BioLockdown Airplane mode

Ryan Petrich has done it again—not that that comes as a surprise to any of us at iDB. Of course, Touch ID enabled tweaks are all the rage these days, and quite a few developers are starting to release tweaks that take advantage of the iPhone 5s’ flagship feature.

Most of the tweaks being released have a security related aura about them, which is understandable considering that Touch ID is all about security in its stock implementation. One such tweak called BioProtect was released a couple of days ago, and while it was hard not to get extremely excited about it, I feel that BioLockdown, Pertrich’s tweak, is by far the better of the two.

I feel that way, not just because BioProtect came packed with a serious flaw that caused its superfluous animations to run constantly in the background, draining your battery; it’s because BioLockdown is better designed, has a better feature-set, and it’s cheaper. It’s also from a developer that keeps his releases updated constantly, and communicates well with those who use his apps.

Check out our full video walkthrough of BioLockdown after the jump. You’ll see why this is hands-down the best Touch ID security tweak to hit Cydia thus far.

BioLockdown goes above and beyond other Touch ID security tweaks in one main area: it allows you to not only restrict access to apps, but it also restricts access to toggles and settings panes in the Stock settings app. It other words, BioLockdown is a better way to protect your device using Touch ID.

Another areas where BioLockdown excels is with its own settings panel. Inside, you’ll find an intuitively laid out panel with clear and concise explanations.

BioLockdown 03

At the top of BioLockdown’s preferences lies a kill switch. This switch allows you to instantly enable or remove the effects of BioLockdown, no resprings required. This is great for when you need to ensure quick access to all of the areas on your phone. In fact, no resprings are required when customizing any of the features found within BioLockdown; it’s one of those tweaks that just works.

Below BioLockdown’s kill switch lies the New Restriction button. This button allows you to quickly add restrictions for apps, settings panes or switches. Restricting each asset is just a matter of tapping an item to add it to the list of restrictions.

BioLockdown Apps and Switches

Removing restricted items is just as intuitive. A red delete button lies to the left of each restricted item for easy deletion.

BioLockdown 04

Using BioLockdown is just as simple and intuitive as setting it up. Tapping any asset with restrictions will immediately bring up the BioLockdown overlay stating that a fingerprint is required to open the asset. From there, you can either verify a valid Touch ID fingerprint, or cancel.

Petrich was wise enough to make sure that any loopholes, like accessing apps from the app switcher, or using links to specific apps via Safari are closed. For instance, if you try to open an app that’s restricted from the app switcher, you’ll be immediately met with the BioLockdown overlay right on top of the app switcher. The same thing goes for links found in Safari.

BioLockdown 05

It should be noted that any finger configured to use Touch ID counts as a “valid” finger. BioLockdown isn’t reading the data associated with the finger, it’s just asking iOS whether or not the finger is a valid finger or not. If yes, you’re allowed access to the asset, and if no, your access is restricted.

Some people have asked about having things like folder restrictions added to BioLockdown, but I’m not so sure that there’s an easy way to do that without making the setup an unintuitive mess. I’m confident that Ryan will continuously improve on his tweak, but I’m also glad that he’s omitted throwing in the kitchen sink just for the sake of adding features.

BioLockdown is a well balanced tweak with a solid feature-set and even better design. It should be in every jailbroken iPhone 5s owner’s repertoire. You can download BioLockdown for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Be sure to share your thoughts about the tweak in the comment section below.

  • Tim smith

    Article felt biased


      I would assume that’s because it’s an opinion piece…

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Yep, I feel the same way so I agree with Tim. Besides, I must say I prefer the nice animation embedded by BioProtect, it’s not functionality -I know- but I still prefer it on top of it, as I’m sure the developer will add more features to it.
        Also, and this is for iDB, the developer of BioProtect fixed the animation bug and it’s clearly stated on the changelog which was released almost 24 hours ago! People can make mistakes and improve over themselves.


        Wasn’t trying to say one was better than the other… just that the expectation of the article to not have a bias, when the author clearly uses the first person to express his opinion (e.g. “I feel..”), is off base. And yes iDB tends to be late to report or notice things… if you are like me and constantly refreshing cydia to read change logs on all the latest tweaks.

      • David Villamizar

        I think reviews are late because they are better, and they are not as late as you say, their 2 days average is quite good(Jeff’s videos are released first on YouTube).

        About both tweaks, I think BioLockdown is better, it allows for more customization, and does everything BioProtect does, for less money. People saying the tweak will get more features in future updates are just making assumptions that may not happen at all.

      • Matt Taylor

        Well I purchased BioProtect when it was very first released and my phone got so hot I was in fear that it may cause damage so I voiced concerned to the developer (Limneos) on twitter and guess what, he blocked me! That’s some fine customer service there for sure lol… I have since emailed him a couple of times requesting a refund in a formal manner but had no reply! I would not advise anyone to buy from this developer! This kind of bad service would never be received from Ryan Petrich, he is professional and helpful and you always receive good customer service!

    • Victor

      Definitely agree.

    • Okay. Mind backing up your assertions?

      • Matt Taylor

        Don’t feel bad Jeff, you are 100% correct on this one!

    • mickey

      A little bit but let’s face the facts, other than animation biolockdown has more functionality and is more polished overall. I’m sure limneous will bring his tweak up to par but as an early adopter of bioprotect, I can’t help but feel I should have waited a bit and saved a dollar on a more stable/featured tweak. May just buy this too and show support.

      • mickey

        Bunch of great features added to biolockdown. Petrich is relentless. Ended up giving him more of my money. Both devs deserve it but I have to side with the superior tweak right now.

    • jack

      Jeff is an user like us… If I like something I promote it!!

  • ibrahimchiha97

    Why are you trying to hide touchy?

    • Gabriel Diaz

      I saw that too! What’s touchy?

      • ibrahimchiha97

        I think it’s another TouchID security system that isn’t out yet, it’s probably just the preview that developers have sent to him for testing.

  • Bob

    Will be uninstalling Bioprotect from Limneous as it’s been crazy problems at the lockscreen.

  • norbi2010

    BioProtect is also really good.

  • M L

    Once again another major flaw, just like bioprotect. When going to the switcher…if there is a ‘protected’ app open in the switcher…then when you go to the switcher, it shows the last view….in other words NOT protected. Right now applocker is the only one that protects the apps CURRENTLY in the switcher. It puts a blank page for the view. Unfortunately until that major issue is resolved…can they really be considered secure?

    • M L

      Don’t get me wrong…. ALL these tweaks are GREAT…just a flaw that I don’t think was considered and needs to be resolved.

    • Vic O

      You are spot on with the observation. I noticed it too when I installed BioLockdown yesterday. Promptly sent an email to Ryan Petrich; he responded almost immediately. He is looking into blanking out restricted content on App Switcher.

      • M L

        Thats great to hear! Thanks for doing that.

      • TJ Knight

        My paypal app was blurred out in the switcher, so this functionality is available somehow.

        Side note, I think there is a bug when trying to use this with the control center toggles. If you hit “cancel”, the icon lights up, but functionality is unaffected. Unless the icon is properly matched with the instructions (enable/disable), the scan doesn’t do anything. I emailed Ryan as well so I guess we will see what happens.

      • Vic O

        I noticed the same thing; I tried bank of america app, that one was completely blacked out save for the icon. It would appear some apps (financial?) already have that privacy effect built in… Have not paid attention before now.

    • I didn’t necessarily consider that a “flaw” per-say. Would it be nice to have the option to blank out the apps, yes, but personally I think that blocking access to the app is enough for me. I do understand where you’re coming from, though.

      BTW, BioProtect prevents accessing the App Switcher at all until you verify. At least it did in my tests.

      • M L

        Jeff, you are right. I don’t consider it a ‘bug or flaw’ just something that I don’t think was thought of. I am EXTRA paranoid I guess 🙂
        I know the locking of the app switcher, but that seems like “locking the every door in the house up to keep the dog out of one room” A bit of overkill when only a few apps, that are not always running are wanted to be protected 🙂

      • Already updated and implemented.

  • Amad

    I have always been a fan of Ryan Petrich’s work. He has good tweaks reasonably priced. I am not surprised this is better than bioProtect.

  • Jeff,

    Do this also have the option to ask for your fingerprint when shutting the phone off? Not to put to sleep but a complete shut down?

  • JimGresham

    I wonder how this will work with the Touch ID Activator action…

    • Vic O

      I tried to install Virtual Home with BioLockdown already installed; it won’t install without removing the latter first…

      • Alex-V

        from what i see on twitter from the virtal home should be fixed

  • Modest

    Best iOS 7 tweak for 5s. Period.

  • Abdl

    Hey guys please i need an URGENT help…ok so i jailbreakd my ipad 2 gsm running 7.0.4. After few days the mute/screenlock side button stopped working so i decided to do a restore…now after restore the ipad wont pass the apple logo,keeps rebooting meanwhile itunes popping up error 0x800084. Please help

  • Navneet Arora

    Virtual home is compatible with bioprotect and that is the only Advantage ! I hope biolockdown supports that too very soon

  • Alex-V

    Virtual Home has an update and works correct now 🙂

  • Luis Martinez

    team petrich!

  • Jae. Just J.

    Anybody know if you can have Touch ID disabled on the lock screen but have this active?

    • ygsq

      Same question

    • Yes. Just tried. You can have a touch ID fingerprint registered and have ‘iphone unlock’ turned off; and still use this app.

  • Neil Sardesai

    I wish apps like these had some sort of window between scanning my finger. i often switch between apps and it’s annoying to constantly have to scan my finger. Maybe at least a 5 minute window between scans per app?

    • The new update brings ‘grace period’. So you don’t have keep validating. Starting from 1 minute.

  • Phil Randle

    I downloaded and tested this tweak, I honestly have no real need to protect my toggles, it’s more the access to the apps with my information.

    BioProtect is still better designed, the animation just looks awesome when you unlocking an app, so I’m sticking with that, the battery issue has also been fixed.

    One feature I would like though, is to disable the pass code at the lockscreen and still use this tweak.

    • ygsq

      Can biolockdown do same thing? Lock apps without enabling pass code.

    • Believe me. You don’t want such thing. You may want a bigger stronger password. But disabling pass codes would mean: that if for any reason, you cut your finger as superficial as a paper cut. Your fingerprint won’t work anymore. (Or at least temporarily while heals) happened to me.

      • yeah, true that – you can add more fingerprints to the touch id just in case you have an issue with a finger! i added 3 fingers to it for backup;)

  • Royce Otero

    Awesome guys keep up the good work 😉

  • Luism27

    When is the winterboard update coming??

    • M L

      Why not ask the developer….might be a good place to start.

      • M L

        A negative because I told someone to go to the developer of an app that is having a question about the app? Wow….mature…lol

  • Dave

    Terrible article. Applocker is far better than biolockdown.

  • Henrik Skovgaard

    Can a protected app be deleted without fingerprint auth?

    • Martin

      It can deleted. I just tried it out. Hope he fixes this.

    • Protected apps can’t get deleted anymore.

  • f1ght3r

    Limneos needs to bring back call recorder. I paid for it and now it’s gone forever. I won’t buy another tweak from him again, until this is rectified.

  • chumawumba

    Will it open with Siri like Bioprotect?

  • Alex-V

    maybe someone can explain me why the app is a need for your …did not understand it…is it right that we need to touch id to pass the lockscreen for this app…if so why i should again do this with apps…sorry i only want to understand…no critism to anyone

    • ygsq

      With bioprotect, you can lock apps individually without enabling password. It is useful for me because sometimes I need others help me unlock my phone and see something, like driving. But I don’t want get their fingerprints…

    • Henrik Skovgaard

      Lend your device to your kid and you’ll understand 🙂

  • Not so flawless for me

  • jack

    Jeff I love your articles but please do some basic tweak testing on the videos. Examples for this case: opening a protected app from task switcher asks for a pw? Unlocking your phone and landing on a protected app asks for pw? If I protect the Camera app and open LS camera what happens? Opening a protected app from within other app asks for pw? Basic stuff like that

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Keep in mind that if he undergoes what you call ‘basic stuff’ it might increase the length of the videos considerably depending on how much ‘random talking’ the reviewer does. I personally would rather watch a video that’s 2 minutes at most rather than 4-5+.

      • jack

        3 or 4 phrases wont increase the video duration much. He doesnt have to do the tests on the device, just tell us the results to help us decide wether or not to buy tweak

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        My suggestion is you also look at other reviews elsewhere too and then create your own out of them all. This will allow anyone to have a more objective conclusion and make the right decision on whether to invest (or install for free) or not. I, for one, have to say iDB is good BUT it’s not the only source of information for reviews, including video-reviews. I could name a few more but you get the idea.

  • Guest

    Does anyone of you using BioLockDown and Virtual Home has this unfortunate reaction:

    When you rest your finger on the Touch ID and had it validated successfully, the moment it gets rested for too long until the app switcher gets invoked via Virtual Home?

    I ended up having to having to validate twice for the same app each time that happens. :/ I had tweeted (I know, I know it’s not the best way to get support help and I hope he is not mad at me) to Ryan so I hope he can do something about it together with the creator of Virtual Home?

    • Martin

      Funny you post this because the same thing just happened to me a little while ago. This should be taken care of soon.

    • Jeffrey Kang

      Opps.. my double post. Thought I deleted it! Lol!

  • Martin

    So far I’m liking this tweak more than AppLocker. Sure it doesn’t have as many features (yet) but it’s nicer looking and simple. I just really hope he adds the ability to session lock and folder lock. I also noticed that even though the pictures app is protected, all of the pictures can still be viewed through the camera app.

  • Jeffrey Kang

    Does anyone of you face this issue:

    When using BioLockDown together with Virtual Home, the moment when your finger rests on the Touch ID for too long after it gets validated successfully, Virtual Home invokes a double press process and kicks you into the app switcher?

    I faced this behaviour too often to the point that it gets frustrating to validate the same app twice, the second time being wary not to leave my finger resting for too long.

    I’ve tweeted to Ryan (Yes I know, it’s not the best way to seek help) about this so I hope the developer of Virtual Home and he can find a better collaboration on using the Touch ID sensor.

    • Derik Stroisch

      I’ve been having this same problem. The messaging app is definitely not the best one to use it on (found out after resetting my phone 4 times). Ive found that if you can get the biolockdown to open before the vibrate of virtual home goes off it will tend to open the app(s) or setting(s) fairly well. If you or anyone else has a better idea I would love to hear it. If not I’ll just have to hope for an update soon to either one.

  • mwpitt52

    Jeff, I think you should do an article and poll on how many people could not jailbreak due to the higher hardware specs for the Evasi0n jailbreak. I have an older Mac Book Pro Duo Core running 10.6.8 which was not enough processing power for a successful jailbreak. Also my Windows PC running Windows 7 did not have enough processing power. This year has been a real disappointment and I think not widely reported.

  • OneOfDaKine

    What about for the Power off/on button?

  • Angelo

    there is one big flaw in biolockdown and that is if you lock down the photo folder, it wil work, but when you try to load the photo’s folder, from the camera app, it won’t prompt to use your fingerprint, bioprotect does….

  • HamptonWalley

    Such a nonsense and all other fingerprint sensor tweak.

  • Edward

    I blocked settings and cydia and now it says my fingerpront is invalid and It doesnt let me open them so I csn remove it. HELP!!!

  • Strati

    Can this work with the iPad Air

  • ThunderLord

    I love this tweak!!!

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  • kiriti goud

    Y M not able to install biolock or bioprotect from cydia plzzz help me plzzz