iphone 5c plastic

Yesterday, Best Buy launched a new limited-time promotion that provides a free $50 gift card to folks who purchase an iPhone 5c on contract. And since the handset starts at $99, the card essentially cuts the price in half.

Well it looks like Walmart and RadioShack want in on the action, as both retailers have announced that they will be offering similar discounts that will allow customers to score the two-week old handset for as low as $45…

RadioShack, for its part, has matched Best Buy’s offer of a free $50 gift card with any iPhone 5c on contract. In this case, however, you can use it toward the purchase of the handset. The promo is good through November 2nd.

radioshack 5c sale

As for Walmart, it has outright dropped the price of the 16GB iPhone 5c down to $45. That’s a better deal than both RadioShack and Best Buy, and it’s good through the holidays. Again, it’s in-store only and requires a contract.

Some folks have speculated that these promotions have something to do with the 5c not selling well, but each retailer typically sets their own prices—not Apple. Also remember that Walmart has been discounting it since day one.

Still, it’s hard to ignore the fact that we have seen few iPhone 5s-related promotions. The handset, which launched alongside the 5c last month, is in very short supply, as it’s currently the top-selling phone at all major US carriers.

  • kl Wong

    What a pity apple plastic phone…sigh…

    • thetomthebomb

      It feels amazing in hand. Wish I could trade my 5 for it till the 6 comes out

    • Admin4Fun

      The iPhone 5c feels really nice in hand. I believe that iPhone 6 will have the same form factor as the 5c but will be thinner.

  • illK†Δ

    I thing apple did good with the iPhone 5c. What happens when the 6 comes out? Will we have an iPhone 6, 6c, and 5s? Or will the 6c be more like the 5s (like the 5c is much like the 5)

  • Jerk Face

    Looks like this 5c iPhone is a big flop. Apple needs to stop listening to the iDorks who demand the same screen size. Apple needs to do something different or they will lose to Samsung and Google.

    I was looking at the Google phone yesterday and it is really nice. I am second guessing my choice of ordering the 5s in 64gb.

    • Jonathan Liu

      1. If the screen size is so important, why is the iPhone 5S selling well?
      2. Different? You guys asked for different, and you got it: iOS 7.

      And also BTW, iPhone 5c is not selling badly.

      • Jerk Face

        How many of the 5s and 5c are returning Apple customers? The answer is a lot.

        When I said different, I was talking about screen size. Also, what is wrong with allowing the user to change some of the colors on screen other than invert colors?

        Yeah, the 5c is selling great. Apple is known for discounting their phone shortly after the release.

        Don’t get me wrong, I like apple and they make a good product, but it could be better, and the 5c feels cheap.

      • Jonathan Liu

        IMO iPhone 5c does not really feel cheap, and actually feels quite amazing in the hand compared to Samsung ‘cheap plastic’ phones.JMO. However, I do think that the 5c is overpriced.

      • cybersat

        I guess Apple’s shit smelling good to you too.