ios 7-1 b2

Apple has released the second beta of iOS 7.1 to registered developers this afternoon. The update, which carries the build number 11D5115D, can be downloaded via Apple’s developer center.

Today’s release comes nearly a month after the first beta, which brought about only a handful of changes including a new ‘ dark keyboard’ feature, and other small tweaks and improvements…

The beta is available for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. We’re installing it ourselves, and will be reporting back with any new stuff we find. So make sure to check back with us.

As always, we welcome you to let us know if you find anything that we may have missed by either e-mailing us at, or leaving us a comment regarding the change below.

What’s new in iOS 7.1 beta 2

As we continue to dig through the new information in iOS 7.1 beta 2, we’ll be listing any major changes we find below:

ios 7 beta1

ios 7 beta2Thanks juggernaut!

  • Animations are noticeably faster
  • Settings for Touch ID and Passcode have been bumped up to main menu
  • List view in Calendar has been redesigned
  • New option to turn on button shapes in iOS
  • Option to enable ‘dark keyboard’ has been removed
  • New iPad wallpapers
  • Rami Tabaa

    Any photos of the new iPad wallpapers?

    • Σαλαη αββας

      Google it .. do they have to do every thing fo ya

  • Carlos Gomes

    Holly Christ, the text buttons look like a webpage missing the CSS stylesheet.
    It’s hideous.

    • Σαλαη αββας

      Great that we the option to off them

  • Zachary Arain

    Also the ability to apply bold text without restarting is gone.

    • Σαλαη αββας

      And you’ll be doing that every 5 mints … See ?!

  • Derek

    So i did all the reset… but it still says I have a block… and yet it is still installing software into my phone… how is this?

  • Shamin Aggarwal

    Found another tiny change
    On pulling up the control center it appears to bounce like the notification center does
    And also a more major change is that u can now open more tabs in safari without having them reload on reopening them.

    • Σαλαη αββας

      That safari thing , I was dreaming of it

  • Freddy Born

    Option to enable ‘dark keyboard’ has been removed”… ehh… what?!

  • appleiphonetechuk

    Pleased to confirm transitions are MUCH faster!

  • Mehran Nasroallahi

    Anyone know how to fix error 3004? Apple don’t provide info into depth 😛

  • Judge

    Lets hope that they fix the location reminders app because in order for it to work it has to be running in your tray. If Google can fix this and LIFTT can do it why not Apple. FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Still need a call blocker like Iblacklist if apple had something like this the phone would be perfect only reason to jail break

    • amazingrugs

      Not sure if you knew, but you can block callers from the phone app. In the Recent tab, click the info circle and then scroll down to the bottom on the contact page. You should see Block Caller.

      I’m sure blacklist has a lot more features but it’s a start!


        U can not block private or unknown numbers

  • Suparjito Teo 

    just updated to iOS 7.1 beta 2. Vibrate on silent not working anymore. anybody has this problem?

  • Pablo

    Apple should make an option to reduce only animations and keep parallax effect at the same time and viceversa

  • iOS 7.1 beta 2 is really nice for iOS users. I have also marked some good features in beta 2 which are very useful but as per the its major changes concern It is good compare to first beta version. Thanks for sharing good information on iOS 7.1 beta 2. I got good knowledge from your post.

  • JannyGarrets

    Apple provide good features in iOS 7.1 beta 2 which are very useful for iPhone users. I am also excited to use this new version on my personal device. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cameron Woodard

    Just to confirm. If i have a restore from 7.1 beta 1, I can still recover all that information by downgrading to the public ios (7.0.4) then using the beta 1 ipsw to re-install 7.1 beta 1?

  • İlkim Sezen

    what is the safest place to download 7.1 beta 2? i have my udid registered

  • Frankie

    Hey I just discovered something different. The “X” and “clear” button in the notification screen is more transparent

  • nodeveloper

    Would be fantastic if someone wants to make my idevice a developer too