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The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said on Friday that Apple does not use patented technology owned by Google unit Motorola Mobility in making its iPhones. This means Apple is off the hook in regard to Motorola’s assertion of patent infringement.

The appeal court’s ruling upheld a decision by the International Trade Commission in April, which also concluded that the iPhone didn’t violate Google’s patents…

This was first reported by CNBC in a tweet.

The appeal court’s decision makes it clear that the iPhone does not infringe upon Motorola’s Patent Number 6.272,333, covering push notifications. The point of contention was the deletion of apps from a user’s device that send notifications.

The deletion requires a message be sent over a fixed portion of the network indicating that push notifications for the application should be cancelled.

The Google-owned handset maker previously asserted that Apple’s iPhone violates its patent for a sensor that prevents accidental hang-ups, but the ITC found Motorola’s patent involving the proximity sensor to be invalid.

Back in 2010, Motorola accused Apple  of infringing on six of its patents, including one covering reducing signal noise. The ITC ruled in April 2013 that Apple did not violate any of the six and the appeals court addressed just one of the six patents, Reuters reported.

In August 2012, a judge cleared Apple of Motorola’s claims concerning 3G cellular radio technology. Considering Google in 2011 spent $12.5 billion just to get hold of Motorola’s patent trove, Apple obviously should be pleased with the outcome of the appeals court’s decision.

  • CollegiateLad

    $12.5 Billion? Wow…

    • jack

      Price they paid for realizing way too late they should make both the hardware and software on a phone

      • Rowan09

        But Google still doesn’t make phones, they bought Motorola for the patents. Google cares less about hardware most of their business over 90% is about advertising, everything they do is for pushing ads.

      • Adrayven

        Even the Nexus line and the Moto X are toward that goal..

      • Rowan09

        Yes towards the goal of selling Ads not hardware. Can you tell me any Nexus or Moto X sales figures? It does matter if they don’t sell a million or more because they don’t care about hardware, their business is using those hardware to sell ads. Everything Google does is to support its cash cow which is ads.

  • Pitchy

    It seems that the patents and judges in the US are consistently pro-Apple. It’s almost at the point that the bias is sickening. I expect this to get downvoted to oblivion as this is a pro-Apple site, but come on, Apple isn’t inventing all this tech they use. They are just as guilty as the next company for infringement and stealing ideas… but Apple is the media darling and they always seem to get a free pass.

    • CollegiateLad

      Which patents owned by Google have Apple infringed on and gotten away with?

      • Your Mother

        all of them. apple gets away with infringing on all patents owned by all competitors.

    • Rowan09

      Don’t try to make up something if they win. If they didn’t infringe it doesn’t mean they own all the patents they are using but they are paying companies to use the patents. Google is also an American company by the way.

    • Mustang5Oh

      So because people with much more knowledge than you decided Apple didn’t copy Motorola’s way of doing things means they are pro-Apple and anti-Anyone else? THAT is sickening actually. Don’t be a troll.

    • Brandon Miranda

      Do you understand what this means? They did not violate patent. Meaning they stole nothing.

    • bring_it_on

      Are you a lawyer? If so kindly share your expert legal opinion on why the decision was bias?

    • chris125

      Hey apple knows who they have to pay off to get the decisions in their favor..