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I assume there was an eyebrow raise at “premium Lightning cables.” Be ensured, the title is not intended to be click bait, rather a description of the actual product. After Apple switched from 30 pin, my arsenal of available cords depleted. Like many of our readers, I amassed a large number of 30 pin cables across the years.

Suddenly, I needed to reinvest in more cables. I grew accustomed to having a cable pretty much anywhere I sat for more than an hour. The folks at Moshi sent me a review unit of their Lightning cable, which is the same price as a standard Apple OEM cable, but offer a lot more in the way of rugged design and classy fixtures…

Flashy cables

Moshi Lightning

The cables are straight forward, they are Lightning cables. However, they are licensed MFi cables, guaranteed to work with Apple products, unlike many other knock offs. Slightly thicker than standard OEM cables, they are more rigid to wear and tear.

Making them stand out the most, is the aluminum casing around both the Lightning and USB tips. The aluminum offers a quality, Apple preferred feeling and also protects against damage. Often, people just toss their cables around and they frequently receive damage. The metal housing will stand up better to the misuse, while looking and feeling much better than standard plastic cables. It is important to note, the metal does add a little bit of extra overall width to the Lightning tip. Consequently, if you are using a form fitted iPhone dock that requires an OEM Apple Lightning cable, these will not be compatible.

A nice velcro tab is also included with the cord to keep things tidy. I have never had a reason to really prefer one cable over the other, but I already argued with my wife about who gets to use these guys, as I was sent both a silver and black version. If you are in the market, you can buy a 1 meter Apple cable for $19.00 or a Moshi MFi aluminum tipped cable for an additional $1. Player’s choice.

Revolt duo charger

Moshi revolt-duo

Just a charger, I know. But, the Moshi Revolt Duo is a dual port high capacity charger with 2.1A or 10W per port. This charges two devices at full speed, simultaneously. Helping protect the device, the unit uses power management circuitry with over-current and over-charge management.

The faceplate, like the cables, shockingly uses an anodized aluminum finish to stylishly hide in even the most luxurious vehicles. The faceplate edge borrows a design from the chamfered edges of the newest iOS devices and goes out of the way to be attractive. A final classy touch is the subtle glow from the USB ports to provide easy access in the dark. The Revolt Duo is available for $25 via the Moshi online store.

I cannot deny the nice aluminum tips and thank the Moshi team for sending these over.

Anyone grabbing some cables?

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  • James 施孟霖

    I got the black one~

  • Σαλαη αββας

    My apple cable is falling apart every day …. Is it made of crap ?!

    • Adam Bowman

      Mine is falling apart, too. I’m using duct tape to attempt to keep it together.

      I’m not too sure crap is one of the materials Apple uses to make these cables; however, the construction is clearly shitty — I mean shoddy.

      • Hugh Jassol

        Try using that white plumbers tape. It works surprisingly well. You can build up the thickness/sturdiness of the cable around the joints and its white like the OEM cable.

        My wires last MUCH longer using this method.

      • Adam Bowman

        Thanks for the tip!

    • vs511

      Mine too! My MacBook Air magsafe is worse, the cable covering is off on at least 5 inches of the wire. -_- I’ve duct-taped it but it looks hideous. One of the annoying bits of Apple products…

    • svartkuken

      How the hell do you and everyone one I’ve met in my life use your cables? I’ve been using Apples cables for 10 years and NOT ONE has gone bad.

  • Erny Carrillo

    My cavle is still in ok condition. But if i had to replace it in the near future, i would definitely invest in something like this. More rugged. Not sure if it’ll last longer but hey its worth a shot

  • Matthew Cooper

    If Apple would make the usb part of the cable connect on the side of the plug box, I think it would make a big difference there

  • MrSolo816

    Use a spring from an old ball point pen. Wrap it around the end and adjust with some pliers.

    • Sound_Mind24

      Man, great idea. I will be taking your advise as when you bend the wire, the spring prevents it from braking.


      • MrSolo816

        I saw it on FaceBook. It helps curve the wire instead of it folding over. I clip the ends off as they are too tightly coiled so it’s near impossible to get it around the wire.

  • Bob

    Moshi don’t make any premium products.

  • deepdvd

    Monoprice has MFi cables that are only 12 dollars. Best deal and they fit in cases

  • Lol, found a dual USB card charger for $5 on eBay 2 years ago and I still use it today…so, you’re paying $20 more just for the branding…total rip-off.

  • Truffol

    The aluminum cable is really classy. They need to make those in space grey and gold to go with the iPhone too!

  • Martin Bernardo

    I brought this Moshi Lightning cable at Powermac. I used it for just a month. After I charged my iPad. The tip of the lightning cable stacked in the charging port of the device. I return it to the store, but they didn’t give me my 6 month warranty. Do not buy Moshi lightning cable. I wasted my 900 pesos on this cable.