Spint One Up

As rumored, the U.S. wireless carrier Sprint on Friday launched its $65 a month upgrade program, just in time for the double iPhone 5s/5c launch. By the way, the new iPhones have gotten off to a great start as Apple cites “incredible demand” for the handsets. Akin to similar offerings from rival telcos AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, Sprint customers can now get a brand new smartphone every 12 months with no downpayment for a limited time, by signing up for the $65 a month One Up plan for unlimited voice, text and data. Jump past the fold for the full reveal…

A media release quotes company CEO Dan Hesse:

Sprint One Up is the best value in wireless. The new program gives Sprint customers the ability to upgrade every 12 months and unlimited talk, text and high speed data for just $65. And, unlike other carriers, Sprint guarantees the unlimited talk, text and data for life. No other plan can compare.

The Sprint One Up plan is available at select Sprint stores and is coming to sprint.com and other channels soon. Sprint said the plan is also available for smartphones on the My All-in plan as well as on tablets in combo with tablet plans starting at $5 a month.

If you’re an existing customer, you must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

• Be in good payment standing with Sprint
• Meet Sprint’s qualifying credit and customer criteria
• At least 12-months since last qualified phone activation or upgrade
• Must give back current eligible phone at time of purchase and device must be in good working condition
• Existing customers that are upgrade eligible do not have to give back their device in order to participate

For a limited time, existing Sprint customers can give back their current Sprint basic or smartphone, or any model that is in good working order, to take advantage of the One Up plan. Note that canceling your One Up  service prior to completing the 24 device payments will incur the remaining unpaid balance on the device to be charged on your next invoice.

At launch, all stores in Florida and Washington D.C. are excluded from the program.

One Up is available with Unlimited, My Way, My All-in and qualifying tablet plans, but not on pre-orders. According to a support doc, smartphone customers get a $15 monthly service discount off of Unlimited, My Way and My All-in plans.

There are no discounts on tablets and no other plans will receive this discount. Service discount will suspend once your device purchased through Sprint One Up is paid in full, Sprint said.

  • ic0dex

    When is Verizon going to have this?

    • Alan

      They already do. It’s called Verizon Edge.

  • Rowan09

    Wow this is great. Only if Sprint was realiable and had LTE in NY and was GSM.

    • Evan_Beezy

      Yea their service is pretty bad

  • blastingbigairs

    The giving back your current phone part is total F-ING B.S. and pisses me off!!! What the F are they going to do with my old phone besides throw it away?? They know you can sell your old phone and they can’t stand it. Sprint can suck it!!!!

    • Alan

      I don’t think you understand the point of the plan. You put down NOTHING to take the phone home (except activation fees, etc.). That $299 to buy a new phone goes down to ZERO dollars. Instead, they take the non-discount cost of the phone (ex. $749) and spread it out across your two-year contract.

      So in fact, the phone doesn’t actually belong unless you buy it outright or you actually go through 2 years worth of payments. So that is why you “trade” it back in at 12 months to get a new phone. A new phone that, again, you pay NOTHING for the day you take it home, but you have to trade in the previous phone.

      So let’s use that $749 cell phone example. An 32gb iPhone 5s costs $749 if you buy it outright. Spread that out over 24 months, you pay approximately $31 on top of your data plan. By the 12-month mark, you’ve paid $374.50 purely on hardware (or half the actual worth of the phone). By giving the phone BACK to Sprint, you’re “trading in” for a value of $374.50 and then you get the new iPhone 6.

      • sirwhistle

        so does that mean the iphone 6 is now spread into 24 months again or just the remaining 12 then its yours to keep?

      • Alan

        Its spread out another 24 months. Keep in mind, in another 12 months you could upgrade to the iPhone 6S by trading in the 6 (restarting the cycle).

  • Sherri

    My question is that I also have 3 other lines on my acct. would my line be $65 plus the add on lines of 19.99 each? Right now I pay $242 a month for all 4 phones. My line alone is $110 I look for any way to save