Jean-Louis Gassée reflects on Apple and the negative press the company has been receiving, despite having products that constantly top customer ratings and sell like hot cakes:

I recently experienced a small epiphany: I think the never-ending worry about Apple’s future is a good thing for the company. Look at what happened to those who were on top and became comfortable with their place under the sun: Palm, Blackberry, Nokia…

In ancient Rome, victorious generals marched in triumph to the Capitol. Lest the occasion go to the army commander’s head, a slave would march behind the victor, murmuring in his ear, memento mori, “remember you’re mortal”.


  • Kuji

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    • Snake

      You can downvote him all you want. Jailbreak > shitty ios stock. Cry more bitches

  • batongxue

    I’m starting to like your short articles, Sebastien.

    • Twerk

      Not really. He is just lazy unlike the other journalists because he is in charge.

    • Thanks. I don’t consider them articles though. They’re more of a reading recommendation 🙂

  • Taf Khan

    Apple as a company still hasn’t reached its maximum height. It’s still growing and people should not look at the future in a negative manner.

    For example Apple does not appeal to everyone, in terms of mobiles some people won’t purchase a an iPhone because of the screen size being too small, others would like to see the gaps between the iPad and MacBook bridged and then you have new devices potentially emerging such as the iWatch..

    If Apple can appeal to everyone and integrate all it’s offerings then that can only improve it’s standing.