From the outside, Apple seems like the perfect place to work. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a part of one of the most renown companies in the world, transforming industries and creating revolutionary products? Sounds like the perfect job, right? Not according to Jordan Price.

Price, a former mobile designer at Apple, has caused quite the commotion these last few days with a blog post entitled “I wanted to work at Apple really bad, and now not so much.” And in it, he describes how his dream job in Cupertino became so unbearable he felt he had to quit…

The whole post is worth reading, just so you get the complete context, but we’ve highlighted a few notable excerpts below:

Then I started. I immediately was uneasy about the rigid hours and long commute, but at least I could be one of those notorious tech people whizzing to and from San Francisco on a private bus with wifi (I’m especially intrigued by the bus thing because I grew up in San Francisco and have seen the cultural and economic shift that’s resulted from this tech boom and the last. Now ironically I was one of the techies who some people think is ruining the city.) I hardly (hardly meaning never) saw my daughter during the week because the hours were so inflexible. I had also taken a substantial pay cut, but I figured I was making a long-term career investment by working for such a prestigious company.

On boarding was super bumpy, and they had so many passwords, accounts, and logins that it took nearly a month just for me to get on the server. There were meetings all the time which were disruptive to everyone’s productivity, but they seemed to be a necessary evil in a company that’s so large with such high-quality products. It was all a bit bothersome, but nothing that would be a big problem in the long-term I thought.

Then my immediate boss (known at Apple as a producer), who had a habit of making personal insults shrouded as jokes to anyone below him, started making direct and indirect insults to me. He started reminding me that my contract wouldn’t be renewed if I did or didn’t do certain things. He would hover over my back (literally) like a boss out of Dilbert and press me to finish some mundane design task that he felt urgently needed to be examined. He was democratic about his patronizing and rude comments, but it didn’t make me feel any better when he directed them towards my team members. I felt more like I was a teenager working at a crappy retail job than a professional working at one of the greatest tech companies in the world.”

These issues that Price highlights are in no way specific to Apple—people quit their jobs every day due to long hours and overbearing bosses. But obviously his experience is noteworthy because it was at Apple, which has been publicly struggling in recent years to retain top talent.

Obviously Price went on to quit, hence the post, but he did say he enjoyed working with “world-class designers” on “world-class products,” and that his co-workers had better eyes for design than he had ever encountered. It just sounds like the above problems got to be too much.

It’s worth noting that popular career website Glassdoor still ranks Apple #35 in the top 50 places to work, so Price’s experience should be treated as the exception, not the norm. Also, a quick look at some of Apple’s recent hires shows it has no problem pulling in high-profile recruits.


  • romeodesigns

    Good for him. No one deserves to be micromanaged at work. If someone is doing a bad job, relinquish then of their job, but to be micromanaged and insulted and scrutinized is inconceivable. I would have quit as well. I thought apple set up such a high standard on the outside world; for us to see, and played by the same rules in the heart of its plant as well. Guess I was wrong.
    If there is truth behind this blog, my love and respect for apple has been tainted.

    • iBanks

      Who cares? There are jobs that are far worse. Ex. Military. These guys see their family after months or even years of deployment. They are micromanaged every day on things down to the creases in their pants. They are yelled at and challenged on a daily basis. Your love and respect is tainted over this? Come on man. It comes with the job. You want an high profile job, it comes with high profile standards and demands.

      • Alnando Espaillat

        Yea but that’s the military. Some people aren’t looking for military style jobs. They want a more relax environment to work for.

      • iBanks

        Then they shouldn’t accept the challenge of working for an company that’s seeking to be the best or maintain being the best. An relaxed environment doesn’t create greatness, an challenging and dominant environment does. If you’re not willing to sacrifice and be challenged in all aspects of your being, it’s not likely one will become successful.

      • Kash Gummaraju

        We all know that’s a lie. Google and many other tech companies have shown that a relaxed environment creates a more productive and innovative environment. People at Google get so many at work and at home benefits. If you’re telling everyone that stuff like calico, Internet balloons, self driving cars, glass, and the nexus program isn’t great and amazing. I don’t know what to say. Research has proven that a friendly and relaxed environment creates higher productivity. Maybe if Apple wants to be better, they should start with employing people based off of their achievements, not entirely their profiles.

      • iBanks

        Benefits and the products created does not prove the fact of an relaxed environment. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. I’m pretty sure that there are still sacrifices, verbal abuse, etc going on at Google as it is everywhere else. If an McDonald’s employee goes through the harshes of working, higher profile jobs are surely doing the same.

      • Kash Gummaraju

        Really? The strict and inflexible working hours are a fact at Apple. The environment is stressful there and the employees get no extra benefits other than a 15% discount on Apple products(no free device for Christmas). This is something that I have heard from 4 Apple employees personally. It’s only a great place, due to the prestige and the pay, not so much benefits. Humans are humans, but the way Apple works their employees is really bad for such a big company that has its top execs swimming in piles of cash almost everyday. Research has shown that more benefits and a more fun and relaxed environment creates productive workers.

      • Antzboogie

        Well said!

      • gittlopctbi

        I disagree with your business environment philosophy.

      • gittlopctbi

        I agree with @Alnado–that’s the military. Totally different and not applicable to this discussion. Those who go into the military do so with a knowledge of that regimen. And that regimen is NOT a business employer/employee, supervisor/employee regimen, nor should it be.

      • CantCatchGoonies

        Let’s not forget a good percentage of people come back from the military with ptsd or some other chronic pain that persists through their lifetime. I won’t even mention the suicides per day from veterans, I’ll let the curious google it.

      • Antzboogie

        The Military your signing up to become a killer. Your trained to kill and the government owns you, very bad comparison here. Comparing Apple to the Military wow Apple messed up on this one and I Love Apple but its true they are having problems retaining talent.

      • iBanks

        Then you obviously didn’t pay attention to my post. There was no comparison if what they do as their job, but an clear breakdown of how the military personnel has to do without their family, take verbal abuse, and work long hard hours day to day and this guy has quit because of such things. Read thoroughly before commenting.

      • Antzboogie

        Read the replies to your comments your clearly making no sense here. Lmao very bad comparison here dude its ok to be wrong seems like you would be the type of”Producer” to drive all the talent away.

      • iBanks

        The replies are irrelevant to my post and yours was the worst one. Trained killer and Govt owning you has what relation to what I’ve said? Lol. Exactly.

      • VisceralAmbiguity

        The flaw in your reasoning has already been pointed out…reasonable
        expectations. With a
        few exceptions, there is a pretty clear understanding of the work
        conditions and the micro management in the military…and you are right,
        it comes with the job…verbal abuse, expected, separation from family,
        again it is expected. However, the issue here is not just the harsh
        treatment or conditions of the work environment, but the hypocrisy of
        Apple being promoted by itself and others as having exactly the
        opposite. If I know that I am walking into a Lion’s den, I expect
        Lions…If I crawl into a rabbit den, there had better not be any lions.

    • bgibson72

      Really, ONE person’s wake up call is enough to sway your opinion of Apple? I’m guessing you’re going to sell all of your Apple products now and take your business elsewhere because, darn it, life isn’t fair! Kids these days…

      • gittlopctbi

        Nah, I don’t think that’s what he is saying.

      • Kurt

        “Kids these days”… Says the muppet

      • romeodesigns

        First off, I’m not a kid. Second, I said nothing about selling my items to please anyone. If you read my tidbit I said my respect has decreased, and nothing else.
        Keep in mind you’re the one with the profile picture of animal and jumping to conclusions.
        Enjoy your day.

      • bgibson72

        Oh burn! You guys are killing me!

      • Sgt. Faggot

        You try too hard.

      • jp2002

        Google, apple gestapo. He is not the only one. there are many others including comex, the jailbreak guru.

  • Luigi

    yes folks… This doesn’t surprise me at all… Everything thing is not as great and innocent and bla bla bla as they make it seem on the outside with keynotes and interviews… Even steve Jobs him self was known to be very hard to work with and relate… Im not saying he’s wasn’t talented, but being talented and good work ambient and good to work with are very different things!

  • Rowan09

    With all the pressure and doomsday headlines, I’m sure it’s not that easy working at Apple Corporate right now.

  • Jason Baroni

    Apple hires jerks too. Everybody does. I work for the same high profile company on its market and I gotta deal with people who make social profiles to poke other people with jokes like they are at High School. These kind of people, like Price’s ex boss are just around and their misery is always covered by the company’s name.
    But as a great professional Price is not fooling Apple. Although the pressure is tough, he is still spoting all his collegues in there and the company’s goodies. Noble from him.

  • Ariel

    Sometimes working for huge, known companies like apple isnt such a good thing. In a small company there is more room to be youtself, and have indipendece to actually affect the product majorly.

  • Sadguru Nivas

    Apple su*.S

    • iBanks

      Lol. I guess your job pays and performs better huh? You have no idea of the things, the challenges, the battle that goes on above you. It’s the same song at every job with someone.

    • bgibson72

      Says the guy with the “Keep Calm” avatar…

      • Sadguru Nivas

        never heard about freedom of speech?

  • Barry

    Must be awful to actually reach your what-you-thought-to-be ideal dreamjob and then realise you end up disliking it. Really shattering.

  • rikomenzies

    It’s really important to note that while this happened at Apple, bad eggs make it through the hiring process everywhere. You can wind up getting this same treatment at a rank-and-file part-time job. That’s why you can have two locations of a chain restaurant with such drastically different working environments.

    That’s not to defend Apple, but to balance this out. I can bet you some real wads work at Google, Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Asus, et cetera. I’m sure even picture-perfect Pixar has its share of rotten souls with power.

  • Jonathan

    Hmm… my dream job is to work at Apple.
    Does anyone work at an Apple Retail Store? What’s it like? I want to start working there after college, then try and find a more sustainable job, Apple or not.

  • iapplestuffs

    awww ! i was even planning to send an email to Apple for doing my intern with them. and my dream was to work with Apple :*
    now after reading this article, the last line is really making me feel like… to change my dream also !

    • bgibson72

      If someone on the internet told you to jump off a cliff–ah nevermind. Just realize that you’re going to deal with this at ANY company you work for. If not, more power to you!

    • gittlopctbi

      Why not just give it a try? You might have a different experience. I’m sure not all of Apple’s “producers” are like that. If it turns out to be like that, then move on. But you gotta try your dream or else you’ll regret it. You’ll always have a nagging question in the back of your mind saying, “What if?”

  • bgibson72

    So, this sounds like Any Job USA. I’m not sure why people think that going to work for a tech company (esp. one in California) means beach parties and 10a-2p shifts. I worked in funeral service for 10 years…give that a try if you think you’re being treated unfairly and the hours are bad. I know it must suck when you have a job worked up in your mind to be a “dream job” and then it turns out like any other, but that’s life. You do what you have to to survive and that’s all you can do. Now get back to work, your boss (and the NSA) is watching.

  • Drew Diver

    He’s obviously not read one book / article or watched any documentary about the tyranny of the work environment Jobs started…

  • Alberto Espinal

    Everywhere that you find a job there’s always a jerk, in my work my boss is te biggest jerk, for him nothing is good, if the ideas doesnt come from him then its not good, so its everywhere!! Some people can take it some can’t!!

  • Frank Lopez

    I applied to work @ apple. got the interview and got the contract terms. Did not like the terms. Refused and started my own apple consulting business. Apple is steve jobs dream not yours. A job at apple is simply IDEAL under the pretense of work glorification and sophistication but not necessarily YOUR dream! There isa huge difference between the 2.

  • Yujin

    Some people can thrive in such jobs and some will crumble. Sure the commute is a pain in the butt, but just for being an Apple employee he will get some free publicity and his 15 minutes.

    Next guy please.

  • momerathe

    Sounds to me that the contracting arrangements are at fault. You get asshole managers everywhere, but without recourse to HR (and contractors have practically no recourse to HR) you’re SOL.

    Better to cut your losses and move on.

  • Ethos Evoss

    It is bcos this most pathetic company somehow after 20 years become famous (it started in (2009-2010) people got more interested in products .. and so bosses and managers received confidence bcos tons of money and they ar not bothered they ar stucked up, their pride drives them to behave to employees like shit! Dickheads; they know if someone leave, another will come ..bcos 10.000 people are applying on same position and imagine those positions are dozens maybe 100 ? so times those 10.000 ..
    no wonder they treating with employees as they want ..
    I still see apple company as crappiest as was in early 80’s (windows (microsoft) is much much better) they been trying to beat microsoft but unsuccessfully
    I only wish this company being DOOMED with all those rude ,horrible , disgraceful bosses and managers they don’t know how to behave
    Damn You !!!!