New tweak promises turn-by-turn navigation for unsupported countries

By , Dec 30, 2013


One of the downsides of Apple’s Maps app is that it doesn’t support turn-by-turn directions for all countries. A new jailbreak tweak is promising to fix the lack of turn-by-turn support within Apple maps, and it was just released on Cydia. Appropriately entitled MapsAllCountries, this new jailbreak tweak is available for iOS 6 and iOS 7 users who are jailbroken. Have a look past the break for more details.

MapsAllCountries 02

Unfortunately, or, actually, not unfortunately, I live in a place where turn by turn is enabled by default. This means that I’m unable to test the claims of the tweak myself, but I was hoping that with iDB’s international audience, a reader would be able to verify the validity of the tweak’s claims.

If you’re in a country where Apple does not yet support turn-by-turn in its Maps app, then please head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and download MapsAllCountries. It’s a free download, and it features no options or complicated setup. In other words, after installation, it should just work.

Please share what you find in the comment section below, as we’re anxious to hear how it works.

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  • matthewmspace

    While this is good, do you really want to use Apple Maps?

    • Modest

      Works perfectly for me.

    • Damian W

      agreed. No matter how much i try use apple maps i remain unconvinced of its efficiency when compared to google or other standard GPS apps.

  • Ton Dijan

    wow! I live in Brazil … really works

    • Rafael Costa

      It does! I’m Brazilian, I first tested it on Sao Paulo. ;)

  • alex

    Here in Brazil, this tweak is working perfectly.

    • Rafael Costa

      Thanks for the report :)

  • Syed

    Not working
    Country – India

    • Marnix Robyns

      what phone do you have iphone 4 doesn’t have turn by turn

      • Syed

        iPhone 5

      • Syed

        iPhone 5

      • Rafael Costa

        Sad to head that. The tweaks activates turn-by-turn on countries that Apple is ready to do so, but simply won’t. That’s why it works in some countries and in some it doesn’t.

      • Sam

        Yup.. Just tested on an iPhone 4s and an iPhone 5.. Does NOT work in India.

      • Sumit Agnihotri

        not working in india

      • Ghaith Al Hami

        Same thing
        iPhone 4S country Jordan

  • Jojourena

    Does it work on 5s?

    • Rafael Costa

      No. It still relies on MobileSubstrate (which has not yet been updated for 64bit)

  • Saulo Benigno

    Worked for me here on Brazil :), iPhone 4s, iOS 6

    • Rafael Costa


  • miro21

    Works perfectly here in algeria

    • chumawumba

      Thanks for the image, it really helped

      • miro21

        You’re welcome :)

  • leart

    The best would be a tweak that makes the google map the default one and all the apps can use them instead of the apple map.

    • jahanzeb aamir

      So looking forward to that … There’s no way to set your chosen map as default map. Offline maps like Navigon as default will be awesome which is integrated with all the social apps.

  • Ana Paula

    Installed… but it will be hard to test right now..
    Next year I tell you
    Oh.. I’m from Brazil and I’m happy with Google Maps for instance…

  • Rafael Costa

    Works in Brazil!

    BTW, thanks for the post iDB! You guys rock!

  • Andrew

    Holy shit….. this works in Cyprus omg…

  • n0ahcruz3

    Candidate for tweak of the year? If it works? ;P

  • Oscar Mendieta

    it doesn’t work here in Bolivia :(

  • Reyas Mohammed

    I prefer Google maps… Apple maps is worst in India…

  • Ghaith Al Hami

    It’s not working here ( Jordan )

    • obada

      الاردن أخرا بلد
      كيف بدك ياها تشتغل !!

      • Ghaith Al Hami

        يا زلمه قول انشالله تشتغل

      • obada

        ولك شو بدك بخرائط ابل
        افتح google maps

      • Ghaith Al Hami

        ابل ولا بعد :P

      • obada

        الله يعينكم على ملك الأردن

  • …. H & M….

    Wow, it works here in Bosnia! Thanks.

  • Al3basi

    still not working in Bahrain :(

  • Abood Imtair

    iphone 5s doesnt work in jordan :(

  • Chan

    Doesn’t work in Sri Lanka. Apple has updated most of the roads now but it still cannot be used to navigate as Google Maps does ;-(

  • João Pedro

    DIdin’t work for me ! I live in Brazil btw

    • Rafael Costa


  • Franco Gutiérrez

    Does it work for Google Maps? In Chile neither Apple Maps nor Google Maps are supported for turn-by-turn.

    EDIT: Aaaand tweaks works fine in Chile, Google Maps still the same…