TetherMe jailbreak tweak updated with iOS 7, ARM64 support

By , Jan 2, 2014


Good news this afternoon for jailbreakers: another popular tweak has been updated to support iOS 7 and A7 processors. That tweak is called TetherMe, and it allows you to—you guessed it—tether your cellular iOS device to a non-cellular device.

Though it’s not mentioned nearly as often as MyWi, its functions are very similar and it’s much less expensive. Users can choose to share their iPhone’s Internet access with other devices over USB, Bluetooth, or via your standard Wi-Fi hotspot…

Here’s the tweak’s description from Cydia:

“Dynamically enables native tethering or personal hotspot for iOS3.X or newer devices. This should work on any carrier without the need for customized bundles or preferences.

TetherMe has been tested to work on all iOS versions from 3.0 to 6.1 (now 7) and works by telling the iPhone to allow tethering on any APN that is used for iPhone data. As a result, you should not be charged any more for tethering data than normal data by your phone company as all tethering data appears to come from the iPhone itself.”

There’s no icon for this tweak. So once installed, you’ll have to visit the TetherMe pane in your Settings app. From there, you’ll be able to select which method you want to use to tether your device with others, as well as view their respective options.

This tweak should work on every provider without additional user interaction. However, should you get caught tethering without your carrier’s permission, remember that it’s very possible they could force you to change your plan or charge you fees.

If you’re interested, you can find the updated TetherMe in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for $4.99.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/matthewmspace matthewmspace

    This and biteSMS are the two main reasons why I jailbreak. When I switch carriers and Apple gives us Quick Reply, that’s when I might stop jailbreaking.

    • deepdvd

      Great main reasons, but not great reasons to stop jailbreaking.

    • http://www.bearsstillsuck.com/ Simon

      I have always said the same thing about jailbreaking but I can’t help myself when I know it’s available. Also, with the new tweaks that developers are coming up with for the 5S already, I could never see myself not checking out what I’m missing in the future. If Apple would implement a Quick Reply feature I would be ecstatic as well though!

    • mickey

      There’s always innovative tweaks to try eventually. But there certainly are features apple could integrate that would make not having a jailbreak less painful.

  • Steven Honey

    That second to last sentence concerns me. Lol. Can they (AT&T) tell if you are tethering to separate device?

    • Al

      If they see extremely high usage. But that’s the only way I gather they are able to verify if you are using a separate device.

      I’ve used MyWi for quite some time… Never been detected, but I’ve always made sure I never used a heavy usage of data at one period of time… I think that would send a red flag.

      • Steven Honey

        What would you consider heavy usage? I’ve never gone over 7gb/month

      • Al

        It just depends on how you get to the 7GB a month… if you get to it gradually.. then that’s fine.

        But if at one point… where it’s a heavy usage of date, then that will give AT&T or any U.S. carrier to alert you of an unauthorized use of tethering.

        It’s always best to be conscious of using the tweak, it’s worth it… But I wouldn’t try and stream or download any large file or movie at a long period of time.

      • MizzDr Biggest Fan

        I been using TetherMe with T-Mobile and been using over 30-40 GB per month and never still to this day had a phone call telling me to stop doing so

      • Joe Benning

        When I got near the “throttle” limit of 3GBs, I’d get the letter.

      • Al

        The letter to indicate your going over the limit?

        I receive notification via email if I’m 65% or 90% usage, but I never gotten any email of throttling..

      • Joe Benning

        No. The letter told me that they knew I was tethering and that its an additional service that Im not paying for, that if it continues I will be charged, and that they could terminate my service. So I just stopped using MyWi. Later, I did this with PdaNet and never received a notice. Then ended up losing my jailbreak somehow. I wonder if pdanet will ever get an update.

      • Jonathan M. Dolbee

        PDANet works with ios 7 a4 through a6 devices:)

      • DSPT

        It downloads, but doesn’t tether by USB yet on i5. Just tried it

      • Jeff H

        I’ve gotten that same text before so i quit using mywi. I cant afford to lose my unlimited data plan.

    • Donato Bearint

      No they cannot tell. There is no way

      • deepdvd

        Actually, it’s not as difficult for them as you might expect.

    • Matthew Cooper

      Yes thy can tell if u tether to say a computer or xbox. The data doesnt show as mobile data so its easy to see. So i wouldnt use it as my main internet for a computer or something but only on occasion. But with that said ive never got caught tethering to an ipod or tablet. I have got caught tethering alot to a computer

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I don’t think it shows up as computer or xbox data since tetherme uses your normal data apn not the tethering apn…

      • Matthew Cooper

        That may be true for outgoing data. Computers and game systems pull different types data. Why would a cell phone connect to Xbox Live or PSN for example?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Can they see what you’re connecting to though (e.g can they tell if you’re connecting to Xbox live or psn)? If they can what if I was to use for example a VPN could they tell you weren’t using a phone then?

      • Matthew Cooper

        Im just saying i got caught tethering to a computer and playstation with tetherme. Starting using pdanet and only tethered to ipods and tablets and never got another message from At&t. This was about 4 years or so ago tho.

      • Jeff H

        Yepp using mobile data for online game on a console seems to be the sure way to get caught. I received the notorious text from at&t when i did that a couple years ago.

      • Mark Zuckerburg

        Alot has change in 4 years

    • Jacques Hragar

      Use pdanet it has a feature to hide tethering from carriers

      • Matthew Cooper

        Exactly dont quote me but i think they recompile the data so it looks like mobile data

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I thought all tetherme did was change the user agent sent or something like that so all websites that load are mobile websites…

      • Matthew Cooper

        Maybe so

      • DSPT

        It’s the best tether by far. Well it will be with an iOS7 overhaul

      • DSPT

        …it’s just not been updated yet and most of its features don’t work.

  • Joe Benning

    Does it have any security options like PdaNet?

    • deepdvd

      Nope. I would only be concerned about that if you use it a lot with an unlimited plan. I don’t have unlimited, so I don’t worry at all. Course I’m on Verizon, and they can’t reprimand for non-unlimited plans.

      • Matthew Ball

        Thanks nice to know!

      • Joe Benning

        I am on unlim. plan w/ AT&T. I’ve received notices from them before with MyWi in the past, but never did with PdaNet. Guess I’ll stay away.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Out of curiosity do the notices actually matter? If they were to disconnect your service then they’d effectively lose a paying customer which can’t be good for business can it?

      • Joe Benning

        I thought the same, but then I didnt want them to mess with my unlim. data plan so I chilled for a while. Later, I went to pdanet and never had a problem. I guess it was due to the masking feature? Not sure but I wish the other tether apps had it.

  • Pablo

    Dumb question probably but, which new features are added compared to the stock hotspot function over wi-fi, bluetooth and usb?

    • diggitydang

      I think that in the U.S., there is a connection charge for tethering. In Canada, there is no additional charge (but they work it into the monthly plan). So, to answer your question, this tweak will tether another device but make it look like the data is coming from the iPhone and thus, you aren’t charged the connection fees for tethering.

      That’s what I believe it is anyway…

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Not all networks support tethering. My network doesn’t support native tethering nor do they support visual voicemail so I need to jailbreak just to tether…

  • James

    I used tetherMe and after a few months AT&T told me to stop tethering my plan or I would lose my unlitimed plan. So yes they know.

    • Steven Honey

      Were you using a lot of data? Do you remember your data usage amount?

      • James

        Used any amount from 5-15gb. They told me that they knew my phone was jailbroken and that it gives off a different signal when you tethere your device.

    • Joe Benning

      Agreed. Had the same happen to me.

  • eric opdyke

    Sucks to have to rebuy all these tweaks. Cydia needs profile management to link previous purchases.

    • zmazzmz

      they do have profile management… you log in with either Facebook or google and it has all your previous purchases

  • Carter

    hands down, dopest dope, no joke.

  • Jonathan Foell ™

    The single most useful and main reason I jailbreak my device.

  • ClaudieX X

    Question: my new iphone 5s already has the internet share service… so if ios7 already has this service unlocked… why the tweak?

    • Matthew Ball

      Because this is only one time cost instead of added to monthly bill.

      • ClaudieX X

        free of what? the stock service is free too!!! i think is on every iphone with ios 7 !! I use it every day! My mobile company didn’t charge me for using it…

      • Matthew Ball

        Nope, you pay a monthly bill for tethering services with your carrier (US). This tweak is only $5 :)

      • ClaudieX X

        ahhh ok… i’m not from USA… in my country you can tether without problems… I tether my netbook every single day…

      • Matthew Ball

        For free? That sweet! What carrier? What country?

      • ClaudieX X

        Argentina… South America… All the carriers…

      • Edoc

        anywhere outside the US (or most), charging people for tethering is just stealing.. I don’t get how you people allow your providers to steal you with a smile.

      • Matthew Ball

        Buddy, Im not smiling.

      • Tom

        I don’t understand how it can be so expensive in the USA. I live in France and i pay a 20€ plan every month : Unlimited calls, unlimited texts, 3Gb data plan, LTE, tethering, 2nd SIM-card (using on my iPad), TV, 100Go cloud and free-access to Deezer (same like Spotify)

    • James

      This is for those that doesn’t want to pay the monthly service charge from their provider.

  • pnh

    Tired of paying MyWi $20 every time for an upgrade for the next iOS. I’m going to give this a try.

    • Wanli T Zhang

      I have MyWi 5.5. I only paid $4.99 to upgrade to MyWi7. Did I miss anything?

      • So optimistic

        Free update to mywi7 for me.

    • David Villamizar

      This time it’s a free update from iOS 6 to 7.

    • Eikast

      free upgrade from MyWi iOS 6 to MyWi iOS 7.
      Same with My3G

  • Matthew Ball

    Does it cut into your data plan?

    • Jeffrey Kang

      It uses your data plan.

      • Matthew Ball

        This blows….guess it makes sense though

  • Guest

    Does anyone know if mxtube works on iOS 7 thanks

    • John Smith

      yes it does. i have been using it for a couple days on iPhone 5s. everything works fine here.

      • Guest

        Thank you very much, one more question when I jailbreak should I be connected on itunes or disconnect my iPhone from iTunes?

  • Stefano

    i upgraded.. but why almost everything i installed is being marked under “update”. i have like five badges for cydia… anyone have some helpful information?

    • http://www.korean-english-translation-service.com/ Ashli Combs

      me too

  • blastingbigairs

    Has anyone gotten this to work on a Sprint iPhone 5s? Please let me know.

  • 2008crna

    As far as the US is concerned, this tweak is ONLY necessary for those with an unlimited data plan. For everyone with at tiered data plan you already get tethering without a fee. Google “FCC forces verizon to stop charging tethering fee”. This ruling was over a year ago now. And to those who think AT&T can’t tell, I can tell you from personal experience that AT&T found me out while using MyWi on my PC. It resulted in a warning, then forcing me to a tiered plan from my unlimited data. I left shortly thereafter due to poor coverage in NW Houston and Verizon was more consistent in the hospitals I worked at.

  • BAM!

    So carriers know when you’re tethering? I see that AT&T have contacted people, has that happened for anyone with Sprint? I don’t use a ton of data, maybe 3gb per month at the most, if not just 2gb.

    • Rick Hart

      I use 50-60gb a month don’t get throttled and don’t get any calls verizon here

  • Jonathan Foell ™

    Alittle off topic now, but does anybody know of any iOS 7 updated support for TypeStatus yet?? Another extremely useful and needed tweak.

  • Alan Mauricio

    Is this tethering tweak better then MyWi?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      MyWi allows Bluetooth tethering, Wifi tethering, USB and on-demand tethering. I like mywi because of that last type of tethering which automatically connects and disconnects a jailbroken iPad to a mywi hotspot (hence the name mywi on-demand). This allows me to save battery as my iPad is only connected to the hotspot when it needs to be and not all of the time. Other than the on-demand tethering (which costs extra by the way) there is not a lot of difference between mywi and tetherme. I think mywi also works in safe mode not that it matters much…

      • La Cucaracha

        What is your carrier?

      • Alan Mauricio

        Okay hopefully I did a good buy. I only had to pay 4.99 to upgrade to MyWi 7.0. I don’t have on demand though.

  • Yarak

    Five Icon Column working on ios 7?

    • La Cucaracha

      I tried it on my 5s and it doesn’t work

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Iconsupport (the framework tweaks use to modify icon layouts) has recently been updated for 64 bit so I don’t think it will be long before icon layout tweaks get updated…

      • La Cucaracha

        Is iconsupport bundled in cydia substrate or is that a seperate download?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        A separate download. It is a framework that allows for icon layouts to be modified and preserves layouts when in safe mode. All tweaks that modify icon layouts depend iconsupport and install it automatically for you…

      • La Cucaracha

        Oh ok. Thanks! ..by the way, are you on t-mobile?

  • La Cucaracha

    I got an unlimited data plan on t-mobile and free 2.5GB free mobile hotspot. When i turn TetherMe on it also turns on the native Personal Hotspot switch on my iPhone 5S settings. I dont know if TetherMe is working for me or not since both are working. Anybody have this problem too??

    • So optimistic

      You don’t get that with MyWi.

      • La Cucaracha

        Yeah ill purchase MyWi if i’ll know that TetherMe isnt working for me. Are you on T-Mobile? Anyone else tried TetherMe on T-Mobile?

      • Parveen

        i have t-mobile with unlimited data with 2.5GB tethering (supposedly) but i have used it over 10 GB tethering. HotSpot did disappear after 2.5Gb but when i rebooted my iphone it came back with no issues.

      • La Cucaracha

        Did you have TetherMe installed?

      • kumar714

        Nope, not even jailbroken.

      • Parveen

        nope, my iphone is not even jailbroken

  • Quang

    Anyone realizes that after jailbreaking, the status bar in all stock apps is now black?
    Also, before jailbreaking, Camera app has no status bar. However, after jailbreaking, it has a black status bar. Switch to Video mode to see the black status bar.

    • Trenton

      Yes! I have the exact same problem. I did a full restore,set up as new iPhone. Then I jailbroke my iPhone 4S and check and it didn’t happen. Once I went in to cydia and updated the packages that first come up,that’s when it showed up in camera app, photos,etc.

      • Joe Benning

        Try statusbarfix in Cydia.

      • Trenton

        What source? I can’t seem to find it.

      • Joe Benning

        insanelyi repo and hackyouriphone repo have it. Statusbarfix2.

  • Tom

    What’s the differences between the built-in programme?

  • Trenton

    Has anybody else have the status bar show up in photos and in camera app after jailbreak?

    • Rick Hart

      I do

  • Aleksandar Kojić

    Hopefully outside of the US, to be more precise in Europe – in Croatia, we have native tethering through all GSM operators. We are allowed to tether our iPhones without any limits within our monthly plans.

  • tomaz92

    why is this useful if you already have a personal hotspot on iDevices? Which does pretty much the same thing…

  • mustafa salim

    is that jeff?

    • MachOSX

      Where did you get this photo?

    • ClaudieX X

      Nope!! THIS is Jeff…. just google him… you even find his caricature…

  • Gavin Friel

    Isn’t this the same as the Personal Hotspot feature already built into the most Apple devices? No?

  • sriram varadarajulu

    on a completely unrelated topic does anybody know about the progress of ih8sn0w? i mean when a possibility for sn0wbreeze with ios 7 preserve baseband method will become a reality?

  • Jathu

    In the Netherlands, I tether everyday with my iPad/netbook without any problems. I have unlimited data and T-Mobile NL doesn’t warn/charge whatever. Kinda stupid to get charged when thethering by US carriers :O

  • Dan

    It’s really odd that people in the US can’t tether (or are not allowed to), here in Canada the providers don’t care if you do.

  • Asad Munir

    where can i jailbreak my iphone 4s for free..i tried evasion but it got stuck on the logo

    • benny001

      Probably becaused u updated to ios “over the air” meaning didnot connect it to itunes to update to ios7. You need to back up everything. Then do a fresh restore from itunes(connect iphone w/ usb wire to p.c.) > then jailbreak> then import ur back up back to ur phone then SELAMU WALEYKUM BROTHER! 😀

      • Asad Munir

        lol thnx..so all i have to do is restore the phone then jailbreak it?

      • benny001


  • Josh

    I only use MyWi with my iPad Air…that has never had a problem since it’s mobile data as well. Only in a pinch do I ever use my MacBook Pro with MyWi…I’ve never gotten the warning & I’m on unlimited dat with AT&T.

  • Zencowboy007

    I am still on the 6.1 JB so I can use PDAnet to tether. I’m on att unlimited and have not been spotted in over a year using it. It is the only tethering app that has 2 levels of security. I use Level 1 as it makes the pc think it is mobile websites only. That is how I believe att finds out that what you have visited were Not mobile sites and it would be on the iphones browser. I emailed the developer to see if updating for ios 7…will see and wait since it works!

  • robotoverlord

    Hi all,
    Could someone possibly assist….the Details screen for TetherMe 3.0-3 available in the Cydia store on my iPhone 5s DOES NOT match what is written in the above article.
    TetherMe details specifically state:
    “WiFi is enabled only for iPhone4, 4S, iPhone 5 and the New iPad”
    “TetherMe has been tested to work on all iOS versions from 3.0 to 6.1 and works by telling the iPhone…”.
    and In this version:
    “Added better support for iOS7. 64bit still needs to be tested for iPhone 5S (no MobileSubstrate yet).”

    If this is what’s listed in the Cydia store, then it’s NOT tested for iPhone 5s support by the developers? But the article says it works on the 5s?

  • John Perez

    Does this work for the iphone 5s?

  • chepeloni

    Pdanet or tetherme? I have used the first, never had a problem, but it hasn’t been updated to support iOS 7. Is this tetherme just as good? Any differences?

  • Richard Jackson

    Hi guys, anyone know how to get a refund, this does not work for me via any connection method, kinda sad cos I’ve lost my money I think. Kind regards

  • demigod cosmo

    I have an iPhone 5c and I can’t seem to get it to work even though I bought it

  • Kassle

    I’ve been using this fine for the last 5 months or so, but recently, when I turn the hotspot on and plug it in my laptop to tether using usb connection it won’t work. it keep asking me to trust the computer. is there any reason why and how to fix it? my phone is 5s and the tetherme version is latest.