Cydia running iPhone 5s

While much of the emphasis has been placed on the arrival of popular jailbreak tweaks such as BiteSMS and Zeppelin, a number of lesser-known iOS extensions have also been released or updated for iOS 7 in recent days. Before you get too excited, remember that these tweaks are incompatible with the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and second-generation iPad mini until a MobileSubstrate update arrives. But if you are still rocking an older iOS device, read ahead for a quick look at five tweaks to explore this weekend…



While it has not officially been updated with iOS 7 support, Emphasize still allows you to customize the color of app labels, toggle switches and many other UI elements. Once installed, navigate to the Emphasize menu in Settings and you can select from a long list of color schemes: graphite, butter, orange, chocolate, chameleon, sky blue, plum, scarlet red, viridian, olive, steel, sienna, watercolor and hot pink. This tweak works flawlessly on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4, although your personal mileage may vary. Emphasize, the work of iOS developer Ryan Petrich, is available on Cydia under his repository.



The purpose of this jailbreak tweak is simple — it allows you to hide icon labels. The tweak includes other options for the rotation angle, transparency and scaling of the dock and icons, but developers John Corbett and Joel Einbinder are still working on an iOS 7 update for those features. According to Einbinder, the new build should be released in just a few days. Bigify is a free package on Cydia from the default BigBoss repository.



iPhone and iPod touch users looking to simplify their device setup should find good use in TabLess, a new jailbreak tweak for iOS 7 that removes the two pull tabs from the Lock screen. Control Center and Notification Center are still accessible by swiping the top or bottom of the screen, just without those obtrusive grabbers in the way. If you like to theme your device, this tweak is especially useful. TabLess can be installed for free on Cydia in the default ModMyi repository.



Notification Center on iOS 7 has three tabs: all, today, and missed. As you would expect by it name, NCAllOnly is a basic jailbreak tweak that removes the “today” and “missed” tabs entirely, leaving you with just the “all” screen as it used to be on iOS 6. Simple, but useful. This is another tweak that probably caters towards themers, and can be installed for free on Cydia on the BigBoss repository.

iCleaner Pro

iCleaner Pro

Jailbreaking your device can take up a lot of space, and that is where iCleaner Pro comes in handy. Recently optimized for iOS 7, this jailbreak tweak scans the iOS filesystem to find and remove unnecessary files, such as large app caches from Safari, log files, temporary files, and Cydia package remnants.

iCleaner Pro 7.1 was released as a beta for iOS 7, and the developers are currently looking for feedback on the new version. You can install iCleaner Pro 7.1 on Cydia by adding the repository to your sources. As with any tweak, backing up your device to iTunes or iCloud is highly recommended.

  • Ryan W

    My search results for emphasize. is there a repo for this

  • archon

    emphasize is non existent for some reason cant find it need help!!!

  • elisa hidalgo

    Hello, I have an iPhone 4S and downloaded some of the tweaks on this list. None of them appear to be working, and if they’re supposed to come up on Settings they arent there either.
    What should I do?

  • CaptinCamel

    When I downloaded themes onto the winterboard they don’t work even after I check them is there something I’m not doing

  • something killed my weather data on the notification screen under the date….

    • Chrissy Robinson

      Reset your settings. It will fix it. Just your settings. You won’t lose major things, just your set ringtones, etc.

  • Sanjeev

    Ppl any news about middlewhat or facetime hactivator?
    Is it working for any1???

  • Mike Johnson

    Jailbroke iPhone 5c the day after evad3rs released the jailbreak for 7.0.4 couldn’t get anything to work for awhile, reinstalled mobile substrate and winterboard still wasn’t working and 5 icon dock would appear for awhile then disappear. Then things started working a bit smoother, winterboard works strong and haven’t had much trouble beside the tweaks that haven’t been updated yet.

  • Abid daghlawi

    Or download mobile substrate fix

  • Solex

    Am using iPhone 5 with ios7.0.4 and Bigify and Vuziq will not work for me what can I do? Morning pals.

  • Giggety68

    I hav no problem on ios 7.0.4 with mobilesubstrate on my ipodtouch 5 it runs very smoothly , it’s not really a big deal for me to reinstall mobilesubstrate

  • yash man

    has anyone noticed that installing barrell creates mobile substrate problems?

  • Blake Antil

    None of my tweaks or Cydia or WinterBoard are showing up in my Settings menu. So none of my tweaks or themes are working. Can someone help me out!?

    • SOP

      Install parrotgeek.netand download the fix for mobile substrate it works i had the problem you had but nkt anymore!:)

    • Barry Rubin

      Reinstall mobile substrate and the. Preferenceloader. !!

  • sahil

    Guys Help! . I jailbroke my Iphone 5 on ios 7.0.4 today. Too many bugs… I want to go back to my original settings. I tried restoring on itunes but it says theres not enough memory to resore. I have 4.5 gb available. Pls suggest a way to go back to original setting but the restore is not working. I tried using ibackupbot without any luck 🙁

    • sahil

      PLS HELP !!!

  • Now on to theme… and maybe some battery tweaks … THANKS GUYS!

  • kiko p

    where did u get that wallpaper?

  • reinis kaspars

    Settings crash on my Ipad mini when im trying to change password. Killed all apps and restarted the device but still keeps crashing….help !

  • Steve Nana Kojo Sam

    how about caller id fixer?

  • Huntz

    NCAllOnly removes weather completely so that is kind of lame. Also it renders tweaks like the iOS7 share widget non-existent. Had to uninstall to fix everything.

  • Rot Kelfer

    Tabless doesnt work on 5s 7.0.4…

  • mon

    i cant change my homescreen picture ;( because i have changed my them using winterboard, just turned into gray colored background can somebody help me?

  • Hossein

    How can i add color to emphasize?such as yellow…

  • Rot Kelfer

    I can’t get Tabless to work. I’m on 5S, 704.

  • Bigify+ is cool, but it’s more unstable than the San Andreas fault line.

  • Emphasize doesn’t work on iPhone 5s