijers

      Imo (compared to the current state of Cylinder) Springtomize is smoother. But Cylinder is still in beta though.

      • Shingo

        for the cube outside which one better? in cylinder we have something like a bit zoom out when do the cube outside….

      • Kevin Meijers

        Can’t compare. I’ve uninstalled Cylinder.

      • Shingo

        just did comparison cylinder one still looks cooler, i will request to springz develp to do same thing for the cube

    • quiotgrrl

      I like Cylinder because I selected all the effects and turned on “Randomize,” whereas in Springtomize you have to pick just one. I wish Springtomize would add that.

      • Shingo

        do a request, might be in the next update will be …

  • dan

    i’m facing a prob when I set an animation for the lock it stays black or blur if I set it as blur and it stucks there I can unlock the phone but still blur or black cant see shit ! wut the heck ?

  • Steve Jobs

    bye bye barrel and cylinder!

  • Dan

    disapointed that lock animation is not included for iPad

  • slatts

    Anyone know of a tweak that will completely disable notification center? Springtomize on ios 6 did this but the current version does not.

  • brozdo

    They should add “kill all apps” using it like respring thing in application switcher

  • Rot Kelfer

    the Barrel effect is nice, too bad all of my icons are on the first and one page

  • fattyz

    lock animation cant change color icon font cant change color. only 2 of my favorite features