Yesterday, iDB told you that Apple extended its Personal Pickup service to include the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and explained that shoppers can avoid crowds by ordering their handset online with same day in-store delivery. It would now appear that the company may have prematurely enhanced the service.

On Tuesday, the in-store pickup option disappeared from the online Apple Store for both new iPhone models. We’ve received more than a dozen tips and have since confirmed that Apple in fact did inexplicably pull Personal Pickup for both new handsets…

As you can see on a pair of screenies included in this post, Apple says in-store pickup is no longer available for new iPhones. “Not Eligible. In store purchase only,” the notice reads. Likewise, Personal Pickup also wasn’t available for the iPhone 4s at post time.


New iPhones are in high demand, but as the plastic model available for shipping within 24 hours there’s no reason to pull the in-store pickup option for the iPhone 5c, especially as demand is unlikely to have changed significantly between yesterday and today.

Either someone yesterday flipped the switch on iPhone 5s/5c Personal Pickup prematurely or Apple wants us to waltz inside its shiny retail stores to buy our brand spankin new phone. Tim Cook apparently told troops he wasn’t satisfied with the fact that Apple Stores sell only one-fifth of all iPhones.

The Apple boss, the story goes, wants to up that ratio to north of forty percent.

By the way, visiting the US online Apple Store and putting an iPhone 5c in basket gave us a same-day shipping estimate, unlike new iPhone 5s models that are now vaguely estimated to ship “in October” for both subsidized and non-subsidized variants.

  • Joseph

    If Tim wants more iPhone sales from an Apple Store, attempting to partner with the largest carrier in China is counterproductive to that goal. Yes, it gives you more iPhone sales overall, buy not in-Apple-store sales.

    In other words… Good job, Tim! You’re antagonizing yourself.

    • Glorin

      He wants iPhone sales… he doesn’t care about how you buy it. He’s not a kid to worry about that.

      • Joseph

        “Tim Cook apparently told troops he wasn’t satisfied with the fact that Apple Stores sell only one-fifth of all iPhones.

        The Apple boss, the story goes, wants to up that ratio to north of forty percent.”

        According to the article, he does in fact care.

  • Kevin

    I ordered a black/whatever 32GB 5s on Friday night (from AT&T), and it’s set to be delivered today. The estimated shipping time on my order was 10/1-10/10.

  • JM

    It probably has a lot to do with the sheer number of complaints Apple received from customers who waited in line, were turned away, only to be told October when they then placed their online order. Then Apple reverses their “in-store pickup” policy, basically screwing everyone with pending online orders, who were turned away opening morning. And yes, I WAS one of the complainers about this. Most unorganized launch. Ever.

    • John Sklikas

      Hey, waiting in a line (especially if on the street and not on the square probably means that you won’t get a phone). In fact the line doesn’t guarantee either. It’s not Apple’s fault. And if you were happy with waiting hours, then wake up earlier to wait less!

      • JM

        I was 28th in line at the Apple Store. I’m sorry, but if Apple can’t accomodate 28 people, they clearly didn’t know what they were doing. I could understand if I was in NYC (or another major metropolis) and was one of the foolish who decided to get into the queue Friday morning at 6:30, but I wasn’t. 28th should have been good enough.

      • John Sklikas

        Oh yeah, 28th should be good as you said, this is weird. Was Gold out of stock or all of the models?

      • JM

        If I remember correctly (tbh i was in a huff as soon as I heard them say “sorry, we’re out”), all they had left was Verizon Black … sorry… “Space Grey”. I was after an AT&T Silver.

      • John Sklikas

        Oh I am really sorry for you :/ What city if I may ask (and if you wanna say)? Because I suspect that actually all of their phones were in the large cities after all (I know that many people got from NYC, London, Paris, Tokyo etc)

      • JM

        Cleveland area. Not MAJOR market, but certainly not BFE, either.

  • Alex

    Oh wow, I got lucky! picking mine up today at the only store that it was available in about an hour away! Thanks to the In store pickup option

  • Greg S

    Last year 11am: Apple store line 300m & 4 people wide vs JB HiFi w 5 people waiting. If the Apple store could greet/book apptmt w me within 10 minutes & have me out the door within 45 mins they’d have their sale.

  • Rod B Maestas

    I have had every model iPhone and upgraded my 5 to 5s yesterday. I’ve bought all my iPhones from BestBuy due to their excellent Rewards program plus the $50 credit towards the purchase of my upgrade just for returning to upgrade. So yesterday my 5s cost $132.42 out of my pocket with a 2yr AT&T. I’d buy it at Apple Store but I’d have paid $85 more out of pocket. Sorry Apple Store.

  • Beck Hoefling

    Apple is trying underestimating the 5S. They put all there work into designing the 5C and advertising it like crazy. But everyone wants the 5S because anyone who has had an iPhone is used to paying premium and chooses apple for quality, and isn’t interested in this overrated low cost iPhone. Apple stocked the 5C a lot more than the 5S, but everyone is going for the 5S and apple can’t keep up in production. The 5S got no advertising and is still flying off the shelves faster than the C. Apple needs to stick to being there selves and not fall to lower standards

  • Daniel Beecham

    Sorry people, i know this is not about iTunes, but i need your Help, i cant find 2 of my Movies that i bought from the iTunes store, the are not on my mac ore my iDevices, and there is nothing on the Purchased section on iTunes!!!! HEEELP.

  • Hugh Jassol

    Damn..I always used this method. Wait 1-2 days after release and check in online exactly when they restock. I would get the new phone within first 2 days of release with no waiting.