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We are nearing the end of the big 12 Days of Gifts event. We are now on day 10, and Apple has removed the Kings of Leon EP and posted a new item for download. Today’s gift is a free episode of the popular children’s television series Sesame Street.

Sesame Street shouldn’t need too much of an introduction. Originally debuting in 1969, the series is now broadcasted in 140 countries and has collected over 150 Emmy Awards. It’s widely recognized as one of the most popular kids’ shows of all time…

Here’s the iTunes description:

“Lights, Camera, Action! Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby, and Big Bird are back for a new season and there’s lots of fun and fur in store. Join Elmo on exciting explorations as he imagines himself as a Sea Captain, a Price, and even the President in a new fun-filled musical adventure – Elmo the Musical.”

Today’s gift is episode #12 from season #43 called ‘Great Vibrations.’ And for those interested, it’s about Abby and Grover joining Bob’s music class and going through the process of selecting instruments. It’s 55 minutes long, and the HD version is 1.85 GB.

12 days day 10

I know for many of you this is yet another disappointment in the 12 Days marathon, and you’re wondering what Apple is thinking. But I also know that there are a lot of parents out there that’ll be happy to download this episode, which is normally $2.99, for free.

Again, remember that each gift is only available for 24 hours and it varies depending on your country or region. But if you’re in the US (Canada?) and are interested in getting this Sesame Street episode, be sure to grab the 12 Days of Gifts app from the App Store.

  • Loic Verrall

    The UK has “Minion Madness” episode from Despicable Me! 😀

    • BananaAnna

      same in luxembourg… hella i’m actually gonna watch it tho

    • David Díaz

      Same in Spain

  • ope

    WTF APPLE @#$#%^ !!!!!

  • Telco Biru User

    lalalala lalalala elmo’s world~lalalala lalalala elmo’s world!

  • InfinitePlusOne

    America still better.?

  • Ara Rezaee

    I don’t care anymore! Apple has taken my holiday spirit…

  • Anthony

    Canada has The Michael J fox show pilot

  • Anónimo

    In Mexico is the mexican movie “Nosotros los Nobles” but only free for rent.

  • 3l Principe

    I know you’re not supposed to complain when it’s free stuff, but seriously.. It seems like they’re handing out shit nobody ever wanted to pay for. It’s been much better the other years, in Europe that is.

  • Jonathan

    You call this a gift?

  • a beto e merik

    Day 11 app: Mr Crab. What a crap…