Neurio Smart Home

Neurio is an electrical monitoring device developed by Energy Aware Technology. The small device sits in the home’s breaker box and “monitors how much power homes are using, and figures out the cost of running individual appliances using smart algorithms that look for patterns and potential problems.” Using a self-learning algorithm, the unit collects data about the electrical items in the home. Reports and information are provided to the user, who then determines which ways to better eliminate energy consumption.

Most importantly, the monitoring and cloud reporting does not require home owners to install sensors on any device. As the unit sits in the breaker box, connected to the central home electrical hub, it monitors information directly from the source. Using a companion app, cleverly titled “Wattson,” a homeowners’ smartphone becomes the simple monitoring tool needed to determine real time power consumption and usage…

Each home item or appliance uses a specific pattern of electricity. Neurio is programmed to recognize these patterns and identify which items, appliances, or other electrical devices are using power, how much, and when. As it is able to keep track of individual items and employs an open API, certain triggers can be applied to certain situations. For example, pairing the hardware and cloud services with IFTTT, opens a plethora of actionable options, like messaging the user when the dishwasher completes a cycle.

As a forward thinking platform, many devices are just beginning to offer OTA management, but are all controlled through separate apps or services. Very few competitors offer a one-and-done management solution. Thankfully, Neurio sits at the central information hub, making it actionable and monitorable via a cloud service by connecting to the home’s Wi-Fi. This intentional approach, prevents waiting to purchase the inevitable Wi-Fi enabled washing machine.

Neurio already reached its Kickstarter goal of $95,000, with an overwhelming $167,000 to-date. Eight days remain on the campaign, which offers a discounted unit for $129, a significantly lower price than retail of $229. Estimated delivery is April 2014.

For information, visit the Kickstarter page, which is full of informative videos and demonstrations. Also, make sure to visit the Neurio homepage for exact details. I have spoken to Energy Aware Technology Vice President of Software and hope to receive a test model for a future review and look forward to giving everyone a personal reaction.

What are your thoughts on the “connected home” and electronic in-home monitors? Did anyone jump over and back the project?

  • KNS

    Another product that uses Wi-Fi, another product that’s prone to be hacked, unfortunately. 🙁

    • Beta382

      The only technology not prone to being hacked is no technology at all. If it exists, no matter how secure it claims to be, it can be hacked.

      • KNS

        Hack as in take control, full control of things. Remember that hacked baby monitor case, back in August? That hacker took control of the baby monitor and spied on the child. Another example is the heart defibrillator that has Wi-Fi capability. If hackers got full control of it the patients life is in the hackers hand. Dick Cheney was afraid of such happenings such that he ordered doctors to give him one without built-in Wi-Fi. And all these are just recent cases. I’m sure your current refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioners and other electronic appliances is safe from them keyboard warriors, for now.

  • AAP

    What happens if I have multiple devices (e.g., TV, computer, printer, etc.) using a single outlet on a power strip?