GridSwitcher Featured

GridSwitcher is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that allows you to display the iOS 7 app switcher in a grid-based view. Most notably, you still retain the same app switcher functionality of the standard app switcher while in grid view.

At this point in the tweak’s life, there are no options to configure how it works, just install it and start using it. Have a look at our video walkthrough of the tweak after the break.

GridSwitcher allows you to use the same swipe-up gesture to dismiss apps in grid view. You can even dismiss multiple apps using multiple fingers—in this case up to four apps at once.

On the iPad version of GridSwitcher, users are presented with a 3×3 grid to take advantage of the iPad’s extra screen real-estate. On the iPhone version, the grid is set at a 2×2 view.

GridSwitcher Cydia

I anticipate that there will be many options added to GridSwitcher as the tweak matures, but as stated, the initial version will be devoid of any options at launch. You can expect GridSwitcher to touch down on Cydia’s BigBoss repo any day now for $1.50. Be sure to share your thoughts about the tweak down below.

  • David Gitman

    meh I prefer the current switcher:D

    • Diego Milano

      Me too. Besides, when you launch the switcher, you have the last used app showing up right there; with this tweak that doesn’t seem to be the case which makes it a bit impractical.

  • Jamessmooth

    I really, really like this. Still waiting for RocketLauncher!

    • Arya Kalashi

      Well, it’s out(?)

      • Mario Magdy

        Not yet

  • Linton Findlay

    Is it compatible with slide2kill or does it have a built in way to kill all apps at once?

    • Mut

      I would like to know if it plays well with Switch Spring myself. I use it to kill all apps and need that functionality

  • Jassågitt

    really like it! Will it work with Slide2Kill?

  • locomambo

    wow lately we are getting some good tweaks..keep it up guys

  • Steve

    HTC One

  • Justin Mahone

    So, can we not download a Beta of this or something like that?

    • You’ll have to wait. Should be out very soon.

      • Justin Mahone

        No Problem

  • RarestName

    Holy cow, does it every page “snap” into place? I really hate the slippery feel of the current switcher!

  • D4x3n0

    So what’s happening with AUXO for iOS 7?

    • Diego Milano

      Months away. Forget about it. Move on.

  • Russhia Mafia

    Can anybody write me a repo? I’m can’t find

  • Russhia Mafia

    Can somebody write me a repo? Pls

  • Russhia Mafia

    can’t find

  • Alberto Espinal

    At last, i made a comment about this in an older post and there we have it, should be nice if there was more cards to be displayed!

  • Yes yes and yes

  • momerathe

    sweet – just like the old cardswitcher tweak. I always liked that one.

  • Fettabob

    Hi, can someone tell me why do i have the embedded idownload youtube videos like this “doubled”?

  • Rot Kelfer

    why are all the new tweaks, even the simplest ones, cost so much? I mean come on, this is a simple view change, it should be free.

  • I find myself refreshing cydia several dozen times a day hoping to see this one

  • Andrew McOlash

    Well it’s out and I love being able to see more. Plus it actually snaps pages so it feels much better swiping through!

  • Edgar

    Is it compatible with multitasking gestures?

  • McBobson

    I’m getting this right now.