share widget for ios 7

Share widgets have been gone from the iPhone and iPad since the first beta release of iOS 7. Some thought that they would return with the official release of iOS 7, but as we were all able to verify, that was never the case.

Of course, share widgets have nothing to do in Notification Center in the first place. After all, the goal of Notification Center is to notify you, not to provide ways to share to Twitter or Facebook. Still, that was a great loss for many users.

Jailbreakers rejoice, because today, you can easily bring back those share widgets thanks to a new jailbreak tweak called Share Widget for iOS 7

Developed by Merlin Mao, Share Widget for iOS 7 does exactly what its name suggests: it brings share widgets for Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, and Tencent in the Today tab of Notification Center.

After installing Share Widget for iOS 7 from Cydia, you will have to go to Settings > Notification Center > and turn Share Widget On, as it is set to Off by default. Although you don’t have to do that, I also moved the Share Widget right below Next Destination. This way, my share widgets appear towards the top of my Today tab in Notification Center.

You will also have to go to Settings > Share Widget in order to select what services you want to use. In the screenshot above, you can see that I am using Twitter and Facebook only. You can also use the widgets for Weibo and Tencent, two services that are mainly used in China.

The Share Widget settings allow you to use a compact layout as well, although I was not able to get this layout to work, even after performing a respring and reboot.

In order to use the widgets, you will have to pull Notification Center down, then tap on one of the widgets. This will bring up the stock share sheet for the selected widget. In the screenshot above, you can see the Twitter sheet in action. It’s worth noting that this tweak also works from the Lock screen. Again, pull Notification Center down on your Lock screen and tap on the widget you want to use.

The tweak works fairly well, although I have encountered a few glitches. First, I was not able to get the compact layout to work. I performed a respring and a reboot unsuccessfully. After rebooting though, I noticed that my Today tab in Notification Center was messed up, as it wouldn’t show Today Summary. A reboot fixed it, but still, it was not a pleasant experience.

Edit: I am being told that compact layout only works when all services are enabled. I’m thinking that it would then be a good thing to make a note of it in the settings, or completely hide the compact layout toggle if you haven’t selected all services.

I also feel like the widget icons have not been optimized for a Retina display. They don’t look bad, but they certainly could look a little crispier.

Share Widget for iOS 7 is a free tweak available in the BigBoss repo. It’s definitely worth a look at. If the developer manages to fix the couple bugs I encountered, and hopefully improve the icons, this tweak will likely stay in my Notification Center (at least until someone brings these widgets to Control Center).

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

  • mhchehade


  • Anonymous

    Need 5 day weather now 🙂

  • Fevostone

    Anyone having any issues with winterboard and spotlight search..? Mine is restarting all the time wen using spotlight anyone give me a heads up if it’s happening to you

    • Gróf Attila

      Winterboard has not been updated to iOS 7, I think that causes the crashes.

      • Fevostone

        Okay cheers

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Actually this is a well known and documented issue.

      • Fevostone


    • Rick Hart

      It’s doing the same thing to me too!

      • Theguy

        oh anus!

    • Mark

      Happens to me all the time also noticed I’m missing weather report in notification centre

  • sdhn97

    A call to developers: please make a tweak that improves weather info in Notification Center. Thanks

    • Rowan09

      I actually preferred the old weather notification in IOS 6

  • Jordan Carter

    so i assume this tweak does not work with NCAllOnly? a great tweak that removes the today and missed tabs in notification center since they’re kinda pointless to begin with.

  • Nice; some buttons…Now why can’t Notification center have a nice little sun weather icon; a link to radar; a green luminescent digital clock; and some color….?

  • Quang

    I think it should be in Control Center…better than in Notification Center

    • I agree, hence my comment about this towards the end of the post 🙂

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • Compact mode is only works when all services is enable.

    • Oh I see. Thanks for the clarification

  • babiloe

    There is notification on the facebook desktop version that status posted using this is using iOS or not. can this app trusted since we are passing facebook password on it

  • Aniket Bhatt

    is anyone having the problems with weather showing up in notification center?
    it just wont show up for me after the jailbreak

    • JiCayB

      go to /var/mobile/Library/BulletinBoard, remove (or rename it) SectionInfo.plist, and respring.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Thank you, good Sir!

      • Rick Hart

        Does that work for everything cuz my setting all get turned off and all the apps get moved out of the nc

      • JiCayB

        I don’t know but I had a similar issue and it was caused by winterboard.

      • Eddie Hines

        It worked! Thank you

      • Aniket Bhatt

        That worked! Thank you very much

      • Shay Shtern

        and if the weather widget will not show up again?

      • JiCayB

        Check if it’s activated in the NC settings. 😉

    • Rick Hart

      My nc settings keeps getting turned off and move all the apps out of the notification center

      • Chris Wagers

        The easiest way I found to fix this is settings->general->reset->reset all settings. Then create backup to icloud or iTunes. I did iTunes so not 100 percent it works when done with icloud. Then restore to 7.0.4 then rejailbreak and then restore from backup that you created. I know a pain but fixed everything. There may be easier methods but I don’t know of any that fixes everything in Notification Center.

      • Rick Hart

        Thanks it’s working now but if keeps up I was thinking about that! I jailbroke 2 i5 and both of them did the same thing kinda weird

    • Mark

      I have this problem to

  • Jed_133

    I just keep getting a “tweet failed to send message”, anyone else having this issue? Have a fix? I’ve tried to reinstall a couple times now and it hash’t helped at all.

  • Adrian

    IntelliscreenX for iOS 7 will take care of this, but for now it’s cool to have a free “workaround” 🙂

  • Thanh


  • Jose Lara

    Ever since I jailbroke, my notification center settings have been resetting randomly and moving my apps from “include” to “not included” is anyone else having this problem and is there a solution?

    • Eddie Hines

      Me too. and my weather that used to displace on my notification screen is gone. how do I reenable that?

      • Rick Hart

        Erase or rename it sectionsinfo.plist and then respring

      • Aniket Bhatt

        Scroll up to the replies on my previous comment is talks about how to fix the weather thing…it worked for me

    • Rick Hart

      Me too

    • jay

      have the same problem here

  • jay

    does it work on the 5S? anonymous agree the weather would be great

  • jay

    could be in ios 8 there are some changes to the notification center needed like weather and twitter/facebook.

  • Jonathan Foell ™

    Anybody have info on TypeStatus update for iOS 7?!?! It’s greatly missed!

    • Rick Hart

      I miss that one too!

    • Guest

      It’s been updated.

  • Nirvana

    This reminds me when iOS 5 users was craving for the same thing in NCentre! :))

  • Jon20

    @Jeff: how did you get your weather info back in NC after jailbreak. Mine completely disappeared and I don’t know how to get it back. Please help!!!

    • Forrest Sims

      go into settings then general scroll down to reset and click reset all setting… you will have to set up your wifi & lockscreen passwords and set ringtones agin but you won’t loose anything, then go to locations and turn location on for weather…I had to do this and it works and let me know if it works for you

      • Jon20

        Thanks!! I did it and it worked. Sorry it took so long to respond back. One of the draw backs to resetting everything. Takes a while to get things back to how you wanted it. Thanks again.

      • Forrest Sims

        glad I could help

    • Henry Ramos

      Go to **iFile**

      Browse to /var/mobile/Library/BulletinBoard/SectionInfo.plist

      Delete SectionInfo.plist file



  • al7oot

    I’m using activator to compose a tweet from the home screen.

  • Jamie

    Sweet! It works great for me! Has anyone had any issues with Cydia opening up the App Store?

  • Jamie

    Has anyone had any issues with the jailbreak apps showing like a drawing instead of the icon?

    • Lance Baker

      Happened to me once. A reboot fixed the problem.

  • Dosen’t Matter

    Is there gonna be a quick reply tweak?

  • Shrey Gupta

    After jail-breaking my iPhone 5 running 7.0.4, there’s no weather information in my notification center.
    Have tried about every possible step in order to get that back. Any ideas on how to get it back?

    • Jon20

      Try this: go into settings > general > scroll down to reset and click reset all setting… you will have to set up your wifi & lock screen passwords and set ringtones agin but you won’t loose anything, then go to locations and turn location on for weather. It works!!
      Shout out to FORREST SIMS for helping me out with this.

  • dpacemaker

    Does anyone know if a reboot through an activator method is the same as a hard reset using sleep/wake and home button? My sleep/wake button no longer works and I don’t want to jailbreak without the hard reset option in case something goes wrong. I was thinking of using both volume buttons to act as a reboot, if it has the same function as the hard reset.

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    Question: Is Jailbreak OR Cydia Tweak Reduces Battery Usage ?

  • Dheeraj Verma

    my notification go disable if i restart my cell what to do ‘/

  • Jay Kay

    Hopeless tried everything but its not showing in Notification Centre, where my weather updates are gone from Notification centre since i jailbreak, i cant even see weather in notification settings, any help?