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Every week, iDB brings you a handful of our favorite device backgrounds in our ‘Wallpapers of the week‘ series. Now, typically these images consist of solid-color graphics, textures, or gradients—a popular post-iOS 7 brush.

But for those looking for something a little more edgy than all of that, you might be interested in these new wallpapers from iFixit. These hi-res images show the guts of your iPhone 5s or 5c, giving you a sort of see-through effect…

iFixit, who as most of you know specializes in device teardowns and repairs, posted these two images a few days ago. They’re very hi-res, at 1,280 x 2,272, and they show components like the battery, A7 processor, and more.

You know the drill: to download these wallpapers, simply tap or click on one of the photos below to blow it up to full size. Then just tap or right-click on the image to save it.

iPhone 5s

iphone 5s wall

iPhone 5c

iphone 5c wall

If you’re interested, iFixit has an iPhone 5 version, as well as internals wallpapers for other Apple devices like the iMac, which you can find here.

  • abdullah575

    ugly !!!

    • Moi

      WTF ! You’re ugly and dumb – it wasn’t supposed to be beautiful …

      • Lord of the swags

        So if it wasn’t meant to be beautiful and he said it was ugly why are you having such a hissing fit?

    • Sean Cua

      look at the insides of your body. I bet it’s fugly too.

      • Brian Boss Seanez

        you’re fugly!!!

      • Sean Cua

        wow it seems like you’re great at this.

  • Кристофър Теодулу

    so is the 5s’s battery interchangeable with the iPhone 5

    • CASEACE79

      Nope! If ya look close ya can see the 5s battery is bigger. The 5c battery is 1510mAh while the 5s is a 1560mAh battery. May not seem like much but the tolerances of phones are minimal to nothing.

    • Matt Taylor is Drunk

      just read whats written on the batteries and your question is answered

      • Кристофър Теодулу

        i know that iPhone 5s battery is more mAh thats the point, to use it on iPhone 5, CASEACE79 can you explain more why iP5s battery wont work on iP5 ?

      • El Arqui Tecto

        It’s bigger literally

      • Кристофър Теодулу

        just please shut up, i asked a question, i know its a tad longer, i opened my ip5 and i saw that there’s a little empty space ( compare 5c and 5s’s top left corners), it will fit since its the same shell, the questions is…
        Will the iPhone 5 work with 5s’s battery.
        If you cant answer the question, or you cannot backup your answer, just don’t reply to me.

      • El Arqui Tecto

        I answer your question asshole if is not what your expect that’s not my problem. IDIOT

      • Moi

        You’re absolutely drunk !

  • ClaudieX X

    It’s tech porno!!!

    • Moi

      Go for it geeks

  • Adam Bowman


  • Adan

    Not very well done is it? You can see the bezel and even the volume buttons! WTF?

  • bigtalk

    i have had this fro 1 year already..