A representative of the World Wrestling Entertainment has seemingly confirmed that the upcoming 24/7 WWE Network will be landing on the Apple TV on February 24. Responding to a question on Facebook, the rep said that once the network launches, subscribers will be able to access it directly from their second or third generation ATV…
The comment has since been deleted, but MacRumors managed to snag a screenshot:


This is interesting because when the WWE network was announced at CES earlier this year, there wasn’t any mention of the Apple TV during the list of compatible devices. Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer Michelle Wilson did hint at it though, saying that there was one connected device she wasn’t “allowed to mention” at the press conference.

Such a move wouldn’t be surprising. Apple has been very busy in the last several months, adding a number of content-streaming apps to the Apple TV’s main menu. There’s HBO Go and ESPN, Disney and Sky News, Vevo, and most recently the Red Bull TV sports channel. Rumor has it that Apple is working to add the Time Warner app as well.

If you’re interested, the WWE network launches at 9 AM Eastern Time on February 24, 2014 and will reportedly hit the Apple TV at the same time. The service will cost $9.99 per month, but a free 7-day trial will be available.

  • Andrew von Pikrt


    • SCordelf1927

      мʏ ƈօ-աօʀĸ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ’ѕ ѕιѕт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ-ιɴ-ʟαա мαĸ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕ $64/нօυʀ օɴ тн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ƈօмքυт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ. ѕн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­℮­­­­­­­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴ ғιʀ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɖ ғʀօм աօʀĸ ғօʀ ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ιɢнт мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ քαʏм­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴт աαѕ $20957 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тнɛ ƈօмքυт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. ʋιѕιт тнιѕ ѕιт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ʀιɢнт н­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ fox800&#46­com

  • Framboogle

    Apple really needs to clean up the Apple TV home layout. At least half the third party channels are junk

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      That’s because quality content costs money and Apple so far hasn’t been content with investing much resources on the Apple TV. Who knows though maybe in an upcoming Keynote this will all change…

    • Just hide them in settings.

  • OneOfDaKine

    Where’s Time Warner App?

  • blake7707

    Boring…….can we maybe get the tractor pull channel as well ???

  • Tyler

    LOL I’ll keep my $10

  • Was just gaining interest in an Apple TV until I read “The service will cost…”, thought channels on Apple TV were free. I’ll keep my $100 until a jailbreak is available.

  • bud11dy

    How do you add the new channels? I don’t have any of these channels on my atv. It is already updated to the newest firmware. My daughter & son would love the Disney tv, but I don’t see it in the menu.

    • Anthony Antunez

      They should pop up automatically as long as you are connected to the internet. If they are not showing up, maybe they are not available in your region.

  • felixtaf

    Am not sure 10$/month will include PPV’s… If PPV’s are included, its a good deal though…

    • Suraj Mahant

      PPV’s are included!

      • felixtaf

        If PPV’s are included then its a great deal. Coz, they charge 10$ for a single PPV online now.
        This stream service also includes archives of old videos too… Fun!

  • felixtaf

    Need a help.. Am planning to buy an Apple TV. What are the channels work outside USA/Canada? Thanks in advance…

    • siddique

      really don’t know..but when u get good info …forward to me too 😛