Resized ColorBadges

ColorBadges is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that was recently submitted to Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It allows users to colorize app badges based on the color of the app icon. For example, if you have a badge on the Cydia app, the color of the badge will be brown, which corresponds to the color of the Cydia app.

Along with the addition of app matching color to the badges, ColorBadges adds an outline to the outside of the badge to make the color stand out even more. ColorBadges is a great looking jailbreak tweak, and I think that it significantly improves the look of app badges. It makes it so that you don’t mind having tons of app badges proliferating your Home screen, and that’s saying a lot.

Take a look at our full video walkthrough of ColorBadges after the break…

Once you install ColorBadges it should immediately start working. There are no options or settings to configure for the tweak, just install it and go.

Resized ColorBadges faceTime

The only downside I was able to find for ColorBadges, is that the badges that are placed on folders aren’t changed at all. ColorBadges’ developer, David Goldman, noted to me that this was the case, and recommended that users who wanted to change the look of folder badges check out another tweak called BadgeCustomizer. Here’s hoping that David will build-in a way to customize the default look of app badges in a future update.

Resized ColorBadges Outside folders

Unfortunately, folder badges aren’t influenced by ColorBadges’ presence

Despite the lack of badge theming on folder badges, ColorBadges is a tweak that I can wholeheartedly recommend. It makes app badges look really good, and there’s not a lot of cumbersome setup to wade through.

Resized ColorBadges in folders

ColorBadges, once it officially drops on Cydia, will be available to purchase for $0.99. I think that’s a fair asking price for something that easily improves the look of the iOS Home screen. What do you think?

  • Justin Mahone

    Another good one

  • XRes

    Off topic but did you guys know Cydia can be themed? I’m on iOS 6 but this only happened a few days ago when I updated Winterboard. iFile was also themed to match?

    • Jonathan

      What theme did you install when you noticed this happen? But yes, any app can be changed.

      • XRes

        I didn’t install any theme. The theme you see is the theme I was using but normally Cydia and iFile (apps with root access) never themed ever (for me anyway i figure this was the same for everyone?) but I then updated Winterboard after ignoring the update for some weeks and then I see that Cydia and iFile now matched the theme I was already using.

      • Jonathan

        Hmmm… Weird. :/

    • leart

      Those new icons are interactive, when you updated something they are updated to, no way to bring them back…. Now my both devices on ios 6 are in this way, even if you fresh jailbreak now in ios6 you will get from evasi0n cydia 1.8 but those icon wil change in the first moment you install anything .
      It’s not a theme …

      • Peter

        His one is themed. Can’t you see how the bars at the top and bottom are different? And look at the badge icon. That’s nothing like yours which is the way Cydia usually looks.

        Edit: Also look at his status bar.

      • leart

        Since you enjoyed the conversation and you look smart, I can show you the point of the discussion with a image before and after without any theme or even winterboard

      • Kevin Osborne

        I think they’re talking about the “About – Home – Reload” section…

  • It`s compatible with cydia themes? Or it just puts the default icon color?

  • “NOT” Steve Jobs

    nice 1

  • FrankensteinBlack

    Since we’re off topic’ing, where is intelliscreen7 already?

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Devs wont be making an iOS7 compatible version bro.. 🙁
      Missing that tweak!!

      • Marcus

        Where did you read that? They’ve mentioned numerous times that they are updating IntelliScreenX and it will be available soon hopefully. So like I said where did you get that info?

      • Anmol Malhotra

        I read it somewhere on iDownloadblog.. Someone mentioned that we won’t be seeing an update for IntelliScreenX.. Don’t know if I’m right or not.. If the update is in the works then praise the almighty lord for this best tweak 😛
        Hahahaha 😀

      • FrankensteinBlack

        Never mind. found the answer! Mario and David are busy.

      • Yeah but they haven’t responded to anyone and haven’t tweeted anything in weeks. I’m personally starting this lose hope in ISX7 ever being released. I so hope I’m dead wrong about this btw.

      • Been a month of complete silence. Not a good sign to me..

      • suttonmontreal

        i haven’t see much tweaks to modify NC on iOS 7 even Springtomize 3 didn’t have nothing on NC

      • Marcus

        Lol I don’t know who said that but it isn’t true… ISX 7 is coming soon!!! 😀

    • suttonmontreal

      i think @intelliborn are waiting for IOS 8 #latetweak

  • Framboogle

    Theming the name of the apps text would be cool too.

  • Marcus

    The badges look to cartoonish on iOS 7, it would be cool if you could select a different theme instead of using the one in the video.

    • :/

      iOS 7 is a cartoonish theme so it matches perfectly. What’s your point?

  • Maxim∑

    Idb new mobile theme 🙂 looks great

  • Mohamed Hassabo

    Offtopic but loving the new iDB homescreen look 😀

  • Omar Wright

    i just want black notification bages. I miss those from iOS 6

    • suttonmontreal

      you can get them with Springtomize 3

  • Or just go get Boover that is way better and much more advanced. Developer (can’t remember his name) has a bunch of cool tweaks on his beta repo that are great.

  • Ace Vin

    I really can’t find this on cydia

    • Jonathan Liu

      Its coming soon. Read the last sentence…
      Edit: I mean paragraph not sentence