TransparentVolume 01

The little heads up display that appears when you adjust the volume on the iPad or iPhone is often the subject of tweaking when it comes to the jailbreak community. The latest tweak to alter the look of the volume HUD is called TransparentVolume—a jailbreak tweak that adds transparency to the HUD’s background.

Once installed, a new preference panel for TransparentVolume is placed in the stock Settings app. From here, you can use a slider to adjust the background transparency. Have a look at our video walkthrough inside to see how it works.

TransparentVolume is a simple tweak that does one thing and one thing only. I found that it worked well, but the transparency effect can make it a bit awkward to see the volume indicator on busy backgrounds.

If you’d like to take TransparentVolume for a test drive, then head over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo where it can be downloaded free of charge. As always, we encourage you to share your thoughts down below.

  • Joseph Tan

    Not working on iPad Air 🙁

    • Damian W

      Not working

    • Nipasaurus

      Nor iPad2

    • Faishol Clasixb

      check general>acessibilty>contrast>off
      should solve the problem

  • Darwish

    5S compatible?

    • David Villamizar

      Nope :/

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I don’t think developers should be allowed to claim their tweak is compatible with iOS 7 if it isn’t compatible with iOS 7 on every single device. It just seems like false advertisement to me…

      • RyanFoley

        Well it’s iOS 7 compatible, but not iPhone 5S compatible. Those are two different things. You’re comparing software to hardware

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Not really. If a tweak says it runs on iOS 7 and iOS 7 runs on my 5s and I install it on my 5s only to find out it does not work then that tweak is not compatible with iOS 7…

      • RyanFoley

        While I see your point, I think it makes more sense to add a hardware compatibility option into Cydia (which obviously cannot be done by you, the user, but Saurik). It CAN run on iOS 7, but your 64 bit processor cannot run it, making it a hardware compatibility issue. Similarly, the 30 Pin charger and accessories ARE classified as MFI (Made for iPhone), but shoving the charger inside your iPhone 5 doesn’t work unless you have an adapter (or in a tweaks case, an update).

        I don’t think your wrong, but Cydia says iOS 7 compatible because it’s helpful to those like myself, who aren’t on 64-bit devices.

  • TheOneMax

    I’d like to see a tweak that blur the volume HUD, something like BlurredMusicApp. I’m pretty sure it would looks good!

  • Ricky Hozay

    Works well on my 5s but I don’t see the settings option in settings.

  • Hassnain Bashir

    not work on 5S

  • James Anderson

    I try searching for this tweak and it isn’t showing up. Same with tabless and simplock. Any ideas? I just jail broke my iphone 5.

    • TheOneMax

      It’s available on ModMyi repo, make sure you’re typing TransparentVolume and NOT Transparent Volume.

      • James Anderson

        Thanks for the advice but it didn’t help =[ not sure what’s wrong but I can’t find this tweak nor tabless. And I do have that repo already

  • Y2J

    I really want a tweak that re-enables the blur effect on the iPad 3.

    • Abid Kaisani

      Get hidden settings and iphone4 parallax after installing both of them go into the hidden settings tab via control center. In the hidden settings menu go to parrallex and there would be an option to enable blur, turn blur on and exit out of hidden settings and from then on you will have the blur effects. Tested out on an ipad 2. 🙂

      • Y2J

        Cool! Works good. Thanks a lot!

      • Abid Kaisani

        Your welcome 🙂

      • Dan Pressler

        What else is needed besides hidden settings to enable blur?

      • Abid Kaisani

        A tweak called iphone4 parallex

  • Ezra Baun

    error loading bundle?

  • NaSty

    Would be nice if you guys can comment on battery life after installing certain tweaks, i.e are they constantly running in the background (daemons)

  • Andre DefJamz

    Not working on my iPhone 5

  • Osiris

    StatusHUD is better and not obstusive like Apple’s dumb idea of HUD.

    • Jonathan

      Has StatusHUD been updated for iOS 7?

      • Matthew Cleveland

        It doesn’t look like it from the Cydia page. The developer also hasn’t tweeted since July when it was released so no idea how to get a hold of him.

  • Rondog

    This one doesn’t work on any of my devices, so I’m figuring it’s the tweak, hopefully, and not my stuff.

  • Ben

    I don’t think I’m am going to download it. I could only barely see the tect on the home screen in the video.

  • Harold Merriman

    Doesn’t work on my iphone4. Bummer!

  • Isa Altintas

    There was error loading the preference bundle for TransparentVolume. iPhone 5s

    • Joe Benning

      Good to know, thanks. I guess from here on out ARM64 users will have to either guess or support each other. Thanks again.

      • Isa Altintas

        Getting the same error for: Five-Column SB and Bigify. I’m trying some tweaks out. Really want yourtube.

      • Joe Benning

        Here is a list Reddit has going. You’ll see it in the first post. Not perfect but a decent list.


  • Manu Bulteau

    I was reading this page on my iphone and without touching anything it switched to appstore app on Candy Crush… And it’s not the first time it happens. Explanation please.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Seems to only b happening whn I look at certain tweaks in ‘insanelyi’ repo.

  • I hate it how it blurs out the centre when watching a video. This tweak is needed.

  • moabbikr

    Not working on at&t 5s

    • Jdgg84

      due to the 64 bit hardware, check back after updates

  • Luism27

    I hope they update this tweak soon with 64-Bit Support.


    Anyone can’t add the repo for icleanerpro?

  • Igor Carrasco Holgado

    no working in iphone 4 whit ios 7

  • JMM5184

    Working fine on my iPhone 5s

  • Baber Hanif


  • Baber Hanif

    Faishol claxixb u r good