mini 2 gold

Last week, a couple of photos popped up on the web of an alleged next-gen iPad mini with a gold shell. If legit, the leak would seemingly confirm reports that the new tablet will be offered in the same 3 colors as the iPhone 5s.

But as usual, the underground photos didn’t do a very good job of showing off the device in its entirety—in fact, you can only see the bottom. But never fear, Martin Hajek has drawn up some concepts to give us all a closer look…

mini 2 gold 2

I really like the above mockup because it shows how well a gold-colored iPad mini would pair with the gold iPhone 5s. I do think, though, that the all-gold shell might be a bit too gaudy for my taste. Anyway, back to the Martin show.

Hajek, a well-known designer with a bulging portfolio of impressive concepts, writes:

“I’ve been rendering the iPad mini 2 for a while now, even before certain Australian ‘leakers’ showed us that it would come in gold. The question that I asked myself is; will Apple follow a similar S / C strategy for the iPad (mini) as it has for the iPhone 5? In any case – nice to see such a colorful iPad mini!”

While we’ve seen zero supply chain evidence that Apple is bringing its bright iPhone 5c colors to its next-gen tablet, there was a report from The Wall Street Journal back in July that claimed they were contemplating doing just that.

I would also call your attention to a recent note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who believes that in addition to an A7X iPad mini with Retina display, Apple is also working on a cheaper A6 version. And that’d be perfect for 5c colors.

mini 2 blue

Of course, this is all pure speculation at this point. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon as Apple is expected to unveil the new iPad mini alongside a redesigned iPad 5 later this month. But for now, let’s just look at the pretty pictures.

What do you think of Hajek’s concepts? Would you buy a brightly-colored iPad mini?

  • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

    Lol, iPad Mini C

    • Al

      It’s funny… But I’d bet it will sell like hotcakes!

  • Because the iPad mini isn’t cheap enough. So, they’re just gonna sell the iPad mini C…
    Yeah. I know. There are other cheap tablets in the market. But do they run as smooth or as good quality as an iPad mini? (though I must say the new Nexus 7 is quite nice)

    • Shamin Aggarwal

      why the hell do you still think that C stands for cheap.
      apple says it stands for colour.
      the iPhone 5c isn’t cheap.
      and iDownloadBlog has done an entiresection on the ‘MIsunderstood iPhone 5c’

      • I know it doesn’t stand for cheap… Lol
        It’s just that the c model will still be cheaper than the main model which is already cheap enough…

  • chumawumba

    Well that came out of the blue

    • Palmer Paul

      …you’re so punny

    • Steven Cannan

      Ahhh look at you xD funny man

    • John714


  • StarViruZ

    iPad with S/C models? That’s new but I don’t believe it…
    The name should be “iPad Mini with Retina Display”.

  • Clement Yeo

    Kinda like the color of mini,
    And i guess regular iPad will get gold color


    iPads never come with S/C models …

    • Umut Bilgiç

      This is way too mainstream but here it goes: “You never know what Apple will do”. For example the ridicolously named iPad 3rd gen. It was literally called “the New iPad”. I dont quite like these – an I actually find this kind of naming idiotic – becouse they lead into confussion. Another example would be “MacBook with Retina Display”

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I wonder if the Mini 1st gen will be discontinued or sold at a cheaper price?

  • blastingbigairs

    The blue is great, the gold looks like fart.

    • Bob

      I’d rather have the gold aluminium one over the blue plastic one.

  • Jonathan

    If the c does actually exist, and will come out, it will probably have no retina. -_-

  • Kurt

    Remember when concept images of products looked Apple-esque but now they just look like previous products-for obvious reasons of course. Now it’s just not as interesting as we all know what it will look like anyways. Whether we are right or wrong about the looks, it will be a great device we will all want.

  • GaugePrower

    I just want a mini to match my Gold 5S if T-Mobile ever finally ships it out to me… still on backorder since 12:30am Sept 20th. I’ll probably get my hands on the gold iPad mini before the freakin’ phone gets here haha.

  • Wassim Omais

    More like “Behind thinking.” Seriously, who would call it “iPad Mini S”