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As we count the remaining days – or should I say hours? – until Friday’s iPad Air launch, I reckon those of you who frequent iDB have made up your mind by now. I’m guessing you’ve read everything there’s to know about the tablet, checked out big media reviews and just really thoroughly talked this through with your friends and family members – all in the service of making an informed purchasing decision.

Yes, some iDB team members have also made up their mind. You can imagine we’re absolutely eager to learn about our readership’s position on the iPad Air. From your vantage point, is it a buy or pass? Cast a quick vote right below…

Choose one of the responses now and then meet us in comments to share additional thoughts.

I’m also curious as to whether you’re upgrading to an iPad Air from a previous model (which one?), is this your first iPad buy, would you rather opt for an iPad mini with Retina display and why you might eventually pass on new iPads altogether (i.e. no Touch ID = no buy)?

To me, it’s all about an ecosystem and iPad apps are by far the best bar none.


I’m upgrading from an iPad 3 which really turned into a disaster for me due to the underpowered A5X chip not being able to provide smooth Retina graphics, the overheating and just not so great battery performance.

iPad Air Flat

I previously owned an iPad 2 and felt it was an absolute slam dunk when it came to the marriage of hardware and software. From what I read online, the iPad Air does really feel like a true successor to the iPad 2.

  • Dep

    I will wait for iPad Air 2 and get it at the same timd as when I get iPhone 6.

  • Mr.Ocean

    I’ll get an iPad 2… Its a bargain at 400$ :O

    • William Kosch

      Your kidding right?

      • Mr.Ocean

        Yea 😀 … The iPad 2 is just a freakin rip-off.
        No Retina screen, the old 30 Pins conector, and apple selling 2 year old tech at that pricepoint is just outrageous.

      • William Kosch

        It should be $300. Even then I’d still rather have an iPad mini 1 with lightning/HD video recording/Siri!

      • muse952


      • Svs

        I think its a sarcasm : D

    • Yujin

      I bought a refurbished ipad 4 for $379 for my aunt. And apple does an excellent job on those, new screen and battery and not to mention a full year warranty and support

      • Jonathan

        How about back scratches?

    • T_Will

      Made me LOL! 😀

  • F yeah I’m getting an iPad Air. If it’s still too big for me, I’ll return it within 14 days and get an iPad mini with Retina display when it comes out a little later in the month.

    • Straightshoota

      You are already planning a return prior to the purchase. I think your not really that impressed.

      • Noah Mospan

        He’s not planning on returning it. He said if it doesn’t suit him then he will opt for the new iPad mini.

      • Yujin

        Best return policy of any device without the shitty begging and scams others do

    • Mohammed Sahib

      I see a pattern here.

    • Noah Mospan

      Sebastien… My favorite Frenchman 😀

      • batongxue

        How about pod2g. = =

    • that’s a man with a plan, right there

  • El Barto

    I think i’ll get an iPad mini retina on holidays: it’s as powerful as the air and cheap. The 7.9″ display is good for me 😀

  • TeChNoStyLeZ

    No reason for me to get it. I have the ipad 3 and I’m totaly happy with it. No lag , awesome battery life , it runs the most recent game titles without issues like mc4 asphalt 8 etc

    • Kartik Dhawan

      I have an iPad 3 aswell but you know what I live in the uk and I am selling my iPad 3 32 GB for 560$ :P, I’ll get an iPad Air from US cause it’s 600$ there!(32GB) where as in the UK it’s 770$! Can you believe that? It’s an awesome upgrade for me @ 40$ 😛

      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        wow great deal 😀

  • Straightshoota

    No TOUCH ID, no improved cameras, no touch type cover, no (proper) stereo sound. No $500 + from my pocket. Should have called it the completely redesigned iPad no changes. Oh except the chipset.

    • Yujin

      Then wait a year….or go android and suffer lol

  • Yujin

    I sold my ipad mini on craigslist so I got $375. It was in mint condition and I included the cases so my new ipad air 32GB will set me back $275 more or less (NY tax 8.65%)

    • TesticularFortitude

      Are you going the Tmobile route?

      • Vince Reedy

        T-Mobile route is a no brainer for me. I think its the best deal going.

  • Mads Teland

    Im thinking getting iPad mini with Retina Display Space Gray (in the norwegian stellargrå) 128 GB and waiting on my iPhone 5S Space Gray 64GB that comes in November 14-20 🙂

  • Jose Medina

    Selling a ipad 3 in mint like new conditions… 32GB+LTE blk att …. Get at me jamp1483@gmail.com 500 or BO

    • TesticularFortitude

      Seems like a hard sell…

      • Vince Reedy

        I’ll buy it a year ago

  • Vince Reedy

    Owned an iPad 2 32g for 2 months, sold it and upgraded to the 3 16g because of Retina. Had it since the first weekend and can’t wait to get the Air. Giving the 3 to my kids and getting the deal from T-Mobile. Probably opt for a 32g cellular with the $99 downpayment.

  • Blip dude

    16gb Grey LTE Air. Might do the same thing Sebastien is doing. I’m gonna see how it suits my lifestyle, otherwise I will be returning. Don’t get me wrong, it looks amazing, but all that is pointless if it is just simply going to be another Novelty product in my life.

  • appleyay

    mini retina for me

  • Tahir Ahmetovic

    I know this is irrelevant this post but am I the only one with this problem ?? When I close apps in the multitasking sometimes the app comes back? I am wondering if this means apps still run when you close them??

    • mehrab

      No your not its a bug it”ll ge fixed sooon

      • Tahir Ahmetovic

        i hope

  • Chuck

    So what exactly is “new” about this iPad?

    • TesticularFortitude

      Read up on it…

      • Chuck

        Cough cough…. Sarcasm

  • perfent

    I still use an original iPad and somehow got through iOS 6, patiently waiting for the new and lighter design. I am counting the hours!

  • I have currently an iPad 3 64gb 3g, but unfortunately some big apps like mc4, asphalt 8 etc. don’t run on my device; they just crash after start. I tried restoring my iPad, installing just one app (to make sure there is enough space), but nothing worked. Warranty expired as well. If someone knows a solution, I’d be really thankful but I expect nothing.

    So I’ll go for an iPad Air 128gb, to make sure there’s enough space for all my movie and apps 😉

  • slikmystar

    Ipad air hell frakin yess

  • Jae. Just J.

    I’ve gotten every iteration so yeah, getting this too. And the mini later.

  • blu

    I am still happy with my iPad 2.
    I use my netbook more than my iPad anyway.

  • Christopher

    Haven’t had a big iPad since 3rd Generation after that I went iPad Mini an for now will stick with the Mini an go iPad Mini Retina

    Maybe I’ll go big iPad someday in the future but for now its no from me

  • illK†Δ

    Going Mini. I have an iPad 2, but after holding my sister’s ipad mini. Wow. I need one.

  • iPad 3 to iPad Air!

  • Ariel

    Have a mac, an iPhone, there is no use for a tablet.
    If there was, I’d buy the mini, more compact

  • blastingbigairs

    Not until my Jailbroken iPad 3 dies, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. It’s my favorite device I own.

  • guti2068

    Sold my iPad 4 today. Will get iPad Air – Space Gray, 128Gb LTE in about 36 hours! I used the 128Gb and LTE quite a bit this past year due to work trips.

  • Gerardo Maasberg

    It’s so frustrating being right next to the US (Mexico here) and not being able to get any apple products on their original launch dates. I want my iPad Air and I want it nov. 1st!!