An interesting piece of news coming from Om Malik:

Well-placed sources tell us that the company is gearing up to launch new private messaging features inside its still red-hot photo and video sharing service. It is also experimenting with the idea of group messaging, our source tells us. The new features are likely to find home in the next version of Instagram, which is expected before end of the year. An Instagram spokesperson (not surprisingly) declined to comment.

So far, the only way you can communicate with an Instagram user is by leaving a comment on one of his photos, which is everything but practical. Private messaging sounds like a natural and useful evolution of the service.

As an Instagram user, would you welcome this new feature?

  • Courtney Macfarlane

    Great Idea! I don’t know why it wasn’t originally made with a private messaging feature though.

  • Vivek Raja

    No, This will be the first step and then they’ll add status updates and it’ll go on to becoming like Facebook despite the fact that Facebook owns it.

  • ─░lkim Sezen

    Vine should get that too

  • A P Plause

    Finally I can discuss my pictures of food with other users!

    • I don’t think you’re following the right people on Instagram. I rarely, if ever, see photos of food there.

    • I like when people use mainstream arguments to criticize something.

    • rosssimpson

      I haven’t seen food on Instagram in a while… Get a new following list.

  • David

    No Thanks!

  • Can’t deny, this is good news but do we really need another message app?

    The fragmentation now it’s getting bigger than ever. Some people use the Facebook Messenger, others iMessage, Viber, Whats App… Skype.. recently, the BBMessage…

    Seriously, at this moment I have at least 7 message apps running in the background…and to chat with someone, sometimes I don’t know which one I should use…

  • Dani Hayes

    Another tool of spam and another way for tools to message “girls”.

  • OhSixTJ

    Isn’t there already instamessage?

  • Cee

    I see a million relationships being messed up by this feature.

  • Tanju Mrt

    Finally! Would be great for picking up chicks on instagram 8)

  • Lester

    But they should fix the hashtag issues first that some users like me are having the problem.