One of the downsides of Apple’s Maps app is that it doesn’t support turn-by-turn directions for all countries. A new jailbreak tweak is promising to fix the lack of turn-by-turn support within Apple maps, and it was just released on Cydia. Appropriately entitled MapsAllCountries, this new jailbreak tweak is available for iOS 6 and iOS 7 users who are jailbroken. Have a look past the break for more details.

MapsAllCountries 02

Unfortunately, or, actually, not unfortunately, I live in a place where turn by turn is enabled by default. This means that I’m unable to test the claims of the tweak myself, but I was hoping that with iDB’s international audience, a reader would be able to verify the validity of the tweak’s claims.

If you’re in a country where Apple does not yet support turn-by-turn in its Maps app, then please head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and download MapsAllCountries. It’s a free download, and it features no options or complicated setup. In other words, after installation, it should just work.

Please share what you find in the comment section below, as we’re anxious to hear how it works.

  • While this is good, do you really want to use Apple Maps?

    • Modest

      Works perfectly for me.

    • Damian W

      agreed. No matter how much i try use apple maps i remain unconvinced of its efficiency when compared to google or other standard GPS apps.

  • Ton Dijan

    wow! I live in Brazil … really works

    • Rafael Costa

      It does! I’m Brazilian, I first tested it on Sao Paulo.

  • alex

    Here in Brazil, this tweak is working perfectly.

    • Rafael Costa

      Thanks for the report 🙂

  • Syed

    Not working
    Country – India

    • Marnix Robyns

      what phone do you have iphone 4 doesn’t have turn by turn

      • Syed

        iPhone 5

      • Syed

        iPhone 5

      • Rafael Costa

        Sad to head that. The tweaks activates turn-by-turn on countries that Apple is ready to do so, but simply won’t. That’s why it works in some countries and in some it doesn’t.

      • Sam

        Yup.. Just tested on an iPhone 4s and an iPhone 5.. Does NOT work in India.

      • Sumit Agnihotri

        not working in india

      • Same thing
        iPhone 4S country Jordan

  • Jojourena

    Does it work on 5s?

    • Rafael Costa

      No. It still relies on MobileSubstrate (which has not yet been updated for 64bit)

  • Worked for me here on Brazil :), iPhone 4s, iOS 6

    • Rafael Costa


  • miro21

    Works perfectly here in algeria

    • chumawumba

      Thanks for the image, it really helped

      • miro21

        You’re welcome 🙂

  • leart

    The best would be a tweak that makes the google map the default one and all the apps can use them instead of the apple map.

    • jahanzeb aamir

      So looking forward to that … There’s no way to set your chosen map as default map. Offline maps like Navigon as default will be awesome which is integrated with all the social apps.

  • Ana Paula

    Installed… but it will be hard to test right now..
    Next year I tell you
    Oh.. I’m from Brazil and I’m happy with Google Maps for instance…

  • Rafael Costa

    Works in Brazil!

    BTW, thanks for the post iDB! You guys rock!

  • Andrew

    Holy shit….. this works in Cyprus omg…

    • Lykoz

      Hi I have been wondering why my turn by turn voice nav does not work in Cyprus for android or iPhone.

      I don’t have cracked versions of anything…
      So I guess it’s normal for it not to work and there is nothing wrong with those phones?

      Also why is Google maps not available in Cyprus apple App Store.

      A reply would really help me out, as info is scarce to find on the Internet on Cyprus specific problems.
      Thank you for your time.

      17 March 2015 ios8

      • Andrew

        Tried installing MapsAllCountries?

      • Lykoz

        Don’t know what that is.. Looked for it in App Store did not really find anything.

        Using iPhone 6 + now not cracked, and don’t want to crack it.

        So no voice nav is the norm in Cyprus?
        it does not exist?

      • Andrew

        Nope. Also, by “cracking” you actually mean jailbreaking? If so, why don’t you want to jailbreak?

      • Lykoz

        Because I have a nice apple ecosystem and I don’t want to jeopardize that to save very few euro.

        There are enough apple legitimate bugs and headaches to worry me.

        The last thing I need is for more to crop up. Not to mention I am cutting of the mtn service provider warranty by jailbreaking.

        I don’t want a crack berry… Yes crack is a correct term. You need to upgrade your vocabulary a bit.

        I come from an open android system and I am happy with apples closed system.

        Anyways that’s a personal choice.

        I was asking different questions.

        You have not been helpful at all.

        Typical Cypriot response.

      • Andrew

        How could I be more helpful? You asked “So no voice nav is the norm in Cyprus?it does not exist?” And I said nope. The only solution is to jailbreak. I’m jailbroken and My MTN service warranty isn’t void.
        ” don’t want to jeopardize that to save very few euro.”
        Jailbreak was never intended for cracked apps. I have none. I’m against piracy too. People here (country-wise) make jailbreak look like something that really slows down your device, nasty, insecure and complicated which is extremely ignorant and false. Jailbreaking is really simple and does not cause any bugs unless you install tweaks that aren’t compatible with your iOS version or some other tweaks. You can just jailbreak and only install MapsAllCountries. But you won’t because you’re ignorant, typical Cypriot, huh? ;P

      • Lykoz

        Ok well I am glad you are enjoying your jailbreak.

        Dont want to do it…

        So without jailbreak, the things I mentioned before are the norm in Cyprus? No apple/google maps support for cyprus?

        i.e. No voice navigation if you do things normally?

      • Andrew

        Yes. May I ask why in the world don’t you want to jailbreak?

      • Lykoz

        I answered some of that question earlier.

        Anyways here is another story. My old Samsung S3… Broke down completely after an update. It would not start at all. Took it to cytanet.. Was on warranty.
        I did a hart reset, and I accidentally said I ‘rooted’ the phone. He gave me a look and said oh no.. I am sorry that void’s the warranty.

        I quickly replied, sorry I did not mean to say root, I meant to say hard reset.

        So let me move on…
        I have a well working Mac+Iphone6+ now…
        Everything except the maps is working perfectly for me.
        I can still use maps.. Just no google maps or voice in apple maps.
        Either way. The phone is perfect. Continuity/handoff is working.. My accounts are perfectly synced.
        Basically I can do everything I want to do.

        The limitations I thought I would have with apple in the past just did not exist (one of reasons I got android before).

        Basically I am happy. I can get normal IOS8 updates, from apple. Buy the apps I want. Plenty of free too.

        I have heard on jailbreaks accepting an official update can offset your phone…
        Then there is family sharing.. Apple Pay may come one day to cyprus…

        I dont have the time or the patience to deal in ‘black market’ or unoficial glitches and problems that may arise. It does not make sense to me.

        Apple a great company have their own software glitches and failures. Now I must try 3rd parties and depend on them to get my phone in working order?
        What if something goes wrong…

        I could understand the need to do it a little bit, simply because I live in Cyprus and Cyprus is not an officially supported apple country… (At least not completely- still stumped on the why.. But anyways).

        My phone works… It works well.. My Mac-phone combo is perfect… I have no restrictions in integrating it with my google accounts either.. Or dropbox. etc..

        I am happy. I dont want anything more…
        Only thing that is getting on my nerves a bit is the apple voice nav/siri finding places in cyprus…
        And the fact that I cant download Google Maps.

        But I can still use apple NAv. It is pretty accurate.
        I dont need the extra headaches.
        I dont need something to go wrong that is out of my control.

      • Andrew

        “I accidentally said I ‘rooted’ the phone. He gave me a look and said oh no.. I am sorry that void’s the warranty.”

        If you don’t say you’re jailbroken they won’t do anything. My cousin was having problems with the signal and took it to MTN. My cousin mentioned that it’s jailbroken the girl there said “κόρη κοίτα! Εν jailbreak!! Wow!!”. They gave her a new one with no cost.

        “I have heard on jailbreaks accepting an official update can offset your phone…Then there is family sharing.. Apple Pay may come one day to cyprus…”

        After you jailbreak, OTA updating is disabled so you don’t mess anything.

        “I dont have the time or the patience to deal in ‘black market’ or unoficial glitches and problems that may arise. It does not make sense to me.”

        Again, if you jailbreak and ONLY install MapsAllCountries there is a 0% chance that glitches or stuff may arise. It doesn’t make sense.

        “Now I must try 3rd parties and depend on them to get my phone in working order?
        What if something goes wrong…”

        How would you depend on third parties to get your phone working? What do you mean? If something goes wrong you can go to the only Apple-Certified service provider in Cyprus, Greycom. That’s where I took my jailbroken 5s which had problems with Touch ID. They gave me a new one because I was under warranty.

        “I dont need something to go wrong that is out of my control.”

        Nothing will go wrong; it wouldn’t make sense if it went wrong simply because you would have only 1 tweak installed. If you need anything, I’m here 🙂 99719217

      • Lykoz

        Thanks. Was a bit harsh before.

        Anyways. Still happier with normal apple route.

        Also Greycom is official for Mac’s and other devices.
        They are not an official dealer/repair station for iPhone and repairs. You can check the apple website.

        There is no official iphone dealer in Cyprus…
        They are basically importing devices from other countries. Not directly from apple.

        By saying: “depend on 3rd parties’, you are getting updates from non-apple affiliated parties.

        You lose the safety and security that is apple, and everything they stand for.
        I would rather be backed by giants than a bunch of wise guys.

      • Andrew

        They are. I asked Apple over live chat about my 5s’s Touch ID not working everytime and they told me to go there and actually got a new phone.
        “By saying: “depend on 3rd parties’, you are getting updates from non-apple affiliated parties.

        You lose the safety and security that is apple, and everything they stand for.”
        You are not in any way getting iOS updates from third parties. You don’t lose ANY safety. Jailbreak just allows you to install checked and verified debian packages from Cydia. Unless you add any pirate repositories from Cydia there is zero chance that your device is less secure than a stock phone. Jailbroken devices are way different than rooted phones. Jailbroken devices are combining the customisation of Android and Apple’s simplicity. You’ll be truly amazed when you actually see the beauty of jailbreaking 🙂

      • Lykoz

        Oh on a side note thought about jailbreaking my apple tv3 as Cyprus has almost no channels.

        Not possible…

        People are saying jailbreaking to ios 8.2 onwards is also not possible.

        So you are also running an older version of iOS right now…

        Good luck in getting your phone updated.
        Apple patched up some big vulnerabilities that made jailbreaking possible..

        Ios8 brought us continuity and hand off… This even works on older phones and I love it… (Shows apples great support on older models)

        What would happen if I got stuck without it because of a stupid ‘smart guy’ decision?

        Again good luck in getting any more iOS updates…

        Apple tv 3 has been impossible to jailbreak for over a year and it is still impossible.

        Yet another reason while jailbreaking is a silly thing to do.. Esp if you have an apple ecosystem.

      • Andrew

        Are kidding me? What in the world has the Apple TV 3 have to do with your argument? The reason why an Apple TV 3 jailbreak is not possible is because of the incredibly small number of services that it has. I’m running 8.1.2 and couldn’t be happier. There are no real differences between it and 8.2 (unless you have an Apple Watch). A jailbreak is on the way for that firmware and what in the world are you talking about? Updating is really simple; Backup restore and restore from backup. That takes no longer than 1 minute of clicking and 15 minutes of waiting from your life. Things are way simpler than people here make it look like. Another sign of ignorance. Sigh, when will we learn?

      • Lykoz

        Also don’t be naive to the problems.
        If you want to do it..
        Do it..
        But don’t go recommending it to other users.
        There are thousands of bad experience cases.

        Just google:
        jailbreak destroyed my phone

        (You don’t even need to enter the full sentence – it’s a big hit on Google… It will complete the sentence for you)

      • Andrew

        None of those people installe donly ONE tweak and that’s a long time ago. A child died of e-coli from McDonald’s a long time ago, will you stop going to McDonald’s?

      • Andrew

        Also, Whatever you do on an iOS device there is absolutely NO chance that you can’t restore it and bring it back to its normal state. That’s the beauty of Apple products, iOS devices are not brickable in any way.

      • Lykoz

        Google: jailbreak destroyed my phone

        Hear some people horror stories.
        In the jailbreaking websites you visit, read some of the users begging for help after a bad update to a jailbroken phone, begging for help in the comments, and nobody replying.

        Not like they can visit the apple forums. Or talk to customer support about it.

        You are stuck, depending on people winging things.

        Cyprus is a nation of people who try find a way around everything.
        Kai meta, otan tin patisoun… Ftene Oi Germani kai oi troika…

        So many people have rooted phones this side.
        I dont get it.
        There is a reason no official apple store maintains a waranty on a jailbroken phone (Jailbreaking is completely legal by the way.. So its not that).

        I still wonder why cyprus still does not have proper google support…
        I mean is the internet not important for productivity? Can the authorities not sort it out?
        Just recently Obama was talking about upgrading boradband across the nation to increase productivity.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Candidate for tweak of the year? If it works? ;P

  • Oscar Mendieta

    it doesn’t work here in Bolivia 🙁

  • Reyas Mohammed

    I prefer Google maps… Apple maps is worst in India…

  • It’s not working here ( Jordan )

    • obada

      الاردن أخرا بلد
      كيف بدك ياها تشتغل !!

      • يا زلمه قول انشالله تشتغل

      • obada

        ولك شو بدك بخرائط ابل
        افتح google maps

      • ابل ولا بعد 😛

      • obada

        الله يعينكم على ملك الأردن

  • …. H & M….

    Wow, it works here in Bosnia! Thanks.

  • Al3basi

    still not working in Bahrain 🙁

  • Abood Imtair

    iphone 5s doesnt work in jordan 🙁

  • Chan

    Doesn’t work in Sri Lanka. Apple has updated most of the roads now but it still cannot be used to navigate as Google Maps does ;-(

  • João Pedro

    DIdin’t work for me ! I live in Brazil btw

    • Rafael Costa


  • Franco Gutiérrez

    Does it work for Google Maps? In Chile neither Apple Maps nor Google Maps are supported for turn-by-turn.

    EDIT: Aaaand tweaks works fine in Chile, Google Maps still the same…

  • Andrew

    AppleCare has nothing to do with Authorized service providers. See for yourself:

    “Cydia is exploiting flaws in the software trying to get ahead of the software..”

    Cydia is an APT browser. It has nothing to do with security flaws nor jailbreaking. You are talking about the jailbreak program. The last 4 jailbreaks were possible only because Apple failed to properly fix the SAME security flaws the last 4 jailbreaks used. “What do you mean by “last exploit”? I’ll find another one today, tomorrow, everytime. As long as new features are added, there’ll be no last exploit.” quote from Geohot the guy who made the first jailbreak 8 years ago.

    “Hear some people horror stories.”

    What in the world are you talking about? Whatever shit you do on your device you can ALWAYS restore and revert back to your normal state. What do you find confusing here? Keep in mind that none of the people who share their “horror stories” had only ONE simple tweak installed. What do you again find confusing here buddy?
    I agree with the rest of your comment(s).

  • Andrew

    Oh. Why do you call it fake?

    • Lykoz

      Eh tried to edit it later. And lost the post. Disqus is annoying.

      Its not fake.. Just not legit google or apple… I dont even know what it is…

      Oh and with google voice together with google maps, I can now talk and find places in cyprus 🙂 awesome.

      Still no voice nav.. But thats overated anyways. I prefer listening to music rather than a voice interrupting.

      • Andrew

        “Just not legit google or apple”

        It’s a tweak. It changes the “False” value in the Maps plist to “True”. That’s it.

      • Lykoz

        To achieve what?

      • Andrew

        Turn by Turn navigation for countries like Cyprus.

      • Lykoz

        But how can the voice be accurate.. When the turns are not accurate.

        I realised that there is inconsistency in the non-voice turn by turn navigation. It does not re-lay or update accurately in accordance with your location on the map.

        I managed to get google maps also, by creating an american acount. There is a new option, where you don’t have to put in banking details to create a US account. So I just put in a McDonalds physical adress in US.

        So i can download the free US apps like google maps.

      • Andrew

        It’s not a new feature. It was always there FYI.

      • Lykoz

        8.3 just released. Awesome update so many bugs fixed. From landscape to wifi…
        New photo integration on iCloud..

        Now you are not even on 8.2… Jailbreaking community falling behind it looks like..

        You asked why I dont jailbreak? Another reason not to…

  • Lykoz

    Not true.. The iPhoto app was made available in osx yosemtite… Together with ios 8.3 integration…
    A big reason I decided to move from Android was this synergy. The way photos are transfered to my mac is MUCH better now…. Before I was using Dropbox… Apples stuff was just not good enough before 8.3.

    I believe 8.2 was also huge in getting handoff/continuity to work properly amongst my devices.

    You are right I don’t care for the Apple watch..

    Also lots of bug fixes… For example I use my phone in car as GPS (don’t have car play but they also updated that). Now in the car everytime I played iTunes… The rotation on landscape mode was broken and it would not set when I switch apps (I.e. Maps to itunes) that is fixed…

    They also fixed a bug where sometimes if my WiFi dropped at home the cellular data just started… I once used up all my cellular data in a day because of this glitch… THAT is also fixed now..

    Ios 8.3 is a major stability/bug fix update…

    Also some 6 plus had a problem with slow WiFi… That was also fixed…

    Most of these fixes directly helped me personally. The full list of fixes is for everyone to see…

    Those fixes I mentioned increased my personal experience substantially…

    • Dee

      Lykoz, is that you? Are you banned permanently or what? Falkosmom.

    • Andrew

      What “not true”? I said that iCloud Photo Library was availablle since iOS 7.0 which is right. I didn’t mention OS X.

      “Together with ios 8.3 integration” What integration? I can do whatever you can do with your iPhone and your Mac with my iPhone and my Mac as well. Continuity and Handoff have worked flawlessly since ever for me.

      “Apples stuff was just not good enough before 8.3.”

      WTF are you talking about? Here’s what’s new in 8.2: CarPlay & AppleWatch. Here’s what’s new in 8.3: Several bug fixes which 2 of them were truly useful to you. Nothing else. Absolutely nothing else.

      • Lykoz

        What the update did is clearly written up. Go look at it.

        They made significant progress in the ecosystem functioning better.

        No point of this discussion if you don’t own a Mac with regards to iPhoto and Yosemite…

        In any case you did not say much about the landscape fix which is huge for me. Or the multiple wifi fixed.. Also huge.

        At the end of the day you are naive to think that all the work apple did since 8.1 is meaningless. You might as well go buy a blackberry.

        The apps are also all being updated to latest os versions.

      • Andrew

        I never said Apple’s work is meaningless; I just said it’s not worth to lose all my tweaks.

        “No point of this discussion if you don’t own a Mac with regards to iPhoto and Yosemite…”

        Where th did you hear that from? Did you even read my whole comment? I said that Continuity, Handoff and now iCloud Photo Library work flawlessly for me. iCloud Photo Library was new only in OS X. It’s been in iOS since 7.0.

        “The apps are also all being updated to latest os versions”