BioUnlock concept

We’ve seen our fair share of Touch ID-related tweaks since the release of the evasi0n7 jailbreak a few weeks ago, and we keep being amazed at some of the ideas developers come up with.

French developer Eric Castro came up with yet another brilliant idea to take advantage of Touch ID, but this time, the tweak is not used to directly interact with your iPhone, but rather with your Mac…

As demonstrated in this video, Castro has developed a tweak called BioUnlock that lets you unlock your Mac using Touch ID. Somewhat similar to the Knock app we mentioned a few months ago, BioUnlock seems to work slightly differently for the time being.

Of course, this is still work in progress, and much still needs to be done, according to the developer. Castro hopes to be able to create a simple pairing tool and UI for the Mac and for the tweak itself. He also notes in a Reddit post that the tool will be Mac only at first, and Windows support will come later.

The informal ETA for this tweak is the end of January. We’ll make sure to go hands on (or maybe I should say fingers on) with BioUnlock once it is available in Cydia.

In the meantime, please tell us what you think about BioUnlock. Is that something you’d use?

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Thanks Hugo for the tip!

  • Eddie Jhay

    Wow!!!! The best idea ever!!!!! Great work!!!

  • Ben

    Really cool tweak. I’m gonna show my friend, because he has a Mac and 5S. Good job, (the developer of the tweak).

  • Victor

    I feel like this tweak is going to drain a lot of battery

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      If it always runs in the background then probably. If it could be enabled using activator it would likely use less battery…

    • Eric Castro

      It doens’t.It only becomes active at the same time as the phone enables the fingerprint scanner to authenticate and unlock your phone. Only, that if you use the finger you previously configured for BioUnlock, you will unlock the Mac instead.

  • Framboogle

    I’m waiting for Apple to integrate touch ID directly into the Mac

  • 123bob


  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I can see this tweak coming in real handy

  • Brandon Miranda

    Anyone having problems with the latest update to Substrate Safe mode?

    • ChildishGambinoGotThatSwagger

      Some of the tweaks I downloaded don’t show up unless I reinstall it.

      • Brandon Miranda

        Some tweaks I uninstall remain in my packages section as installed. I also realized the problem and I have corrected it and I no longer have any issues with Substrate Safe Mode.

  • Mark

    Anyone getting sent to App Store “hay day” when in the modmyi tweaks?

    • Josh

      I’ve been randomly getting sent to Candy Crush from anywhere in Cydia, installing AdBlock seems to have stopped it

  • William Melendez

    This will come in handy ! I just this tweak is not a battery drainer.

    • Eric Castro

      It doesn’t drain your battery because the tweak only activates when you turn the phone screen on, or when both are in WiFi and Mac requests an unlock. Nothing is “constantly running” waiting for fingerprint scans

      • William Melendez

        Awesome man ! Keep up the great work . Looking foward for it = )

  • 123bob

    For a a few minutes I thought Sebastien Page was making the video! lol

  • im2slick4u

    This should be made compatible with a jailbroken iPad.

    • Guest

      if you know about someone witch TouchID on his iPad let us know……………

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        I think he means to add a secondary tweak to his iPad to unlock it using his iPhones touchID

      • Gregory Young

        Yes, that is what I mean.

  • @sexyhamthing

    umm… just no.

  • Carlos Gomes

    Awesome idea. Too bad that you’d still need to wake up your Mac – I think.

  • Steve Zou

    Smooth! Both the tweak and English.
    LOL, I never knew French people could speak English this good = =

    • Eric Castro

      I’m not french actually 😛 I only happen to live in Paris. I’m originally from Argentina.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        Good luck with this man, it looks awesome. Any battery drain issues you’ve found? think this would be possible to use with Touch ID turned off for the lock screen?(I use BioProtect) and virtual home to unlock… i would love to buy this, however, not really looking to turn touch ID on for the lock screen.

      • Steve Zou

        Guess native French people still can’t handle English properly.
        Nice work! Keep it up, pal.

  • Mehul Patel

    awesome 🙂

  • Amir Hossein

    Gear tweak

  • Sean

    Genius! If you need a tester, holler atcha boy haha. Anybody knows for which macs it’s going to be available for?

  • rimzan

    wow its cool

  • rimzan

    wow! its very useful tweak

  • Raashid

    Lol, there’s the iPad history repeating itself in the iWorld. Fingerprint scanners have existed for years (I have one on my old HP laptop that still works flawlessly), iWorld ignores it. It comes to an Apple product and the iWorld pisses itself like a dog…

  • Will Loury

    I would definitely use

  • andrew boon

    wow ! nice .

  • Jerome Lewis