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For the past month or so, we’ve been compiling lists of what we think are the best apps of 2013. Divided into specific categories, each list is composed of 10 apps handpicked by iDB editors. For each category, iDB readers were able to vote for their favorite app, helping us come up with what we believe to be the best of the best apps of 2013.

In order to be eligible, apps had to have been released in 2013. This ensured that we were putting new apps under the spotlight, rather than always seeing the same ones at the top.

With your help, we present you the best of the best apps of 2013…

Photo apps

If you’ve been reading iDownloadBlog for a while, you probably already know that iPhone photography holds a dear spot in our hearts, as we often review photography apps, or share photography tips with you. As a matter of fact, we’re so into it that we created a dedicated iPhone photography page on iDB, featuring tutorials, tips, and our favorite apps.

Best photo app: ProCamera 7

Procamera 7

Runner up: Tadaa SLR

Weather apps

The best weather app of 2013 won’t really come as a surprise as it is a free app that has been iPhone users’ favorite every since it launched earlier this year. It must be noted that the runner up was a distant second favorite, barely gathering 6% of total votes.

Best weather app: Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather photo description

Runner up: NOAA Weather Radar

Health & fitness apps

With the end of the year come good resolutions for the twelve months ahead, and if getting in shape is part of your 2014 goals, then you owe it to yourself to check out these apps that iDB readers consider to be the best of the year.

Best health & fitness app: Nike+ Move

Nike+ Move 1

Runner up: Moves

Productivity apps

If your new year resolution is to get more organized, maybe you need to pick up a few apps to help in your daily endeavors. Having a better assistant might just be the sidekick you need. We had four very strong contenders for this category and they all came very close to each other, but only one can claim the top spot.

Best productivity app: Donna


Runner up: Fantastical 2

Music apps

With iOS 7, Apple gave a complete facelift to the stock music app, but it apparently wasn’t enough for our readers who picked two music players as their favorite music apps of 2013. Once again, the two favorites were really close to each other, only separated by a handful of votes. Interestingly enough, both apps are free.

Best music app: Beat

Beat - Music Player

Runner up: Listen

Social networking apps

Whether you’re into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or any other social network, there sure is an app out there that will fit your specific needs. This category’s readers’ choice will come as no surprise, gathering almost half of all votes.

Best social networking app: Tweetbot 3

tweetbot 3

Runner up: Vine


The games category is probably the largest one in the App Store, making it even harder for everybody to have one particular favorite. This was pretty clear looking at the results of this poll where the top 2 games both gathered about one quarter of total votes.

Best game: Infinity Blade III


Runner up: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

News apps

No matter how you prefer to consume content, chances are there is an app for that in the App Store. While some prefer the comfort of a good old RSS reader, other might want to experiment with new ways to get their news delivered straight to their iOS device. If anything, the death of Google Reader earlier in 2013 allowed the News app category to see an influx of brand new apps and come up with new ideas.

Best news app: Reeder 2

Reeder 2

Runner up: Sylfeed

  • Icarus

    Game of the year is The Walking Dead 2. That is all.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      For me it would be super hexagon, but walking dead 2 would come second or third

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪


      • e1ghtSpace

        And I thought Impossible Road was fun…

    • Liam Mulcahy

      I prefer GTA san andreas

  • Merman123


  • Abdl

    How about the overall best app of the year… Cydia!!

    • iPT MSTR


  • iPT MSTR

    happy new year!!! Its 2014 here in India

  • Preet Patel

    Happy new year from Fiji.. The first country to start the new year

    • box office

      cool I’m talking to a man from the future , I’m still in 2013 and you’re in 2014

      • Preet Patel

        Yea in 2014 I see idb getting more bigger and better

      • e1ghtSpace

        Me too

  • mrloko

    Is there any tweak to make the control centre in iphone 4 translucent like in higher models ? Its all grey control centre in iphone 4

    • e1ghtSpace

      Don’t forget the iPad 2! 🙂

    • Julio

      Iphone4parallax to activate your also going to need hiddensettings7

    • Sin

      CCQuick let’s you change the color plus several other very handy features. I think Jeff wrote an article about it about a week ago. It also opens access to the integrated springboard settings without having to install the desperate tweak that was released a little over a week or do ago.

  • e1ghtSpace

    Someone should make a tweak that can launch apps depending on what finger you use to unlock your phone. It would be a great time saver. I’m sure lots of people would use it.

    • Tope

      No. It sounds good but in reality people would forget they even had the tweak or they would forget which finger is which.

    • Noaaahh

      I’m not sure if that’d be possible?

    • Shiios Avila

      Sounds plauisuble to me, quite creative too. Unlock for thumb then camera app for index finger.

  • Waleed

    I have been using Procamera7
    Now will download GTA san andreas. I thinkh its cool game. 🙂

  • Sandy Cook

    Yahoo Weather sucks balls outside of the USA