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Screen protectors are either hit or miss. As a naked iPhone user, I use neither a case, nor a skin. There is too much room for disappointment with many iOS device skins. Consequently, I am a true iPhone nudist. I am however not opposed to giving screen protections a try for review.

Inside, I take a quick look at the Armorz Stealth Extreme Lite Tempered Glass for iPhone 5/c/s. After receiving one from Armorz, I installed it on my wife’s 5c and was more impressed than originally anticipated. My wife is still currently enjoying it, even though she prefers a nude iPhone as well. There are all types of screen protection on the market, but the Armorz is my first experience with a tempered glass variety…


As with any serious screen protector, there is a small package included with purchase. Inside the box are instructions for application, iKlear install packet, and the Armorz. The iKlear kit includes both a wet and dry cleaning solution, to ensure the iPhone screen surface is free of smudges, lent, and assorted debris. First, clean the surface with the wet cloth, then finish with DMT antimicrobial dry pad. My wife’s screen wasn’t particularly dirty, but the two cloths left the surface very clean for the installation.

Installing is similar to most other proprietary screen protectors, without any solutions. Peel the backing from the tempered glass skin carefully lay it on iPhone. Having only previously applied malleable plastic based screens, I was surprised by the stiffness of the Armorz. I attempted to slowly lay the cover from top to bottom, but without much flexibility, there was a concern for catching bubbles.

I found the install to actually be very easy, despite the inflexible design. The screen protector bowed just enough to slowly lay it down onto the iPhone. The only small bubbles were located around the top, where I initially laid the screen protector down. I tried to eliminate the small bubbles, only two, by rubbing them to the edge. Unfortunately, one is still there, but sometimes small bubbles will fade with time, as the screen protector is only on its first week.


At 0.2mm thick it is certainly small, but very noticeable. Simply looking at the iPhone, there is no significant change, but when pressing the Home button, it is clear there is an added layer. The depth is not going to detract from usage, merely something to which users will quickly become accustomed.

The screen protector is designed and treated with a specific chemical strengthening process to exceed the strength of steel. This process gives the screen protector an 8H hardness rating, preventing even tough scratches. Additionally, the oleophobic coating reduces fingerprints by repelling oils.

Edge to edge protection, Armorz is also shatterproof, despite being produced with tempered glass. Unlike some competitors, the Extreme Lite does not interfere with the screen’s resolution. Some screen protectors give the user a fuzzy or out-of-focus appearance. Thankfully, Armorz does not suffer from the same trouble. Another common complaint is texture. iPhone screen protectors have the tendency to feel like an orange peel. The Armorz does not have a rubbery feel, but it is not the same as using iPhone completely naked.

As demonstrated in the videos, Armorz will take quite a beating. With a little bit of skepticism, I have not taken the household drill to my wife’s 5c. Pardon my unwillingness, but I have no reason to distrust the videos. Yet, there is still some hesitation.


The Armorz Stealth Extreme Lite Tempered Glass for iPhone is a great choice when it comes to screen protectors. Tempered glass will be a go-to for future screen protectors, when I am looking. The clear viewing area, edge to edge protection, and shatterproof design are highly preferable.

Most importantly, the screen protector does not cause unnecessary friction when using the iPhone. Again, the orange peel problem is not present in this version, but you can tell there is something on the phone. Like most high end protectors, it does come at a price. To get one for yourself, $34.95 is a reasonably high price, considering some protective cases are the same. However, if you prefer to use your iPhone without a case, but want minimal and rigid protection, the Armorz Stealth Extreme Lite is a good place to start.

What type of screen protectors do you use? Glass? Synthetic?

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  • planetcoalition

    I have used many tempered glass screen protectors… Spigen, Armorz and Bodyguardz. Overall I am pleased with Spigen the most. My Armorz screen protector shattered for no reason (I didn’t drop or hit anything hard at all), and the oleophobicity is just bad. Bodyguardz is somewhere in between the two.

    But now I don’t use one at all. I don’t want to add extra weight to my phone.

  • At

    I just found out about these last week when I got my 5s. I am 100% satisfied with it, I will never buy another brand again. It feels just like the glass of the iPhone, don’t even notice it is there. It doesn’t smudge, leaves very little fingerprints, and on top of that if you buy it from AT&T you get a 1 year warranty. If it chips or breaks you get a new one. I wasn’t gonna do any protection again but after trying this I will use only these from now on.

    • shea walker

      What AT&T location sells these? I would rather buy from them if they are offering a one year warranty, but im unable to find them in my local stores and i also called the 1800 att and they couldnt tell me anything about them either. Any idea?

      • At

        Really? That’s strange, I just went to my local AT&T store and they had em.

      • shea walker

        haha ya they act like they dont know what im talking about and i asked the rep from the 1800# if individual stores can carry their own various brands and she said no if one has them they all should be carrying them. Do you by chance have a number for the store you use? Maybe they can offer some information?

      • At

        I feel like a tool, the one I got is boydgaurdz. Youtube it, they are practically the same. I’ve actually done some of the tests including the hammer one. And you do get a year warranty if it breaks and you buy from AT&T

  • Ricky

    On th bottom left screen of the iPhone, theres their logo(in the video)…

    • Matthew Cleveland

      Glad you mentioned that. That’s a deal breaker for me. I don’t want an ugly logo to look at when I’m looking at my phone.

    • deepdvd

      You mean your other left, right?

    • JimGresham

      The Stealth Extreme Lite, the version I reviewed, does not have a logo on the screen.

  • Check out Mime USA as well. Cheaper, but excellent quality and unbelievably good support.

    *Just a satisfied customer – not a rep. I’ve bought from Mime for my last few devices and been very happy with them.

  • vs511

    I’m not sure why I’m not finding a drop test video (w/ this installed), but will it survive drops? It survives keys & hammers, but does it survive a drop? If so, that’d be lovely.

    • Stefano

      I can tell you from experience I’ve dropped my iPhone twice with a glass screen protector on it, which was from bodyguardz, and the second drop chipped the class but never fractured it. My brother dropped his once and it put a diagonal fracture from ear cutout towards volume up button. My opinion, very worth it and bodyguardz offers best bang for buck with unlimited replacements @ $12, as long as you return broken one

  • Yott

    it definitely doesn’t look like 0,2mm but more like 1,2.

  • shea walker

    I see! may just go with that one then!