Zeppelin Batman

iPhone users that wish to replace AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or another carrier logo with a custom one will be happy to hear that Zeppelin has been updated to support iOS 7. The useful tweak can be enabled or disabled from a menu in the Settings app, without a respring required, and comes with over a dozen preinstalled logos to choose from. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… 

The default logos that come with Zeppelin, the work of iOS developer Alex Zielenski, include the following: Abstergo, Android, Aperture Science, Apple, Assassin’s Creed, Autobots, Batman, Beats By Dre, Cloud, Dark Knight, Deceptions, Nike, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Storm Trooper, Superman, Triforce, and Windows. A large number of custom icon packs are also available on Cydia, but still need updates for iOS 7.

Zeppelin logos

Zielenski is still finalizing the new theme format for iOS 7 logos, although you can still install your own custom logos manually using iFile. Navigate to /Library/Zeppelin and add your logos in this format. If you choose to go that route, be sure to check out our custom iDownloadBlog logos for Zeppelin or even our tutorial on creating your own. The possibilities are virtually endless.

It is important to understand that any manual changes you make to the iOS filesystem could potentially cause problems, so it is highly recommended that you always backup your device to iTunes or iCloud beforehand. Zeppelin for iOS 7 is available as a free download on Cydia by adding the repository repo.alexzielenski.com to your sources. The update should also be available soon in the ModMyi repo. Note that this tweak, like any other tweak, will not work with A7 devices.

Be sure to share your new home screens in the comments.

  • siuagdiufh

    my zeppelin is working on my ipod touch 5th generation

  • jackdawak

    Should i be waiting for a more stable version of the jailbreak to be released or is this it? Will Cydia be updated within the app itself?

    • noaaahh

      I would wait, most tweaks are incompatible (especially, A7 devices) Cydia is currently at version 1.1.9 (iOS 7 UI) and Saurik has noted he will be improving on this after Mobile Substrate is ready for all devices, including iPhone 5s

  • Myles

    Am I the only one who’s not getting configuration menus for my tweaks? Including this one. The configuration menu that should be in my settings app is not there.

    • MastaBuild▲

      Nope you’re not.. The only way to get around that right now is reinstall mobile substrate and preference loader by hitting simple at the top right in the package section of cydia. Your tweaks will start working and you can see the settings, but once that happens safari stops working. For me at least.
      Then you have to hard reset the phone, safari comes back but then the tweaks disappear again.

    • noaaahh

      You must reinstall Mobile Substrate for the time being.
      Cydia > Manage > Packages > Mobile Substrate > Modify (top right) > Reinstall. This will redownload Mobile Substrate and do a respring. Zeppelin will now be seen in Settings.

  • Bob

    no one cares, fix mobile substrate.

  • Xinan

    The Real Pac Man!

    • ErickMatheus

      Hey man, how i get this awesome pacman logo? Thanks

      • Xinan

        I made it from the pac-man that comes with Zeppelin. I erased the dots and flip it over.

      • ErickMatheus

        I liked, you can upload this and how i install? I would be grateful, thanks man.

      • Xinan

        It seems that I can’t post links here 🙁

      • ErickMatheus

        Send email, please. erickmatheus629@gmail.com

  • Endriu Andrei

    ios 7 its full of bugs

  • Giggety68

    My ipodtouch 5 works fine activator works, lock screen took works
    It’s just sometimes the stupid mobile substrate totally fails

  • iPhone Lover

    Just want to know whether the option to completely remove the carrier name (no logo or name whatsoever) is still there ? Because i like it that way.

    • Jimmy Velletta

      Yes you can

  • illK†Δ

    Didn’t work on my 4S or 4 both 7.0.4
    5s only runs f.lux, but that’s all I need 😀

    • Lance Baker

      Doesn’t that install substrate though?

      • Oscar Mendieta

        f.lux does not require MS. that’s why it works on 5s

      • Lance Baker

        Right. But mobile substrate is one of the packages that automatically installs along with f.lux. Does that just automatically happen when installing the first tweak? I can’t recall from my last jailbreak.

  • Y2J

    Can someone help me, please? 🙂

    None of the cydia tweaks/apps that need to be configured in the settings show up. It’s just all of the default settings. Thanks

    • daveholiday

      I’m in the same boat.

      iPhone 4s, 7.0.4, evasi0n7

      tried reinstalling mobile substrate, substrate safemode, preference loader, and I have bootstrap installed. Hard reset/reboot/respring does nothing aside from occasionally making my wallpaper gray.

      • Y2J

        Yeah, I had to uninstall most of my tweaks (Zeppelin, WinterBoard, Activator, ect.) because I couldn’t get out of safe mode. This is the most disappointed I’ve ever been with a jailbreak. I get that it’s not Saurik fault, and that it’ll be fixed in a few weeks, but it still sucks.

      • daveholiday

        I don’t get why everyone’s phones are acting differently, some phones are working sort of, some aren’t doing shit. You couldn’t get out of safemode, I’ve still got winterboard, activator, and a handful of other basic things, but I don’t get stuck in safemode until I try zeppelin.

      • Y2J

        Yeah it’s really weird. Another weird thing was after I installed Zeppelin, before respringing, I went to WinterBoard and enabled a them and it worked… But only in safe mode… Lol, I don’t know what the deal is.

  • Jernel

    Not sure if this tweak is good to go without mobile substrate.

  • kelvis

    i did it and works thank you

    • iFLoWx7

      no prob.

  • Sin

    Is there a place to see/submit progress/status updates for the JB tweaks that are currently not supported for iOS 7 but diligently being worked on rather than waiting for iDB to post an article for each one? ETAs would be super nice, too, but I’m not greedy :-D.

  • Charles Chin

    Ok, i downloaded the latest 2.0 zappelin and i can access it.

    1. im on ios 7 A6 device
    2. after download the icon wont appear
    3. its not in the settings menu either.


  • Tarık Rençber

    Is there any way to make it on non-jailbroken devices as before?

  • Ziggie09

    I want this wallpaper!!

  • Radio Callejero

    NOne of my cydia teaks will work why?? can someone pls reply thanx its an iphone 5 .. all downloads great but it just won’t work grrrrrrrrr helpppppppppp

  • Өнөрболд Жигмэддагва

    When i installing custom logo from cydia. it does not show into Themes. Also tried to rename new theme to Windows or batman

  • Dennis Gerke

    I’m on iOS7 with an iPhone 5. My downloaded tweaks not showing up in the
    settings. Already reinstalled the preferenceloader and rebooted but
    nothing changed. Any idea to fix this?

    • Anh Phan

      Try reinstalling Mobile Substrate, too.

      • Dennis Gerke

        I did. But no results, though

        I guess the best option is to wait 😀

  • archon

    ya i jailbroke my iphone 4s yesterday on ios 7.0.4 almost nothing works and i feel i have wasted my time can someone plz tell me what actually works because i have been digging through the net have found like twenty different lists of what are supposed to be ios 7 supported tweaks i download them and one they dont show up the ones that say they dont need configuration dont show up nor does their affects take place its getting fustrating using up my bandwidth for basically false promises of ios 7 supported tweaks

  • I found this “beta” – in a repo that distributes stolen cYdia apps. Any idea where the real repo is?

  • Jed Supple

    How do I enable cydia tweaks through the settings app. And is the settings app the built in settings or do you have to download something new?

  • Sean

    Does anyone know what will work with my 4s iOS 7.0.4 ?

  • nyjumpman23

    is anyone having an issue with ZEPPELIN not showing up in SETTINGS menu?

  • Darryn Fisher

    Zeppelin is also not working for me on Iphone 5, after installing and then re spring my phone seems to hang for an age on the apple logo screen then eventually once booted the phone is in “Safe Mode”. I have re installed “mobile substrate” many times as well as “substrate safe mode” also after reboot cannot unlock the phone, the unlock slider is stuck does not move till eventually after about 5 reboots I am able to unlock. All my other cydia tweaks work and am desperate to get Zeppelin working now

  • Kyle Varner

    Anybody know why 5c isn’t working either??

    • Kyle Varner

      I updated respring and reboot but it’s not showing up in my settings at all

  • leafsfan85

    I am trying to load the NHL Teams logos from cydia with no success. Is this because this pack hasn’t been updated? Really all I’m looking for is the Leafs logo… Could anyone update or instruct me on how to do this (if relatively easy) so I can get it on my phone? (Yea… So I’m a Leafs fan. One of these days it will pay off! :p)

  • Jake Karl

    ok so i clicked o the logo i want and it doesnt pop up i hav ios 7 and it doesnt pop up

  • Dahmon Tornatore

    Um, i don’t like the new zeppelin, because if the new way it works on ios 7 you cant get colour icons working. please, any help?

  • Silithas

    I tried to make my own, but at first it only appeared on black background.. and now it’s labeled as “none” and no logo appears… tried to reinstall and all, but still a no go..

  • Candice

    I have tried everything to get zeppelin working,Is it working for anyone with a iphone 5s?What am I doing wrong.

  • Angel Sifuentes

    I have a problem with zeppelin I try to download it since people say it updated to I tap install in it say HTTP/1.404 NOT FOUND like really -_- and im working on a iphone 4??? any answers

  • TonyVee73

    Is there a way to make Zeppelin work on an iPhone 4 with no service?

  • TonyVee73

    I have an iPhone 4 that has no cellular service. I basically use it as an iPod. How can I get Zeppelin to work? It just states “No Service”.