new apple supportIn recent months, Apple has been making various moves to make its users more aware of its self-help options. Last month, it updated its Genius Bar reservation page with a link to its online support portal to give customers the option to ‘save a trip to the store.’

And today, Apple has updated its online support portal to make it more user-friendly with a new, simpler design. The UI now looks more in line with iOS 7, with large, sharp images on a white background, and makes the page much easier for customers to navigate…

9to5Mac was first to spot the new look:

“In the old layout, customers would have to click through to ‘All Products’ to get help about more obscure products. With the new design, the infinitely scrolling carousel puts everything on the portal homepage. It is also much clearer where to find the Apple communities and access phone support as other aspects of support have been removed completely from the page.”

It looks like just the portal page has changed, not the individual product pages. But we’re guessing that because Apple’s support site is so large, we’ll be seeing these changes made incrementally over the next several months. This is obviously an area of focus for Apple.

  • abdullah575

    apple is going wrong with random colors !!!!

    • Saria Hajjar

      Too much of something good is wrong? is that what your saying? so the colorfulness of world is wrong? The creativity and simplicity define why each web page of Apple is “News”

  • chumawumba

    Still waiting for the new Mac Pro.

    • Saria Hajjar

      You know; waiting for something you want, will only make it more appreciated. And i truly hope that you enjoy it after all the waiting 🙂

      • chumawumba

        I never said I could afford it, lol.