Galaxy S4 Gold Edition (image 002)

It’s not surprising the slightest bit that gold colorway is becoming all the rage in cellphones. That’s almost single-handedly due to Apple offering its flagship iPhone 5s in gold, in addition to silver and space gray finishes.

Somewhat surprising: Samsung following in Apple’s footsteps by offering the flagship Galaxy S4 in gold – after the fact. “Elegance is a touch of gold,” reads Samsung’s tagline for a phone “style that’s uniquely yours”.

Fast follower, indeed…

The South Korean conglomerate is now offering the Galaxy S4 in two gold colorways: Gold Pink and Gold Brown. It’s unclear whether Samsung will sell these new handset variants internationally as it shared these shots on its Middle East Twitter channel and Facebook page.

Here’s another look at it.

Galaxy S4 Gold Edition (image 001)

Strange they aren’t showing off the device’s gold plated backside, no?

At any rate, Saudi oil barons should love these.

Just for the record: Samsung has done gold devices a few times before, just as Apple’s been building colorful mobile devices for quite a few years and dating way back to the colorful iPods and the original iMac.

Samsung also said it will build a phone with 64-bit processor some time in 2014.

On a somewhat related note, the company at today’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch launch event in Seoul announced it will be releasing a new mobile phone with a curved screen in October.

Can you say Galaxy S4 Curve?

  • Guest

    Unapologetically copied…

  • Frank Anthony

    So typical of this company to copy.. When would they come out with something new and different without peeping on others. Wow Samsung!

  • Andrew Lee

    woah… a whole ton of arguments to read. for those who said that 64-bit is the natural progression in technology, i’m fine with that.

    but why didn’t samsung announce a 64-bit handset right after Huawei announced their Ascend D as pointed out by Dan? why only announce after Apple came out with their own?

    isn’t samsung always trying to copy what Apple does? to me, it sure looks that way.

    • Pitchy

      The nice thing about Samsung’s 64bit announcement is that they pointed out that Android is not ready for 64bit. So that may push Google and developers to start considering that evolution. It would seem likely that all manufacturers of ARM chips would be working on 64bit versions or have it on the drawing board for near future work.

      A lot of what Apple does was already done… yet Apple always gets credit and never gets called out for copying. 64bit was done before as pointed out. Gold Samsung phones existed before. Fingerprint scanner on phone existed before. Going with a bigger image sensor and not more mega pixels… already done. A lot of the features in iOS7 ripped from Android and jailbreak. But do you hear anyone complaining that Apple copied all of these things???

  • Philthy

    The Gold iPhone isn’t only new for Apple but not unique at Phones at all. Sure it sells but this depends on the Apple Costumer, they even stay in line to buy a 1 Year old Smartphone with new Plastic Covers. Are this the Million Units that got shipped back to Foxconn from the iPhone5 because defects? Only Apple can recycle her old Hardware and sell it as new. Some People would buy everything from that Company so long the Apple Sign is on it. The iPhone misses so much festures compared to Samsung that every second or third Jailbreak Tweak is a Copy. SmartStay -> Facehalt, Floating Videos -> Videopane, unlocking with Pattern -> Pattern Unlock and so on, many copied features from so called “samesung” or “shamesung”. Samesung is the biggest Joke, nothing in mobile World stayed so long the same like iOS and his UI. The iPhone5s isn’t something impressiv it all, again only a one year old model with 2-3 new Features and a OS that now don’t match to the premium look from the 5s.

  • Brakken

    Puke! Such incredible colours are Pollution Pink and Gaudi Gold.

  • blastingbigairs

    That looks even worse than the gold iPhone. So tacky!!!

  • blastingbigairs

    The Samsung “Jihad” version??? Just sayin….

  • Kash Gummaraju

    I honestly think this article should be removed. All it has done is provoke a flame war. The title implies that Samsung copied Apple in making a gold s4. We know that this isn’t the first gold colored phone that Samsung has made. But yet the article only states that in the end. Apple made the gold colored 5S for customers in China and India since gold is all the craze there. And Samsung is targeting Arabs due their love for gold as well. The title should be changed or the article should be removed. iDB used to make articles which weren’t so condescending about the competition, but nowadays, I find that even Android Authority makes more objective articles which aren’t so biased anymore. In any case the articles there don’t talk about Apple unless it’s the release of a new device or Apple suing an Android OEM. Maybe iDB should focus on Apple unless a device comes out that deserves attention from Apple fanboys and such.

  • Guest

    iDB needs to give someone the duty of banning comment trolls ASAP.

  • JohnHarrison