It’s iPad Air launch day, and each member of the iDB crew just scored some new hardware from the Apple Store. What was the launch day experience like? What about first impressions? Join us for a special episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak, as the trio of Cody, Sebastien, and Jeff discuss the iPad Air in-depth. Should you get it? Is it better than its predecessor? How does it stack up to the iPad mini? Listen in for the full lowdown.

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  • iPad Air now available

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  • kevin chang

    i cant wait for the ios 7 jailbreak!!!!!!!!! T-T

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Yeah dude, I hope it happens in like 2-3 months at max. 😀 no goin hard on devs though, gotta love devs 😀

    • appleyay

      yup IOS is dead boring with no jailbreak..

  • Umut Bilgiç

    I think if the name of the show was changed to, like: “Lets Talk Apple” or something similar it would be more accurate. Listening to iPad Air, within the “Jailbreak” podcast seems weird, imho. Any thoughts on this?

    EDIT: Something more creative would be better of course 😀

    • Agreed

    • mav3rick

      iDB started to distance itself from Jaibreak scene, it was trying to bash its most prominent devs, and more and more singing pome’s songs. The podcast was kicked out from the walled garden and they just want it there. Just waiting for the right moment to chage the podcast title as you suggested so no more disguising as Jaibreak supporters.

      • Jeff

        Foreal, dude? Yet we just posted episode 34 in which we talked about plenty of tweaks. Does not compute.

      • Congrats, you just wrote the most ridiculous comment of the week.

        First, I can’t remember “bashing” developers. We do have an opinion though, so if we don’t like a tweak, we’ll make sure to share this feeling and the reason why with listeners.

        Two, we’re not distancing ourselves from the jailbreak community, but there hasn’t been much of a scene lately with no jb for 6.1.4 and no jb for iOS 7. It’s just a slow period for the jb scene. Things will go back to normal when/if a jb for iOS 7 comes out.

        Three, unlike what you might think, the podcast is more popular now than it ever was when it was on iTunes.

        4. Changing the title of the podcast wouldn’t change a thing. We got kicked out of iTunes for good. At least for this one specific podcast.

        5. You should very bitter. Remember that we so not force you to listen to this podcast.

      • iosPixel

        This is why I continue to return to this blog time and time again. I shan’t elaborate, take from it what you will.

        Thanks iDB.

      • mav3rick

        Got it. Thanks for replies. Post changed to reflect the point of view.

  • TesticularFortitude

    After reading the details, I expected an in-depth overview. But thanks for the podcast guys. Hopefully the hand fatigue is temporary. 😀

  • appleyay

    okay reality is ipad is [peaked now the next ipad needs to feature new mac OSX like capabilities

  • Droy

    Let’s Talk Jailbreak proceeds to talk about iPad Air….Legit.

  • Yuxuan Lin

    Cody’s joining really makes the podcast much better, I am a dead head IDB fan for 2 years now. Watch every video Jeff had posted on Youtube. I am not saying it was bad before @SebastienPage ‘s trip back to France. I just think it got better after Cody’s joining !!! Thanks guy! Enjoy the iPad Air first thought.

    • Shhhhh. Don’t tell Cody or else he’s gonna ask for a raise 😉

  • Stanko Dimovic

    its over, today i have first contact with a5 device iphone 5, and i found out because device is sim locked , that shsh can not be saved and i dont know do i need to stay on 6.1.3 or to go for 7 ios … it is too dificult .. i also done erase all conent and settings and deactivated my device, after some time i found sim for activation,,,,, sooooooo complicated and stupid….. i am seriosly thinkin to change my telephone

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Listening to this now and you guys are shocked that the bigger iPad felt big? lol I mean thats how its supposed to feel. And if you’re used to the Mini, it will obviously seem bigger.

    Also random, but you guys say you’re kicked out of Itunes, but yet I’m still subscribed via Itunes. So unless the people who were subscribed at the very beginning are still there, then I dont know. But I still go to my Itunes and refresh my podcasts and when a new one of these comes out, it shows up in Itunes.